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18 Mar

Thanks to everyone who made our 6th Class Confirmation day so memorable. We had a beautiful day. Everyone had jobs to do and we prepared very well.

Here we are going over the final preparations in the church!

We got lovely good luck tweets!

We decorated the church too!

We had a brilliant day!

This is a day we will never forget!

From 6th Class

17 Mar

We are taking part in Irish dancing lessons in Senior Infants at the moment and we’re having so much fun! It’s perfect timing as we can use what we have learned to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Sue is our teacher and has taught us some excellent moves! We really enjoy learning new dances like the Walls of Limerick and love playing musical statues to practice what we have been learning. Thanks Sue for making our lessons so much fun!

Check out some of our photos here!







16 Mar

Third class are doing a project on teddy bears. Junior infants were all so excited when they were asked to participate!



Third class prepared some questions to ask junior infants about their teddy bears.


This boy loves his minion teddy!


This third class boy has some great interview questions prepared.


Concentrating very hard!

Third class asked junior infants where they got their teddy bears, what their teddy bear’s name was and who played with them and their teddy bears.


Third class prepared some great questions and junior infants answered them so well! Junior Infants also told third class about their class teddy bear Lucy, and how they hug Lucy when they’re sad.


Can you spot Lucy?

We all had so much fun!

15 Mar

Last week third class came into the junior infant classroom to do their reading with them.

peer to peer reading 1

Every junior infant read their book to a boy or girl from third class. Third class asked junior infants some questions that they had prepared with their teacher.

peer to peer reading 3

The third class boys and girls were careful not to tell the junior infants what the word was in the book but to help them sound it out.

peer to peer reading 5

All the boys and girls had great fun and learned a lot! Well done junior infants and third class!

12 Mar

Today, first and second class had great fun getting creative with sand art in Make-it club. We used large coloured chalk to change the colour of sand (well, salt actually!).


It was fun to see the colour changing but we had to try really hard to keep it on our pages.


Then Ms. Byrne, Ms. Sexton and Ms. Fry all helped us to pour the colours into our bottles using funnels.


We worked as a team to decide which order to put the colours in and helped to tilt the funnel to make different patterns!


Our bottles were looking pretty well and when we finished them we decided to stick a nice message on them which we have displayed in the corridor. Remember, if you see them, be sure not to shake them because we worked really hard to make them!

11 Mar

Junior Infants did a fun science project! We went fishing with magnets! This was for our part in the school’s Discover Primary Science and Maths award.

Before we could go fishing however, we had lots to learn.

First we learned the difference between wood and metal.

A spoon is made from metal.

A spoon is made from metal.

This peg is made from wood but has some metal in the middle keeping it together.

This peg is made from wood but has some metal in the middle keeping it together.



We learned that kettles, cars and scissors have metal in them.

We saw that chairs, tables and rolling pins are made out of wood.


We filled out this sheet to show teacher that we could tell which objects are made out of metal and which objects are made out of wood.



Good job guys!

Next, we learned about pushing and pulling. We learned that whenever you push or pull you are using a “force.”

You push a buggy and you push a swing! We had great fun pushing things in the classroom to see what we could push!

We pulled the cap off teachers pen and we pulled the door open!

Liam from senior infants came in and showed us the pushing and pulling puppets that senior infants had made!

Next, we learned about magnets.


We learned that this is called a bar magnet!

We learned that the two ends of a magnet are called poles. The red end of the magnet is the north pole and the blue end of the magnet is the south pole!


Teacher told us that the poles that are the same are the “like” poles, and the poles that are a different colour are the “different” or “unlike” poles.


“Like” poles, the ones that are the same, try to get away from each other! They “repel.”

Different poles try to get near each other, they “attract.”


The different colour ends of the magnet, the north and south poles, stick easily to each other!


rrrrr, this brave girl is trying to force two like poles together!


These two are trying hard to push the two like poles together.



They manage to do it, but it takes all their strength! Do you see the N for North on the poles of the magnets?

Teacher told us that the invisible thing that is trying to get the magnets together (to attract) and trying to get the magnets apart (to repel) is called a “force”.

It’s a force like the one used in pushing and pulling!

But this one is a bit different and is called a “magnetic force”.

Look at these two magnets, called doghnut magnets, sticking together.

Look at these two magnets, called doghnut magnets because of their shape, sticking together.





Teacher told us that metal sticks to a magnet! Some of us already knew this as we had seen it on “Toy Story” the movie!

