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8 Mar

Yesterday second class loved getting their hands dirty while they took on the task of investigating the makeup of soil. During this experiment, the boys and girls looked for which man-made and natural components of soil they could find.

We noted our findings on our worksheets and compared results from each group. There was great excitement as we found a worm in the soil as well!

We then used the soil to plant our own seeds as we have been learning about the plant life cycle. Stay tuned for the update on how our growing our own plants goes under different conditions!

6 Mar

Fáilte ar ais chuig Frása na Seachtaine!

Mar cheiliúradh ar Lá Domhanda na Leabhar is é ár bhfrása an tseachtain seo ná…

Is é an leabhar is fearr liom le léamh ná __________!

Bain sult as a bheith ag léamh ar scoil agus sa bhaile gach lá más féidir leat!

3 Mar

We had a lovely day celebrating World Book Day in school. We all wore our pyjamas in as a special treat, it was very cosy!

As part of the celebration, we visited the school library to read some new books, Mr. Vance even stopped by and read us a funny story.

Have a look at some pictures below of us having some hot chocolate and completing some fun book wordsearches.

4th Class came down to our class and partnered with us for some shared reading of story books from our class library.

We made special bookmarks that we can use when reading ourselves at home!

Senior infants were tired by the end of the day, lucky they were in their pyjamas ready for a little snooze on the mat!

27 Feb

Fáilte ar ais chuig Frása na Seachtaine!

Táimid fós ag foghlaim faoin éadaí.

Déan iarracht do chuid Gaeilge a chleachtadh gach lá ar scoil agus sa bhaile.

Anois, is é frása na seachtaine seo:

Tá dath glas ar mo chóta.

Tá dath dearg ar mo hata.

Tá dath gorm ar mo scairf.

24 Feb

Junior Infants were really excited to do the Skittles Rainbow Experiment this week. (We’re not sure if it was because they love science or couldn’t wait to eat the left over skittles!)

This experiment shows that water molecules are more active in warm water than in cold water and as they come in contact with the sugar in the skittles they cause it to dissolve faster.

For the experiment we needed

• 1 pkt Skittles

• ¼ cup cold water

• 1/4 cup warm water

• 2 white plates Activity

To start we made predictions on what might happen and then we arranged the Skittles in a single row around the edge of the plate of each plate. We poured over enough cold water to cover all the Skittles and the plate itself on the first plate. Then we poured over enough warm water to cover all the Skittles and the plate itself on the second plate.

We watched and waited as a rainbow appears on the second plate, the colors will moved towards the middle and create a whirl of color. This didnt happen in the first plate! We discussed why this was the case.

Each group then got to try there own experiment to check out the results.

Of course we got to eat the left overs at the end!

20 Feb

Fáilte ar ais chuig Frása na Seachtaine!

An mhí seo, beimid ag foghaim faoin ‘eadaí’!

Anois, is é frása na seachtaine seo:

Caithim m’éide scoile gach lá ar scoil.

14 Feb

Senior Infants spent all of last month learning about Space. We had a lot of fun doing different experiments and incorporating Space into our Aistear.

The different Aistear stations included our roleplay area which was the International Space Station, building a rocket in construction and playdough and making space passports in our writing station.

Our International Space Station roleplay area
Check out inside the ISS!
Our Lego and construction rockets and space stations

For Science, we experimented trying to launch a rocket into the air using bicarbonate soda and vinegar in a empty bottle with a cork lid. It was very exciting watching it launch into the air.

Our other Science lesson was trying to launch a paper rocket by blowing it with a straw. We tried different ways to see which was the most effective method to get our rocket to launch the furthest, this led to a race against each other in the hall!

Finally, Senior Infants spent a week making projects based on Space that were amazing! They ranged from planets, to rockets, to aliens and to solar systems. They were all very impressive and a lot of work was put in to making them!

13 Feb

Tá sé an – fhuar inniu, b’fhéidir go bhfeicfimid roinnt sneachta go luath!

Má thosaíonn sé ag cur sneachta, is feidir linn an frása seo a rá…

8 Feb

We have been very busy in 5th class this month! We have been doing lots of STEM activities and improving our engineering skills! We worked on engineering a roller coaster made from paper. We have to work on our designs to allow a marble to move along our coaster!

We have also been learning about space this month! We completed a STEM activity creating rockets! We created some lovely space themed art too!

7 Feb

Seo an frása den tseachtain againn…

Tá mé fliuch go craiceann!

An bhfaca tú réamhaisnéis na haimsire an tseachtain seo?