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3 Feb

6th Class couldn’t be busier. Between homework, entrance exam preparation, decorating the classroom, preparing for Safer Internet Day and Confirmation, welcoming guest speakers to our classroom… the list is endless! Here is out latest post!

We have a new, colourful entrance to our room!

We also decorated inside!

We took part in the Wicklow Sports Hall Festival competition and did really well, with lots of people in our class coming first in various activities!

We’re also hard at work back in class!

Some of our crew have had great success in sport outside of school!

We had a lovely, holy day at our class retreat!

We’ve been meditating!

We’re still reading Goodnight Mister Tom!

We got an amazing present in the post!

We had an SESE round-up!

We’ve been preparing for Safer Internet Day!

We also had GAA training!

We’ve been busy, busy, busy!

30 Jan

Last week, 2nd class welcomed Baby M back to the school after the Christmas break and we couldn’t believe how much she has grown. Jerry noticed that she got taller and Leon noticed that she has even more hair.

Our theme at the moment is sleep. We’re learning about active sleep, deep sleep, transitions and REM. We were talking about dreams and nightmares. We all shared something with the group. Ms Whyte told us that Baby M sleeps very well. We all got a chance to talk to Baby M and to play with her. Arpit noticed that she was really interested in us and she was looking at us more than she did the last day!

Maddy rolled the ball to Baby M and we noticed that she was trying to bite it. Adam remembers that Baby M was trying to bite the doll’s head. Lana remembers that we learned that babies need more sleep so that they can have more time to grow. Nathan’s sister is going to have a little baby soon so he’ll have to get as much sleep now as he can!

Here are some photos from our visit from Baby M – we’re really looking forward to her next one!

Check out our Vine – she liked our singing so she started rocking back and forth!

Here’s our Animoto of our photos from Baby M’s visit. We can’t wait to see her again soon!

29 Jan

Hello people of the internet!

In Fourth Class we have been doing our Write a Book project recently. First we had to plan out the plot. Then we had to write it out chapter by chapter. We did six chapters each. After each chapter was written we passed out the copies and everybody got to read a random story. We wrote a comment on each story. When we had it finished we typed it out. We also illustrated two pictures for inside the story and the front cover.

We have also been doing long multiplication and division. We’re just finishing division now. We have been playing Maths games to see if we know our tables well.

We have also been putting out bird seed for the birds in Science.

In History we have been learning about the Vikings. We have been learning about Norway because it was one of the countries that the Vikings were from. There were 3 countries that the Vikings were from, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. All those mixed together are called Scandinavia. They found America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. They went to Greenland because Erik the Red lied to them! We also learned about how an excavation found Viking facts in Dublin.

We all went to a Gaelic tournament in Loughlinstown. The boys went last week and the girls went this week. The girls won and Aoife scored a hat-trick!

We have recently been doing cursive writing as part of our stations.

Thanks for reading our blog post. There will be more to come!

From Fourth Class

Written by Finn, Dylan, Abbie, Lex, Szymon, James, Adam H, and Christopher

27 Jan


We were delighted with the interest in yesterday’s ‘Are You Smarter Than a 12 Year Old’ Maths post!

Now it’s time for another one! We’ve posted our English Grammar one above, do you want to give it a go?  Step up, step up – are you smarter than a 12 year old?!

Ps. Don’t miss out two History podcasts, one from December and one from January! They are all about Daniel O’Connell and the War of Independence.

26 Jan

The junior and senior infants are very excited as we are getting a pom pom dancing club at lunchtime once a week!


Shake the pom poms down!


The four amazing sixth class girls are going to be our teachers!


We listened really well!


Bring the pom poms back up!

The sixth class girls have been doing pom pom dancing outside of school and can’t wait to show us what they know! They are so kind and patient with us and we are lucky to have them!


So much fun!

Check out some of our Vines from our class!

We will have one more go of our pom pom dancing class and then we will be getting our pom poms! We can’t wait!!!

26 Jan

Thanks to Intel Ireland for sending on these photos from Friday – you can read the full post on the Mini-Scientist here.

mini-scientist stage Mini-scientist stand

26 Jan


6th Class are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to improve their Mental Maths. We want to be able to think on our feet and not forget key Maths language, steps and processes.We’ve been working so hard on our Maths language, and we made sheets to help us with key terms and steps. This is all to help us ahead of our Secondary School entrance exams!

