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10 Sep

Student Council Logo

Congratulations to our new Student Council for the new term! They have a very important job to represent our students and make sure they do all that they can to make St. Peter’s be as nice a place as possible for their fellow students. They will come up with lots of ideas to run events, represent their classmates at meetings and also help us to fundraise for charity at Christmas time!

Here are the new members of the Council!

1. 1st Class: Adem Standage and Jack Roche

2. 2nd Class: Ava Byrne and Jerry Wall

3. 3rd Class: Brooke Carey and Jamie Hipwell

4. 4th Class: John O’Brien and Aoife Dolan

5. 5th Class: Hannah Cowap and Alana Murphy

6. 6th Class: Jade Locke and Alan Duda

The Student Council enjoying Ms. Sexton's (now annual!) start-of-year-cake with our Acting Principal Mr. Foley!

The Student Council enjoying Ms. Sexton’s (now annual!) start-of-year-cake with our Acting Principal Mr. Foley!

This is their first podcast, have a listen! We can’t wait to see how well they all do on the Council. Well done to everyone!

9 Sep

2000Can you believe it?! We are so close to our 2,000th comment on the blog! We’re only blogging a year and a half and we’ve had so many wonderful, amazing, supportive comments from our pupils, school community and other schools! Well done everyone!

To celebrate, we’re running a little competition on the blog. We’d love to see the 2,000th comment come in the next few weeks. The 2,000th comment will win a €15 book token! Nobody knows JUST how close we are to it, and we won’t tell you either! It’s all part of the competition!

So get commenting, one and all! Let’s get involved!

ps. If you need a reminder on how to leave a comment, have a look at this video!

If you need convincing that comments are a good idea, have a look at this post. 

9 Sep


6th Class are really enjoying their latest book, ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl. It’s a perfect read for this time of year as we have Halloween on our doorstep! It’s also great timing as this Saturday is Roald Dahl Day. Roald Dahl Day is on September 13th every year as that was Roald’s birthday. We can’t wait to read even more into the book and we also plan on watching the movie based on the book in the run up to Halloween!

This is our first podcast and we are delighted with how it came out. Aaron G presented and he did a brilliant job! It is over 5 minutes long. Well done to our new students who have never recorded podcasts before! You did really well.

So, have a listen! This podcast isn’t for the fainthearted…the first four chapters are VERY creepy!

5 Sep

What an exciting start to life in 6th Class. We’re delighted to have six new pupils in our class, and we hope that Jade, Emmet, Sadbh, Taylor, Christian and Davina feel very welcome. We spent the first week and a half getting to know each other, making sure our new pupils know where everything is and who everyone is, setting up our class shop (more on that later!), organising our room, labelling and numbering our books and copies, and doing our autumn tests! We also made out the rotas for cocoa duty, fruit delivery, roll book delivery, PE equipment supervision and Infant helpers for lunchtime. It has been non-stop. We are trying to be very responsible and look after everyone in school. We’ll take a class photo soon and share that with you too!

So what have we been learning? We’ve started all of our new books, and we started reading The Witches, by Roald Dahl. We’ll podcast about that next week! We’ve spent a lot of time on English grammar and Mental Maths and we feel like we’re ready to knuckle down to work hard after a great summer.

Two cool things we did this week related to the All-Ireland Finals that take place in September! [UP THE CATS! - Ms. B :)] We recorded and learned off a poem about the counties of Ireland and we also created our own version of the jerseys that the finalists will be wearing. We hope you like them!

We’ll be back early next week with loads more to share!

Here is our poem…

Here is our Art work…

Here we are enjoying GAA training!

3 Sep


Welcome back to a new year in St Peter’s and to the first ‘Wednesday for Parents’ post of the new year! To start the year, we’ve chosen to look at this year’s programme for Culture Night 2014. This year, it’s on the 19th of September – a Friday. It’s an amazing night where you can access venues and events around the country for free. Although all events are free, some may need to be booked in advance – which is why we’re drawing attention to them nice and early!

Locally, the Mermaid Arts Centre has a workshop in the afternoon with Signal Arts. Last year’s event was all about stop-motion and kick-started our involvement in the Creative Schools Award! Signal Arts are also showcasing a number of community art initiatives – more details can be found here.

There are many events in Dublin city centre that evening- many in places that you wouldn’t usually get to see! We picked out ten that you might be interested in…

1. Croke Park – one of the most popular tours is the Croke Park Tour. You can tour the stadium and the interactive museum. It’s a really popular tour though and needs to be booked in advance.

2. Dublinia - the fantastic Dublinia is always worth a visit and you can visit the History Hunters exhibition about archaeology in Dublin City.

3. Gallery Zozimus – Gallery Zozimus have a special event making ceramics. Apparently a big hit with children!

4. The Ark – continuing with the ceramics theme, the children’s museum, The Ark, is running a special exhibition and ceramics demonstration.

5. Book of Kells – a great opportunity to check out the beautiful Book of Kells in Trinity College!

6. Science Gallery – the Science Gallery is running a fantastic exhibition at the moment called ‘Strange Weather’ – definitely worth a visit!

7. National Print Museum – the National Print Museum has printing demonstrations and fun for all the family!

8. Imaginosity – Imaginosity is always a popular destination with our students and the chance to explore it after-hours is one not to be missed! Booking essential.

9. ECO-UNESCO  – for the little environmentalist in your life – there will be creative recycling workshops, films and story-telling.

10. Áras an Uachtaráin - have you ever wanted to see inside the President’s house? This year, for the first time, Culture Night is offering the opportunity to take a tour around Áras an Uachtaráin. The lottery closes on Friday 5th September so make sure you book early if you’d like to take part!

