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18 Oct

5th class are currently getting ukulele lessons of the ukulele master that is Frankie! We are loving our Wednesday morning lessons with him!! We will be doing a concert for the school at  the end of the month to show the boys and girls what we have learnt.




10 Oct

Too precious for life on Earth Jodie. Heaven is now your playground. We hope you liked the balloons and smiles that we sent to you. Thinking of you today and always xxx

6 Oct

We were learning all about Patterns this week, so we decided to brighten up our yard with some colourful chalk drawings



4 Oct

On October 3rd our St Peter’s runners had a great time competing at the cross-country event in Avondale.

Everyone ran well and behaved excellently!

Thanks to Paddy for training and preparing us all so well!

3 Oct

Smiles all around for their first day in Senior Infants last month.

3 Oct

We started learning about Autumn in September, we all put on our hi-visabilty jackets and off we went for a walk around the green. The children saw the changing colours of the trees, we found conkers, acorns and many more items. The children are really enjoying learning about Autumn, we are are learning about hedgehogs, hibernation and bears this week.

3 Oct

For the whole month of September the girls and boys in Senior Infants were all working hard cooking and baking in our restaurant. In our role play area the children got the chance to become waiters, chefs waitresses and customers. Here are a few pictures of the students enjoying our restaurant. In our construction area the children built restaurants. In our fine motor skills area the children make cakes for our restaurant using straws. In our art section we created Gingerbread men and we read books about food in the library.





26 Sep

Welcome back to school every one! We’re thrilled to be starting the year together again.

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day together.

We were so excited to start our Twitter and blogging adventure in 4th Class. We started the year with a good look at internet safety.

We are enjoying a dodgeball tournament this month, and we’re back running every Friday.

We’re working on our writing and reading strategies.

We started the ClassDojo empathy series.

We are really enjoying our literacy games!

Our Guided Reading sessions are going well too!

We’re also doing great work in Maths.

We started our Go Noodle brain breaks too.

And we’re reading the best book ever!

We set our attendance goals for the year!

We also started our Friday tests.

We LOVE Art class in 4th Class.

All of this work meant that we deserved some golden play time!

We’re hard at work on our SAlfies.

Our library corner is growing all the time.

We have started looking at local history too.

And our meditation and mindfulness sessions are so popular.

Phew! We’re off to a busy start! See you soon for another update!

From 4th Class.

21 Jun

In Senior Infants, we’re very proud of our two Green Schools reps – Aaron and Joey!

Lately, we’ve been learning all about litter and the importance of keeping our environment clean. We went on a walk to see if we could find litter in our local area and members of our class have been helping Ms Ward and the Green Schools team to do litter picking. We also designed posters to encourage our school community not to litter. Here are some photos of our activities!

Here are our posters!

19 Jun

Singing Club 2017 from St Peter’s, Bray on Vimeo.

Congratulations to our fantastic singing club who created this music video recently. Keep an eye out for our special guest, Adam Nolan! Thanks to Paddy for directing our video and for our lovely end-of-year party!