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25 Oct

On Thursday, we dressed up for Halloween! Les, Mr Vance, Mr Foley, Mr Kinsella and Paddy dressed up as the Jamaican bobsled team, while the rest of the staff were Halloween Class Dojo characters!


Lots of our students dressed up and everyone really enjoyed seeing each other’s costumes. A big thanks to the Parents’ Association, who organised a Halloween disco for all of our classes. We had great fun!

Look at our beautiful costumes in Junior Infants!

Here are some of our costumes in 6th class. 6th class made their costumes as part of their October projects!

13 Oct

First Class completed their first STEM activity this week.  We have been learning all about houses and homes in SESE and completed a STEM activity based on that. We read the story of the three little pigs and talked about the different materials used in each house. The class were then presented with a challenge.

Their challenge question was:

‘Can your team design and build a house that the big, bad wolf cannot blow down?’

The children split into six teams. Two teams made a house from straw (plastic straws), two teams made a house from wood (lollipop sticks) and two teams made a house from bricks (strong card).

We talked about fair testing and decided each team should get the same amount of materials to work with and each team should have the same amount of time to complete the task.

The children planned what their project would look like by sketching.


The children worked together to create their houses.


The straw houses:


The wooden houses:

The brick houses:


The children then tested their work by placing it in front of the ‘big, bad wolf’. The houses had to last 10 seconds of ‘huffing and puffing’ (Fan setting 1) and 10 seconds of ‘blowing the house down’ (Fan setting 2)

All of the houses passed the test of the big bad wolf!


The children reflected on their work afterwards and discussed some things that they would do to improve their houses.

Well done First Class on some great STEM work! 😊



10 Oct

We have been learning about parables in school. Parables are simple stories used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the Gospels. One of our favourite ones is  called “workers in the vineyard.” Click on the link below to read the parable. We home you enoy it as much as we did.

20 Sep

On Thursday morning, there was great excitement in St. Peter’s when we heard that Martin O’Neill, manager of the Irish soccer team, would be visiting!

We were delighted to welcome him to St Peter’s, where he took part in a press conference and answered some of our questions. He had great advice about believing in ourselves and working hard to practise our football skills. Afterwards, 6th class and some of 5th demonstrated a drill for him and had the chance to shake his hand. Judging by the levels of excitement, it was a day not to be forgotten. A big thanks to Martin O’Neill, the FAI and the local Sports Promotion Unit as well as our press conference co-ordinator, Paddy Mullen. Here are some of the photos from the day…

20 Sep

Welcome back to last year’s Litter and Waste committee, who have moved onto the challenge of the Energy Green Flag. We’re delighted that every member of this dedicated group really wanted to stay on the committee and they’re looking forward to making big changes to our energy consumption in St. Peter’s.

So far, Carl and Lauren have been taking meter readings, we’ve discussed hot spots in the school for energy consumption and we’ve arranged to carry out our starting audits and interviews.

Watch this space!

19 Sep

Hi everyone!

It’s good to be back – we’re in 6th class this year and already, we’re taking on a lot more responsibility in our school. Our teacher this year is Ms Sexton, who was also our teacher in 2nd class – you can see how much we’ve changed here.

We’re looking forward to lots of exciting things in the year ahead. Here’s a selection of what we’ve been up to so far this year…


We look forward to updating you on all of our adventures this year!

14 Sep

In aistear this fortnight senior infants have been focusing on the theme of ‘myself’ through participating in ‘talent show’ themed work in all subjects.  We had a talent showcase performance this afternoon where, for the first time, the whole class got to perform their special talents to the rest of the class who were the audience.  We were treated to an amazing show!  Have a look at some moments from the talent show below.

The girls doing jigs and reels

Other talents included  a mini karate lesson, football skills and a roaring lion.  What an enjoyable afternoon!

Next fortnight we will be working on the theme of ‘the hospital’.

14 Sep

We are delighted to welcome our new Litter and Waste Committee to the Green schools team in Peter’s.

We are excited to keep up the great work of the former committee who are now focusing on Energy for our next flag.

We especially welcome our two youngest members  who are in senior infants and who have been heavily involved so far in litter picking and looking after junior infant waste management.

We are looking forward to a fun year ahead with Green Schools!




9 Sep

We’ve had a busy week in First Class so far this year!

We took pictures on our first day. We can’t wait to look back on these at the end of the year to see how much we have grown.








First Class are very good at jigsaws!



We made minions in art. First class are definitely one in a “minion!” 🙂



5 Sep