She showed us some spoons and some metal shavings sticking to a magnet.


We filled out this sheet to show teacher that we understood that some objects don’t stick to a magnet but metal objects do!


The objects that are coloured in are the metal ones, the ones that stick to a magnet.


The key, the paperclip, the thumb tac and the scissors are the metal objects.

We wanted to test it for ourselves however…… so teacher said that we were going to go “fishing with magnets!!!!!”

So we made some beautiful fish!


If you look closely in this picture you will see a piece of a drinking straw in the mouth of one fish, the straw is made of plastic. The other fish has a piece of matchstick in it’s mouth, this is made of wood.


This fish has a paper fastner in it’s mouth. That is made of metal. We knew that already!


What a fancy fish.

So we had the fish, but what were we going to fish with? Teacher attatched a magnet onto some string.


If the magnet stuck to the fish, we would know that’s because it was the fish with metal in it’s mouth!

We already knew that the fish that had paper clips and paper fastners in it’s mouth were the ones with metal in them, so it was time to try to catch some fish!


We learned that in science however, it is important to record your experiments. We used what we knew about data to make this chart.

If you managed to catch a fish, you got a tick under the smiley face. If you had a few gos and then managed to catch a fish, you got a tick under the medium face. If you caught no fish you got a tick under the sad face.

Lets go fishing!

Caught one!

Caught one!




hmmnnn, which fish will I go for?

hmmnnn, which fish will I go for?

Is there any with metal in their mouths?

Is there any with metal in their mouths?

One is coming........

One is coming……..



My turn!

My turn!

Hmnnnn, where are the ones with metal in their mouths?

Hmnnnn, where are the ones with metal in their mouths?



Have one!

Have one!

Oh no, it fell!

Oh no, it fell!

Here we realised that the fish with just one paperclip in it’s mouth was falling off the magnet! We couldn’t catch it! That was because the fish was too heavy. If we put more paperclips in the mouth of the fish, there would be more force attracting it to the magnet and it wouldn’t fall off!

Teacher said this happens sometimes in science experiments, you need to figure out what works and what doesn’t!

Woo hoo! Finally!

Woo hoo! Finally!



Senior Infants came in to see our experiment.

Senior Infants came in to see our experiment.

They loved it!

They loved it!

We were making so much noise cheering whenever anyone got a fish, that Ms. Sexton came in to see what was going on!

She tried the fish with the plastic in it's mouth!

She tried the fish with the plastic in it’s mouth!

Plastic doesn't stick to a magnet Ms. Sexton! That's not going to work! Try the metal!

Plastic doesn’t stick to a magnet Ms. Sexton! That’s not going to work! Try the metal!

Yay! See the metal paperclips in the mouth of the fish?

Yay! See the metal paperclips in the mouth of the fish everybody?

Lots more fish were caught.


And here are the results from our experiment:

fishing with magnets results 2

As you can see, 5 fish weren’t caught, and the rest were!

We love science!!! It is so much fun!!

9 Mar


world book day 2

Last Thursday was World Book Day! We all dressed up as our favourite character from a book! Lauren won best costume in Junior Infants!

Junior Infants have been doing really well with their sounds, words and reading and we love taking our readers home to read them with our Mums, Dads, Grannies and Grandads. We love books!

9 Mar

Two weeks ago, 6th Class had an amazing all-day workshop with the Think Academy team! Check out our tweets from the day!


What a brilliant day we had, thanks to the Think Academy and Mathletes!

7 Mar

We all dressed up!

We had a super day! Keep reading everyone!

7 Mar

Hi everyone! What a busy, fun time of year it is! Here is what 6th Class have been up to recently!

We have being exploring the theme of ‘Sporting Anthems’ in music!

We acknowledged the contribution made by the women who teach and lead us!

We met an author and he was so nice to us!

Other classes tweeted us too!

We have expanded our list of life skills!

Fr. Eddie came to visit us and prepare for our Confirmation!

We dressed up for World Book Day… more on that later!

We continue to use Class Dojo to encourage good behaviour!

We continued our Confirmation names projects!

We got to work on our confirmation banner!

We got photos back from Eircom… we love this one of our ois!

We drew World war 2 posters as we learn about it in History class!

Check out Jade’s beautiful work!

we had a great week at Ms. Sugrue’s book fair!

We created a D-Day landing scene with clay in Art!

Our hockey league continues in PE!

Johnny shared some wisdom!

We couldn’t be busier! We can’t wait to make our confirmation next week!