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10 Oct


We had so much fun practising our handwriting using blood quills in Ms. Keating’s class!

A blood quill is a dark magical object. It is a type of quill that does not require ink, as it writes with the blood of the person using it. Harry Potter used this in detention in the 5th book: The Order of the Phoenix. This week in Ms. Keating’s class we got the opportunity to practice our handwriting using our own home-made blood quills (a quill and a red pen).

It was so exciting writing with red pens. We took our time to make sure we could write as neat as possible, we even had a practice run before writing on our teabag stained pages.

I hope you like our display as we all worked so hard on it!

7 Oct


6th Class are really enjoying their latest book, ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl. This is our third  podcast and we are delighted with how it came out. Davy and Alan presented and they did a great job!

Lots happened in the story since we spoke last, don’t miss this podcast! Warning: It contains major spoilers!

4 Oct


Name of class: Fourth

Teacher: Ms Walsh

We love many things about our class ! The top five are:

  • Art
  • Our classmates
  • Watching The Children’s News while we eat our lunch
  • The comfortable reading zone with it’s very own sofa and blanket area
  • The Irish and Maths games we play!

Three things we are looking forward to this year:

  • Project work,
  • Soccer
  • Multi- Sport!

Our favourite TV shows:

  • Hawaii Five-O
  • The Children’s News

Our favourite movie is The Lego Movie

Our favourite musicians: We love everything:

  • Pop
  • Rap
  • Country
  • Traditional !

Favourite time of year in St Peter’s are Sports Day and Christmas (The Play!)

Favorite thing about St Peter’s:

  • Everything especially the hot chocolate made by Mrs Murphy!

Best memory in St Peter’s so far: The teachers!

3 Oct

What a week 6th Class have had! We’ve been working so hard. Every subject got our best effort and we’ve started getting stuck into some brilliant project work too!

Here are some of the highlights…

We set up our technology group work activities!

We had our first Mystery Skype session! It was so helpful for our geography!

We recorded a ‘Reading Tips’ podcast:

We had a super training session with Tommy, and a brilliant running session with Paddy!

We also spent a lot of time on our Cleachtadh cainte!

We interviewed the Irish and UCD player Karen Duggan who predicted (correctly!) that Kilkenny would win the All-Ireland!

We got started on our latest art activity!

3 Oct

y emmets

As captain of the St. Peter’s Football team, I would like to wish our local club Bray Emmets the very best in this weekend’s senior and junior county finals.

I am a proud club member.  Every year we play a game of cic fada and the club runs a fair on that day. There are matches on every week and I love being a member of the club and I’ve loads of friends there.

The Club also host local school competitions and I’m looking forward to leading the St. Peter’s team out this season.

My manager’s name is Tom and my coaches are Terry, Micheal and John. I will be playing under 13 this year. I play half back or full back usually for Bray Emmets.

Hopefully the boys will do the business at the weekend! Good luck to everyone!

by Ben Gorman (6th Class)

30 Sep

As you know, we’re big fans of Khan Academy in St Peter’s! You can read all about Mathletes, which uses Khan Academy as a platform, here.

We’ve recently established our first Digital Youth Council in St Peter’s (more on that to follow!) and their first job was to demonstrate how to use Khan Academy as a student at the Khan Academy Symposium in Eircom HQ on Saturday.

Our students were superb on the day and we were extremely proud of how enthusiastic and engaging they were. We received so many compliments about our students’ behaviour, manners and knowledge! Thanks especially to Harry from the Digital Youth Council, who was so encouraging about our Mini Digital Youth Council and to Kelly, for all her hard work!

Thanks also to the parents, who travelled in and helped us out – we really appreciated it!

Ms Brennan and Ms Sexton

Click through for our Storify of the day! (more…)

30 Sep

In 2nd class, we’ve been learning poems as part of our Dinosaur theme. We each chose a poem to learn off from a book of Dinosaur poetry. We practised putting expression into our poetry and speaking clearly! When we were ready, we recorded our poetry using Voki. We loved recording our poems using Voki – we thought it was a really cool way to present our work.







Emanuele (who has been practising his alphabet! He’s working really hard!)


26 Sep

Recently, in 2nd class, we have been exploring sound as part of our music lessons. We’re developing our performance skills, our listening and responding skills and our composing skills, using body percussion and our voices. One of our favourite songs at the moment is Boom-Chicka-Boom and we’ve been using it to explore the elements of music and different sounds that we can make with our voices.

We recorded a version of Boom Chicka Boom using Sound Cloud!

We also made a list of sounds that we can make with our bodies and our voices. We worked together as a whole-class activity to list 29 different sounds (and we really could have kept going…) and then we designed symbols for our sounds. We’re going to use these symbols to compose a piece of music next week. Check out Nathan’s set of symbols!


We each chose sounds to perform and acted as conductors in our little orchestra. The conductor pointed to that person, who then made their sound. We learned a lot about performing and conducting different combinations of sounds. Check out our Vines to see what we tried out.

26 Sep

2014-09-26 16.29.19

Recently in St Peter’s, we’ve been celebrating healthy eating. Last week, we had Sandwich Day, where some of our classes got to make a sandwich with lots of healthy fillings! 2nd class made a podcast about their choice of fillings and we have lots of lovely photos in our Animoto.

In our classrooms, we practised procedural writing and the senior classrooms learned about nutrition and fitness as part of our work towards our Active Flag!

Thanks to Mr Foley and Paddy for all their hard work organising such a fantastic day!

25 Sep

Yesterday, 2nd class had their 4th Roots of Empathy session with Paddy. So far, we’ve met Baby M and covered the theme ‘Meet the Baby’. Yesterday, we started a new theme – ‘Crying’.

2014-09-24 13.25.37

We talked about why babies cry.

2014-09-24 13.27.22

We love our Roots of Empathy sessions.

2014-09-24 13.38.53

Story time is always special during Roots of Empathy.

2014-09-24 13.42.13

We read ‘How are you peeling?’ this week.

2014-09-24 13.42.26

Our doll is called Nicole.

Listen to our podcast about what we learned during this week’s session. Well done to Adam, who led his very first podcast.

We can’t wait to welcome Baby M into our class next week!