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4 Feb

Hi Everyone,

When we came back in January after our Christmas holidays we began learning all about the weather because of all of the flooding that occurred over the Christmas.  We learnt all about the different types of weather that occur in different countries.  We compared the climates of Norway and Egypt.  We then made our very own windsocks to tell us which direction the wind was blowing.  We made our own relief prints on our windsocks and they look beautiful hanging in our classroom


We have also been learning all about the Vikings and we have had lots of fun researching different topics about them such as; settlements, ships and where they came from.







We were also really busy getting ready for the Wicklow Schools GAA Championships which were held in Loughlinstown.  Many thanks to Paddy for all of the training sessions beforehand and to Ms. Olson for coming with us on the day.  We had a great time and played matches against lots of other schools.





We also had a fun art lesson with some people from 6th class.  We used marbling inks to create cool out of the window art.  We also finished off our clay pots too!



In maths we have been learning how to multiply, divide and all about decimals. We have also made huge improvements in our daily scores which is GREAT!

That’s all for now,

3rd class 😀

2 Feb

Well done to Jack B in 6th Class who had his picture featured in an article in the Irish Independent! The article was all about the RDS Primary Science Fair.


You can see the image here.

You can read the full article here.

28 Jan

In January, we’ve been working with Mr McAdam to learn all about Australia. As part of our work, we’ve been creating questions for one of Mr McAdam’s friends, Lara, who lives in Australia. We used Vine to record our questions! Here they are:


28 Jan

We all had an amazing time at the First Lego League in Galway. It was such a wonderful experience and we were so grateful to The First Lego League, Debbie, Bernard and all of the volunteers from SAP who made it such a wonderful day.

We presented our work to the judges and represented our school and Co. Wicklow with pride. Our team ‘Smash the Trash’ not only won medals but we also received a trophy for all our hard work. We are looking forward to next year already!

Check out some pictures from the day:


Lego 3  Lego 6Lego 2

We are so excited to be heading to Galway tomorrow morning. We are taking part in the First Lego League in the Raddison Blu Hotel with 28 other schools from around the country.  Ms. Whyte told the whole school about our trip during Assembly. She said it’s the furthest the school has ever gone on an outing ever!

We have been working hard in Lego Club for the past few months in order to prepare for competition.

There are four parts to the competition:

  1. The Robot Game
  2. The Trash Trek Challenge
  3. Robot Design
  4. Core Values

The theme of this year’s competition is “Trash” and finding new ways to look after our environment.

For the robot game we have used Lego software to write different programs to make our Lego Mindstorm complete a number of missions to help protect our environment e.g. using a composter, a sorter in the recycling centre, etc.

For the project element we focused on the problem of Junk mail.

We picked junk mail as our problem, because we thought it was hurting the environment. It took us weeks to come up with an idea for the Trash Trek Challenge.


Our solution was to make a website for junk mail where you could pick what mail they want to end up reading rather than rubbish they don’t. The name of the website is Smash the Trash. Why not check out our sample website on and let us know what you think.


As part of our project we also interviewed an Environmental Officer for Wicklow County Council called Moira Byrne. Moira was able to explain to us all about recycling and what happens to junk mail that people throw away. She said she thought our idea was great and wants to hear more about it as we continue to work on it even after the competition.


We also interviewed Debbie Merrigan who is from the First Lego League. Funny thing is her phone and her car had a conversation in the middle of the interview. She was a great help explaining exactly how the competition will run on the day and giving us lots of encouragement.

Check back with us next week and we’ll tell you all about our trip to Galway.

25 Jan

Junior Infants met some miniature horses. We learned how to brush a horse. We learned some safety rules around horses.

horses 2

The ladies were so very nice!

horses 3

Great brushing!

horses 4

Thanks for coming in to teach us about miniature horses!

25 Jan

Last week, Mr. Foley’s class went on a day trip to Dún Laoghaire

Ben made a video on Animoto using all of the photos taken on the day.

Would you like to see it?

Well done Ben. 6th Class are very proud of you.

19 Jan


Last month, 6th Class filmed with Swipe TV, RTÉ’s flagship television series for 7 – 12 year olds with Simon Mulcahy, Claire O’Reilly and Mebs the puppet. We took part in the ‘Who Rules the School’ quiz, where the idea of the game if your team wins…the teacher gets gunged! Jack J and Jack B represented the class. Ms. Brennan was nominated and faced the gunge…did she escape?

