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20 Dec

Welcome to the St. Peter’s Christmas Play 2021! This year, our classes have been really busy putting together fantastic videos of the students singing, dancing and acting for you. We really hope you enjoy the show!  

24 May

First class were so lucky to get a visit from Bex to help us think more about creativity. Firstly, Bex made this gorgeous ‘Creativitree’ with us to get us thinking about creativity: If you look closely you can see how we are creative: Bex then helped us to make tinfoil butterflies on her next visit: During the week 1st class were learning about hot air balloons, we decided to make our construction of a hot air balloon more creative by all making our own unique baskets to put onto them. Take a look at our constructions: We... 

3 May

Last week we celebrated wellness week in 1st class. We enjoyed loads of activities that relaxed us and made us feel better, have a look at some of the things we did! We started off the week by looking at different feelings, we discussed how we could feel better if we were feeling down, anxious or stressed and we tried these activities out during the week. Some of these activities included the following: Bubble Breathing- Taking deep breathes and acting like your blowing bubbles (or actually blowing them!) is a great way to calm down. 2. Healthy eating- It is important... 

25 Mar

Keeping with our theme of Easter we decided to do an experiment using eggs! I laid out the materials we would be using during the experiment to aid discussing throughout (an egg, salt, a bowl of water and a spoon). First, we discussed and predicted whether an egg would float or sink when put into a bowl of water. We then put this to the test! We all predicted correctly with great ideas behind why this happened- the main one being that the egg was heavy! The children were then asked ‘how could we get this egg to float in the water?’. The children were encouraged to think... 

28 Dec

Snowflake! A new elf arrived in our classroom on the first of December. We decided to call him Snowflake and he played lots of different tricks on us throughout the month, what a naughty elf! Christmas treats! Every Friday we enjoyed hot cocoa and biscuits or choclate lolipops brought by snowflake. They were scrumptious! Christmas Stem! Our Christmas Stem challenge this year was to make a sled that would be able to make it from the top of the Christmas slope to the bottom without loosing its load. The load consisted of a toy horse, tissues, playdough... 

21 Dec

Welcome everyone to the St Peter’s Christmas Play 2020! As you may know, there has been great excitement in the school over the last week or so as our classes have prepared their Christmas plays for you! In a year like no other, we’ve put together a show that you won’t forget – so sit back and enjoy! The video below shows all of the videos, but if you would like to be able to skip to your child’s class play, you can use the links under the video to find it. Junior Infants Senior Infants 1st class 2nd class 3rd class 4th class 5th... 

7 Dec

Junior Infants Winner- Rosabel Farrell Senior Infants Winner- Layla Cahill 1st Class Winner- Zara Butler 2nd Class Winner- Lucy Byrne 3rd Class Winner- Kyle Breen 4th Class Winner- Jasmin Coogan Moorhouse 5th Class Winner- Elif Standage 6th Class Winner- Callum Ryan Ms. Kane’s Class- Poppy Cunnane Creativity Award- Jody Fitzpatrick  

7 Dec


13 Nov

We were learning all about pets in 1st class so we decided to make homes for some of the pets we had discussed in class. Each group made a pet rock and we made a whole class brainstorm on what our pet rocks would need in their homes to survive. Take a look at our brainstorm: After we discussed our pets needs, we started to plan for our homes, making sure we included the essentials! Have a look at some of our plans. We finally got started on our designing and creating part of science week. Take a look at how our finishing products turned out… would you be happy for your... 

13 Oct

Today in first class we celebrated Maths Week by going on a math hunt around the school! We found different 2D shapes, lengths, numbers and worked out our speed while running and doing jumping jacks. we had to unlock all of these challenges together as we moved around different areas of the school , it was so much fun!