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20 Dec

Welcome to the St. Peter’s Christmas Play 2021! This year, our classes have been really busy putting together fantastic videos of the students singing, dancing and acting for you. We really hope you enjoy the show!  

10 May

Ancient Egypt We spent the month of April learning all about Ancient Egypt. We learned about Tutankhamen, the boy king, all about the pyramids and how they used to mummify their kings as they believed in the afterlife. Our favourite lesson was one of our Science lessons which involved mummifying a tomato. First, we learned all bout the mummifying process – removing the insides, cleaning the insides, then filling them up with natron (salt). Then, we applied all this new knowledge to our tomatoes. We cut out all the guts and cleaned the insides and then packed it tight with our own special... 

12 Apr

Since 3rd class returned to school last month, after 3 months of at home learning, they were eager to get going again and to learn lots of new information. We started learning about procedural writing in literacy ✏️ As a whole class, we wrote a detailed procedure of how to make a paper aeroplane. Then, we followed the instructions to see if they made sense and if we could make an aeroplane from what we had written and of course tested the planes outside. ✈️ Later in the week, we wrote about how to make chocolate nests 🍫. We wrote our instructions... 

21 Dec

Welcome everyone to the St Peter’s Christmas Play 2020! As you may know, there has been great excitement in the school over the last week or so as our classes have prepared their Christmas plays for you! In a year like no other, we’ve put together a show that you won’t forget – so sit back and enjoy! The video below shows all of the videos, but if you would like to be able to skip to your child’s class play, you can use the links under the video to find it. Junior Infants Senior Infants 1st class 2nd class 3rd class 4th class 5th... 

7 Dec

Junior Infants Winner- Rosabel Farrell Senior Infants Winner- Layla Cahill 1st Class Winner- Zara Butler 2nd Class Winner- Lucy Byrne 3rd Class Winner- Kyle Breen 4th Class Winner- Jasmin Coogan Moorhouse 5th Class Winner- Elif Standage 6th Class Winner- Callum Ryan Ms. Kane’s Class- Poppy Cunnane Creativity Award- Jody Fitzpatrick  

7 Dec


3 Dec

3rd Class have been up to lots over the last few weeks and have been kept very busy! We celebrated Anti – Bullying month this and are now all feel very confident that we would recognise what bullying is, what we’d do if we saw it happening to others and how to deal with it if it ever happened to us. In maths we learned to tell the time – we spend a while exploring clocks and the hands and talking about how many seconds are in 1 minute, how many minutes in an hour, hours in a day etc. We soon got the hang of how the ‘to’ side and ‘past’... 

26 Oct

3rd class have had another super month this October in school, read on to see the different activities they’ve been up to! Rang a trí kicked off October by learning how to multiply, they’re pros at it now and even built an array city showing the different arrays to make numbers. For maths week, we then looked at division and recognised the link between multiplication and addition and division and subtraction. To help us divide, we used skittles in groups and of course ate them after 😋 Using skittles to divide We also learnt all about plants this month. We learned... 

25 Sep

Wow, its hard to believe we’re back to school a month already, September always flies! We have had a busy first few weeks getting settled and getting down to some 3rd class business 😎 Here are some of 3rd on their first day… We started into the month getting to know each other and finding out different facts about ourselves.. And our teacher! Our Science focus for the month was The Human Body 🦴🧠 we learned about the different organs and ‘Skelly’ dropped in to show us his!! We labeled our own skeletons organs and even played... 

23 Sep

To celebrate European week of sport, all classes took part in a sporting challenge. Below are some of the photos from the Junior Infants challenge.