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23 Sep

To celebrate European week of sport, all classes took part in a sporting challenge. Below are some of the photos from the Junior Infants challenge.  

5 Sep

The new senior infants have settled in very well to their new classroom this week. School is a little bit different this year as we are all trying our very best to prevent the spread of COVID19. We are using hand sanitizer everyday, trying our best to keep apart from our friends, following the arrows on the floor and our teachers are wearing masks all the time. (There are big smiles behind the masks!) We talked all about how we can keep our distance from children who are not in our group 👩🏼‍🏫👨🏾‍🏫. We got some new... 

2 May

Humpty Dumpty STEM Experiment   Here in Junior and Senior Infants, we had great fun reciting the Humpty Dumpty rhyme. This got us thinking about how we could help protect Humpty Dumpty from cracking in the future. We decorated our individual Humpty Dumpty’s by using whiteboard markers to draw faces on our hard boiled eggs.     We then placed each Humpty Dumpty into a ziplock bag filled with different materials to cushion Humpty’s fall to see which material would best protect him. Before beginning the experiment, we discussed the different materials we would use to try...