The show was aired on RTÉ yesterday, and the class and the two lads did so well! How did Ms. Brennan do? Why not check it out on the RTÉ Player to find out?
19 Jan

Welcome to the first All Star Attenders Post of the New Year. At the end of every month children with full attendance for the month receive a certificate and have their name put on the Wall of Fame. The class with the greatest attendance each month also receive a class prize and all students with full attendance get named “All Star Attenders”.
So far our winners have been;
September: Ms. Fry’s 2nd Class (Trip to a show in the Mermaid Arts Theatre)
October: Ms. Shimmin’s 3rd Class (Home Cinema Experience)
November: Ms Keating’s 4th Class (Home Cinema Experience)
This winning class for best attendance in December was Ms. Shimmin’s 3rd Class. This is the second time this year that 3rd Class have been the best class for attendance and have won a trip to the Mermaid Arts Theatre in February.
Check back each month to see who has won the class prize for best attendance and check if your name has made the All Star Attenders List.
Well done to 3rd Class and to the following “All Star Attenders” from each class for December;
Junior Infants
Joey Chumakson
Heidi Clucas Keogh
Taylor Coakley
Oliver Duraj
Lauren Hipwell
Noah Johnston
Max Murray
Jake Thomas

Senior Infants
Carl Barry
Daniel Byrne
Chloe Farrell
Tobias Farrell
Jodie Fitzpatrick
Cameron Martin McAteer
Cian McDermott
Lauren O’Brien
Cian Petty
Aysha Simpson Murray
Elif Standage
1st Class
Ellie Byrne
Damiano Carabaich
Carla Cheevers
Haylie Treacy
Oisin Troy

2nd Class
Karl Ashe
Josh Coen Troy
Amalia Elin Gall
Craig Hipwell
Alec Kealy
Dylan Lawless
Tadhg McDonald Hemp
Jack Roche
James Simpson Murray

3rd Class
Tristan Byrne
Tadhg Cahill
Emanuel Carabaich
Nathan Douglas
Madeleine Farrell
Callum O’Sullivan O’Carroll

4th Class
Caoilynn Ashe
Brooke Carey
Casey Crinnion
Caithlin Farrell
Dylan Fitzpatrick
Rowan McFarland Bolger
Dylan Moloney
Amber O’Sullivan O’Carroll
Codie Sweeney Kearney
Dean Thomas

5th Class
Patrick Braganciuc
Stephen Brien
Aoife Dolan
Lex Farrell
Dylan Hempenstall
Leanne Kealy
Finn O’Neill

6th Class
Jack Barsoum
Robyn Brauner
Alex Coffey
Luke Connolly
Jordan Farrell
Jack Jin
Ryan McCormack
Stephen Mooney
Alannah O’Brien
Calvin O’Callaghan

Adam Hackman
Arturas Ratkevicius

12 Jan

The judge at the RDS Primary Science Fair made some lovely comments about the 6th Class project on robotics. Would you like to read his comments?

‘I knew nothing about robots or programming before coming to hear the students speak, but I certainly have learnt a lot now!

A very ambitious project to get the class using programming software.

I was incredibly impressed with the depth of knowledge and the understanding of how to manipulate the drag-block software and that a booklet summarising instructions for how to program the robot was produced as well.

rds_psf_2016-300x292We had an amazing discussion about the future use of robots such as this and the sort of more complex ability that would make it useful in future homes.

Perhaps if the project were to continue, or run again, it would be good to outline simple tasks that it would be useful for the robot to do. This could be done in theory, even if it is beyond the ability of the software at present.

But all in all, a brilliant project, brilliantly carried out! Well done!’

Thank you to the judge for his lovely comments!

We were thrilled to receive our trophy!

Tomorrow we’ll tell you more about what we did for the fair!

11 Jan

We’re back to school with a bang! 6th Class made what has now become the annual trip to the RDS Primary Science Fair last Friday. Read all about how we got on!

We made a robot for the fair. Our work started way back in November! We were busy from last Wednesday putting the finishing touches to our designed robot.

Finally, Friday arrived! We were so excited to arrive into the RDS and get set up!

We were busy all day, meeting people and giving interviews!

We met some very good friends from Swipe TV on RTE!

And we were all so thrilled to see Sam from 6th Class 2014-2015 who popped by to quiz on us our project!

Mojo made the trip too, he wanted to supervise our good behaviour!

We got such a lovely response from the judge, and he gave us a trophy to say well done!

Next week, we’ll tell you more of what the judge said. We’ll also be telling you more about OhBot, our robot and what we actually did for the fair.

Here’s to a BRILLIANT start to 2016!