Last Friday, we had a little bit of fun. As you know, we love podcasting, and so we decided to challenge each other to the ‘Top 50 Maths questions you must be able to answer before you leave 6th Class’. We recorded it as a podcast and will use it at home as revision.

Would you like to take the test? Step up, step up – are you smarter than a 12 year old?!

25 Jan

garda 3Junior and Senior Infants have been learning about the Gardai during Aistear.

garda 20

The Gardai were so kind and let us try on their hats!

We have been learning a lot about the Gardai and the important job that they do.

garda 16

looking good!

We learned that if we get lost when we are out we can go to a Garda and ask him or her to help us find our Mum or Dad.

garda 21

During the week Garda Tom and Garda Adam came in to visit us.


We were able to ask them lots of questions.

garda 8

We were very good and put our hands up!

Garda Tom and Garda Adam were really nice and told us all about the important job that they do. We knew something about the job that the guards do already as we had been learning all about it in Aistear and we were able to tell them what we had learned.


We were really interested!


A big thank you to Garda Tom and Garda Adam for coming in to talk to us! We really enjoyed it and learned a lot!

23 Jan

2015-01-23 10.24.26

We’re very excited to share the highlights of this year’s Mini-Scientist showcase in St Peter’s! Last year was our first year to take part in the Intel Mini-Scientist programme and we really enjoyed it. You can find all of our blog posts related to the Mini-Scientist competition here.

This year, we approached it slightly differently. In September, we formed a Mini Digital Youth Council (you can learn more about the senior version here) and we decided that as part of their work, they could take part in the Mini-Scientist programme and they were encouraged to include a focus on technology as part of their project.

The top three projects were:

Sadbh, Taylor and Davina – how can we build a homemade dance mat using only materials available to us within the school?

Christian, Aaron and Leon – how can we use Minecraft to improve the teaching and learning of history?

  Alana and Alannah focused on how to use technology to teach particular skills to younger classes – e.g. tying shoelaces.

Sadbh, Taylor and Davina travelled to the Intel Ireland campus before Christmas and were thrilled to be chosen as one of the top projects and given the opportunity to go forward to the Grand Final – which took place today!


This is the story of their dance mat in pictures:

Here’s a selection of some of photos from our adventures today!

2015-01-23 11.29.41

Our scientific selfie with Ms Whyte and Ms Sexton!

2015-01-23 11.57.36

Checking out the view from the Science Gallery!

2015-01-23 12.09.19

We were delighted to see Scientific Sue!

2015-01-23 12.13.18

Taylor was lucky enough to be chosen as a volunteer!

2015-01-23 12.20.00

Páidí held the fort while we were at the Science Show!

2015-01-23 13.11.03

We were delighted to welcome Junior Minister Damien English to our stand.

2015-01-23 13.47.31

And we were absolutely thrilled to win ‘Best Visual Display’!

2015-01-23 13.53.39

Very excited to win an award!

2015-01-23 14.22.31

We then met Harry McCann, founder of the Digital Youth Council, who had organised a tour of Twitter for us!

2015-01-23 14.45.24

How amazing is the view of Dublin from the Twitter building?

2015-01-23 15.34.58


Delighted with our visit to Twitter – and very excited to get home and see our families’ reactions!

Thanks to all the teachers for their help with the project and to the students from Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 2nd class who helped us learn more about dance and coordination! And finally, a huge thanks to the coordinators in Intel Ireland – particularly Sarah, Michelle and Catherine!

22 Jan

A couple of weeks ago, our good friend Summer Buzz sent us a link to a Youtube video of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ recorded by Michael Rosen, one of the authors. It’s become very popular in second class and our teacher noticed that ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ has been the most in-demand book in 2nd class this week!

We decided to use the book for our reader’s theatre this week. We put in lots of practice so we knew our parts really well and we focused on making sure that everyone said their parts at the right time and on our expression and intonation.

We hope you enjoy listening to it!

And here’s the Youtube version of the story, as performed by Michael Rosen.

This is us having great fun reading along last week…