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26 Oct

3rd class have had another super month this October in school, read on to see the different activities they’ve been up to!

Rang a trí kicked off October by learning how to multiply, they’re pros at it now and even built an array city showing the different arrays to make numbers. For maths week, we then looked at division and recognised the link between multiplication and addition and division and subtraction. To help us divide, we used skittles in groups and of course ate them after 😋

Using skittles to divide

We also learnt all about plants this month. We learned how plants need air, water, heat, soil and light to grow. Then we planted our own lettuce seeds in science. 🥬We wanted to test out if plants could grow without one of the above elements so we we also planted control pots – one without water, one without soil and one without light, to see if any seeds would grow – they didn’t.

3rd class planting their lettuce seeds
Our Plant display
Our control pots

We have also been very busy this month completing lots of fantastic Halloween art.🎨

Firstly, we created egg carton animals. 3rd class used egg cartons for the faces and created a picture by painting their bodies on the cardboard, they turned out so well!

We created some spooky Halloween art including skeletons and pumpkins! 👻🎃

Pumpkins made by blending oil pastels
Day of the dead skulls

Our final bit of art was creating Halloween costumes for Ms. Roche – including a Dracula, a bat, a clown and many ore, they were brilliant!

What will Ms. Roche be for Halloween??

Finally, we had a brilliant last day before the holidays dressing up and playing games and painting pumpkins!

We wrapped up the month by finding out we won the most points for speaking Gaeilge so we got to Spin the wheel and won extra Golden time – a fantastic way to end the month!

23 Oct

6th class have been working really hard on their submission to the ReelLIFE Science Video competition. We made a short video all about nettles (and about a few other themes such as women in STEM and the power of science to ease our fears!)

We had great fun researching, creating and filming our film – the hardest part was keeping it as short as possible! We hope you enjoy it!

22 Oct

STEM Flying ‘Ghosts’

We learned all about electricity this week – especially static electricity. We created our own static electricity by rubbing balloons on our hair and jumpers making them stick to the walls and windows. We made some of our ‘ghosts’ fly using the static from our balloons!

Pumpkin Painting

We had great fun painting pumpkins as a group – deciding on characters together, painting and drawing their faces! We will raffle off Olaf, the Ninja Turtle and Scarecrow tomorrow and kids can take them home for their Mid-Term!

Pumpkin Patterns

Here we used our maths patterns with our art to create cool pumpkin patterns! We had great fun mixing colours and using markers to create our Halloween patterns!

Have a lovely Mid-Term Break – from all in 2nd Class!

19 Oct

Fáilte arís go dtí ‘Frása na Seachtaine’ againn!

Maith sibh gach duine ar thús iontach! Go leor Gaeilge iontach le cloisteáil timpeall na scoile.

Anois, is é frása na seachtaine seo:

Seo mar a deirimid Oíche Shamhna Shona le dúine amhain.

Chun beannú do ghrúpa daoine a deirimid:

13 Oct

Today in first class we celebrated Maths Week by going on a math hunt around the school!

We found different 2D shapes, lengths, numbers and worked out our speed while running and doing jumping jacks.

we had to unlock all of these challenges together as we moved around different areas of the school , it was so much fun!

12 Oct

We got a great start to Maths Week in first class by finding 2D shapes in the classroom. Each group got a different shape that they had to search for in the room! Take a look at what we found:

We then made some 2D monsters with the new shapes we had learnt about. Take a look at our creations:

12 Oct

Fáilte arís go dtí ‘Frása na Seachtaine’ againn!

Maith sibh gach duine ar thús iontach! Go leor Gaeilge iontach le cloisteáil timpeall na scoile.

Anois, is é frása na seachtaine seo:

Is frása an – úsáideach é seo.

Ádh mór ort ag cleachtadh do chuid Gaeilge! Ní féidir linn fanacht le go leor Gaeilge a chloisteáil ar scoil! 

12 Oct

We have been learning about space in Ms. Kane’s class in celebration of Space Week. We learned about the International Space Station, completed some space art and watched some very interesting videos from the well known Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield. We were thrilled when we tweeted about what we learned about him and he saw it!

We decided to carry out a design and make activity based on ‘robotic arms’. We discussed the use of ‘robot arms’ in space and learned that astronauts have to use them when collecting samples and while carrying out investigations outside the International Space Station.

Space Week Ireland challenge!

Before we began, we discussed what materials we’d be using and the big engineering questions associated with this activity: how would we make the arm move? and how could we make sure the arm could lift items? Before using the materials, we sketched a plan of our design and discussed some approaches in our pods. Then we got to work!

We used cardboard and brass fasteners to create our robot arms. Making sure that our arms could move freely was really important and we soon found out we needed to check if the fasteners were too tight or too loose and adjusted them as needed. We needed to measure each piece of cardboard and decide where to punch holes so that our robot arms would work properly. This required lots of teamwork and discussion.

Testing our arms was lots of fun! Some pods were successful on their first attempt of trying to pick up an object but other pods decided to make some ‘modifcations’ to their designs. For instance, a cardboard spoon and fork were added to the end of one arm to help making lifting objects easier and others used a felt eraser. Lighter objects were easier to lift and we discussed what materials might be useful for robotic arms that need to be used in space. Lots of great engineering and maths skills being put to use!

5 Oct

Fáilte go dtí ‘Frása na Seachtaine’ againn!

Táimid chun iarracht speisialta a dhéanamh Gaeilge a labhairt le chéile ar scoil agus iarracht a dhéanamh gach frása a úsáid sa bhaile.

Is é frása na seachtaine seo:

Is feidir leat an cheist seo a fhreagairt ar bhealaí éagsúla:

Tá mé go maith, go raibh maith agat!

Tá tuirse orm!

Tá áthas orm!

Ádh mór ort ag cleachtadh do chuid Gaeilge! Ní féidir linn fanacht le go leor Gaeilge a chloisteáil ar scoil!

30 Sep

Fifth Class are delighted to be back and have had a wonderful month settling back into school. We have been doing some great things in class and have been working very hard.

Our first theme to start off the year was inventors. We looked at a range of different inventors and even came up with our own inventions!

One inventor we studied was Leonardo Da Vinci. We learned that not only was he was a brilliant inventor, he was also an artist, sculptor and engineer. In art we looked at his most famous painting, The Mona Lisa, and decided to put a modern twist on it! Check out our ‘Modern Mona Lisa’ pictures!

On the 14th of September we celebrated Roald Dahl Day! We looked at one of the greatest fictional inventors of all time… Willy Wonka! We discussed some of his wonderful inventions such as the everlasting gobstopper and lickable wallpaper and decided to come up with some tasty inventions of our own. Some ideas were a lollipop that turns you invisible, milking a pink cow for strawberry milk and candy floss that grows back after you eat it.

We have been trying to make the most of the nice weather while we can. We went outside one sunny evening to do some reading!

We are so lucky to have Ms. Kelly in our class. She treated us to some yummy smores during Golden Time. They were delicious and we really enjoyed making them with her.

We also learned all about the colour wheel! We practiced mixing our own colours and created beautiful rainbow art.

Our next theme is all about pollution and environmental care. We can’t wait to share all that we have been doing.