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25 Jun

Junior Infants had a fun day last week. We had so much fun! We had a soccer tournament with the senior infants that Paddy organised- it was so much fun! We were in four teams and we played really well!

soccer teamsoccer team

The we had a yummy barbecue with hot dogs and ice pops to finish.

         Avaleigh Jasmin

Lauren        Brooke and Heidi

Heidi and Avaleigh          Ben 2

After our barbecue we made yummy cupcakes and decorated them. Then we did some art and made puppets and windmills!

Next it was time for Jungle Dave! Jungle Dave brought in so many reptiles and told us all about them!


           poppy and louis


oskar               Olivier






Lauren and Maja                lauren 2

Heidi and Brooke               Grace



Abbie                alligator

Aaron 2                 izabel 2



spider                  snake 4

snake 2               

We had a fantastic Fun Day! We have had a great junior infant year. We had lots of fun and we worked really hard. Now, on to senior infants and our new teacher Ms. Sexton- we can’t wait!! 🙂 🙂


17 Jun

The June 15th singing club party was a sad occasion as 3 boys attended the after school club for the last time. Carl Iacob, Tommy Lang and Jordan Farrell said goodbye to the rest of the group and wished them well as they will soon be departing for Secondary School. Tommy and Jordan in particular, have been members since they were in 2nd Class and both have rarely missed a singing club over the years. They both went to all Hallelujah Concerts and have been instrumental in what songs we have sung. Tommy said “My favourite memory is the last singing club party. Everybody was up dancing and everyone tried their best. I also liked the Hallelujah Concert we went to last year. It seemed the most fun.” Jordan added “I thought the 2014 Christmas party was the best. We sang Christmas songs and had good food. I also liked the special performances at the Hallelujah Concerts and enjoyed being in charge of the food for everyone”. All the staff wish the three boys all the best in their future performances and hope they keep up their interest in music and song.

image1 (1)

Paddy and the lads!

Tommy Lang’s top 5 singing club songs.
1. Troublemaker – Olly Murs
2. Fast Car – Jonas Blue ft. Dakota
3. Cha Cha Slide – DJ Casper
4. Grenade – Bruno Mars
5. Happy – Pharrell Williams

Jordan Farrell’s top 5 singing club songs.
1. Lets get ready to rumble – PJ and Duncan
2. Hopeful – Bars and Melody
3. Heart skips a beat – Olly Murs
4. Candy – Robbie Williams
5. What does the fox say – Ylvis

Singing Club for life!

Singing Club for life!

1 Jun

The boys and girls from Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second Class completed their sports day today. Paddy worked very hard to put together lots of games from High Jump to relay races, to egg and spoon races and catch the teacher games!

Some happy faces from Junior and Senior Infants enjoying the fun!

IMG_5600 IMG_5622

The boys and girls were so lucky and each one got a hotdog as a treat on this special day. They needed some fuel for energy – they were all giving all the races and games their very best effort! Well done boys and girls.

Below see Seán from Second Class and Maja from Junior Infants completing some of today’s events.


After a fantastic day, the boys and girls must be exhausted after all their exercise in the sun.

Well done to everyone. What a wonderful day!




1 Jun

Throughout the year, Dylan and Adem of Ms. Fry’s second class, completed Speech and Drama lessons every week with Ms. Farren. They worked so hard at their lessons and at home and were ready in March 2016 to make their journey to the Royal Irish Academy in Westland Row, to complete their Grade 1 Speech and Drama exam.

IMG_1750Dylan and Adem in the Royal Irish Academy.

The boys had practiced and prepared their poem, mime, storytelling skills, reading and theory to present to the examiner in the Academy. She was particularly impressed with their story ‘Bedtime’ by Hugh O’Brien and thought that the two boys had lovely facial expressions during their performances.

The boys enjoyed some hot chocolate and chocolate muffins in the cafe they spotted beside Pearse Street station – a treat so well deserved after their exam!

IMG_1753Dylan and Adem enjoying some yummy treats!

A few weeks later, post arrived in St. Peter’s – it was they boys results! Ms. Farren was so proud of both Adem and Dylan who both received an Honours result. Their hard work had paid off and the examiner wrote so many lovely comments about each of the boys and how well they had performed.

A huge congrats to Adem and Dylan on a job so well done.

IMG_1978The boys with their certificates.


1 Jun

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.00.39

Check it out! 6th Class are in today’s Irish Independent talking about their coding work. Click here to read the article.

30 May

First class visited Bray library today.  We got to read some very interesting and fun books.  There were so many cool books to choose from.

IMG_2385[1] IMG_2386[1] IMG_2387[1] IMG_2388[1] IMG_2389[1] IMG_2390[1] IMG_2391[1] IMG_2392[1] IMG_2393[1]

27 May

A huge well done to Alana Murphy Porter and Dylan Mason in 6th Class who recently won their categories in the Bray Alcohol Awareness Campaign poster competition!

Today, joined with their families, they were awarded two beautiful trophies and a really generous One-For-All voucher in a beautiful lunchtime ceremony at the Barracuda. Check out some pictures and tweets below!

23 May

Recently, the whole school learned a song and sang it together at assembly. We chose ‘I Lived’ by One Republic because the lyrics are so inspirational. It’s all about experiencing the good and the bad of life and is written by a father to his newborn son. We loved singing the song together and a special well done to our soloists – Casey, Patrick, Sophie, Toby, AJ, Kristina, Carl, Tristan, Finn, Lex, Adem, Ellie and Hayley.


I lived from St Peter's, Bray on Vimeo.

20 May

There has been a lot of movement since our last update.

On the 10th of May the team returned to Base Camp. They rested here for a few days. During this time they had to keep themselves occupied. They watched movies and ate lots of food to keep their energy up. Check out this photo of the food tent at Base Camp. The white sheet at the back is used as a cinema screen!


On the 16th May our flag moved up to Intermediate Base Camp and on the 17th of May it continued to Advanced Base Camp. The team rested here for two days. Even though it is tough work, we know that the team are having a lot of fun on their climb. Rob sent us this photo. In the photo he is jumping over a crevasse on a giant glacier!


Today, the group continued to Camp 1 at 7,000m. Today’s climbing involved steep work up an ice wall for about 4 hours. There is no doubt that the team must be wrecked this evening. Check out a picture of Rob’s tent under the moonlight. I bet he cannot wait to get to sleep after his busy day today!


4th class are getting so excited as summit day is very close. If the weather stays good we are hoping that Rob and our flag will advance to Camp 2 and Camp 3 over the weekend and that they will attempt to reach the summit on Monday. Hopefully we will have an update and photos from the summit next week. It is so exciting! 🙂

9 May

A lot has happened since our last update. Our 4th class flag is slowly making it’s way up Everest.

Our flag reached Advanced Base Camp on the 27th April. It then returned to Base Camp on 1st May.

You might be wondering why the team had to come back down to Base Camp. This is because of the high altitude. Rob needs to acclimatise to this high altitude to prevent altitude sickness.

After a few days rest in Base Camp, the team (and our flag) travelled all the way up to Camp 1 which is at 7000m. They arrived at Camp 1 on the 8th May.

Today, 9th May, the team returned to Advanced Base Camp. All going well they will return to Base Camp tomorrow for a few more days of rest. It is very important to return to a lower altitude on a regular basis to prevent altitude sickness.

Check out our Line Chart as we follow our flag.


Don’t forget to keep an eye on our updates as summit day is just around the corner!