Let us know if anything else catches your eye from the Culture Night programme (found here) and we’d especially love to hear if you can recommend one of the events! As always, you can find all ‘Wednesday for Parents’ posts can be found here.


28 Aug

blog awards ireland
We’re delighted to hear that we’ve made it onto the shortlist in the ‘Best Education Blog’ category at the Blog Awards Ireland!

You’ll find out all about the awards here – what a great start to our year, and we’ve only barely begun!

27 Aug

From this…

The 2013-2014 line-up!

The 2013-2014 line-up!

…to this!

The 2014-2015 line-up, with over 60 new pupils, including infants and girls!

The 2014-2015 line-up, with over 60 new pupils, including infants and girls!

Well, here we are! Back again to St. Peter’s for another exciting year, one we hope will stand up as one of the best as we welcome back so many familiar faces, and celebrate the arrival of so many new students! After a year of great change and excitement, we opened our doors to over 90 new pupils today, moving from being a senior boys school (with a mixed 2nd Class), to a fully tiered, mixed school. We’re delighted to have Junior, Senior and First Class students in our school for the first time, and we also have girls in every class. It is extremely encouraging for our school to see so many children enrol, and we welcome the many new families to our community.

This is also the first blog post of the 2014-2015 year, and we hope to build on the phenomenal success we had last year in developing our use of blogging to communicate with our parents and the wider community!

So here’s to the future of St. Peter’s, and many more historic and exciting days ahead for our school!

12 Aug

WED PARENTSFor many of our past pupils and brothers and sisters of our current pupils, tomorrow is a big day. We want to wish everyone waiting on Leaving Cert results the very best of luck. The wait for results is often a stressful one (for student and family!), but there are a number of resources around the web to help make the process easier.

  • is, as always, a fantastic resource, with lots of helpful tips on dealing with the stress of results day. Their article here contains lots of advice. The website is well worth a browse with lots of advice on finding accommodation for 3rd level education and dealing with panic attacks.
  • published an article recently focused on how parents can help. You can access it here. Another article on how parents can help can be accessed on My Kids Time here.
  • have a very comprehensive section on the Leaving Cert with a timeline and articles advising on specific areas. Check it out here.


  • A special helpline has been set up for students (and parents). The helpline will be staffed by members of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, who will be able to answer any queries on 3rd level courses, the points system, rechecks, repeats, CAO procedures, apprenticeships and training. The number is 1800 265 165 and it’ll be open from 8am to 7pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • The Irish Times have an online helpdesk to answer any questions – you can access it here.

We’ll give the final word to this article on treating the Leaving Cert results with a ‘pinch of perspective’ – remember that there are many routes to where you want to get to and that you are far more than a set of grades or a total of points. Good luck tomorrow!

You can find all previous ‘Wednesday for Parents’ posts here.


25 Jul

blog awards ireland
Hi everyone, hope you’re having a fantastic holiday! It’s absolutely flying by and we hope you’re making the most of the fine weather!

We got really brilliant news today – we found out we’ve been nominated for the Blog Awards Ireland!

This is a really cool award to be nominated for, because it recognises community groups, schools, government agencies, local authorities, journalists, bloggers and vloggers, and the contribution they make to the blogosphere.

We’re absolutely thrilled to find out that we’ve been nominated in the ‘Best Education Blog’ category! That means that somebody contacted the Blog Awards and nominated us for our blogging.

After such a successful year, winning two Junior Spiders including the Grand Prix, this is further recognition of how hard you all work to make this the best primary school blog in the country!

The next stage of judging will reduce the 20 nominees to a shortlist, which will involve judging by judges from around the country. We’ll keep you updated as the judging progresses, and we’d like to thank everyone at the Blog Awards Ireland for further recognition of our work!

In the meantime, soak up the sun, stay safe, and see you all really soon for the start of probably the most exciting year in St. Peter’s history!


23 Jul


And so, we welcome you to the final edition of our weekly online newsletter this year – the St Peter’s Post. Now that all the catch up posts are complete, we can get you all up-to-date on the events of the last week of the term. We hope you’re all really enjoying your holidays so far!

The headlines are:

  • The #32in24 challenge went off brilliantly. You can read our post at the halfway point of the journey here and the big roundup will be posted very soon! We featured on twice – here and here and in the Irish Independent. Local media, such as the Bray People and East Coast Fm also gave great coverage of the event.
  • The final assembly of the year took place with lots of awards and celebrations – you can read all about it, including our new Peter’s Pride award here.
  • We waved a fond farewell to our current 6th class and wished them well in their future adventures. Read all about graduation here.
  • We received our Digital Schools of Distinction award from Minister Ciaran Cannon. We were also delighted to welcome Neal O’Sullivan back to St Peter’s. Read all about the award here.
  • We went on our school tour on the last Thursday of term. You can check out our photos and Vines here.
  • Paddy’s activity camp was a great success. Did you see all the photos? You can check them out here.
  • Staff versus students is always a fantastic feature of our final week. Read all about it here.
  • We really enjoyed Bike Day 2014 – check it out here.
  • We took part in the St Peter’s World Cup – Ms Flanagan managed the winning team for the second year in a row! Read all about it here.
  • Second class told us all about how they used Skype to connect with another school here.
  • Finally we had a round up of all the ‘Wednesday for Parents’ topics this year. You can check that out here.

This is our 30th edition of the St Peter’s Post this year! We hope you enjoyed all of our online newsletters this year – we enjoyed sharing a taste of our school with you. As always, you can find all of our previous St Peter’s Posts here and now, on the website, we’ve included space for the St Peter’s Posts so that visitors to the website can keep up with all of our weekly news. You can access the latest St Peter’s Post at the bottom of the front page of the website or you can click on this link to see them all!