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1 May

One of our favourite hobbies in third class is going to the cinema. For Tech Week 2015, we thought it would be cool to see some of the cool technology behind the scenes in the cinema. We got some help from the owner at the cinema who sent us these cool photos – have a look!


This is projection suite in the cinema!


We thought this was a great Tech Week 2015 photo – a film hard drive – we didn’t expect the film to look like this!


WOW! Look at how big the sound box is at the cinema!

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these behind the scenes pics as much as week have!

29 Apr


Congratulations to 2nd class who received their First Holy Communion at a beautiful ceremony on Sunday. It was a very special day for everyone and we were delighted to share it with our school friends in the choir, our families and the parish of St Peter’s. Well done to all of 2nd class, who read, took part in the procession and sang beautifully throughout. Everyone in St Peter’s was very proud of how hard they worked. Special thanks to the team in St Peter’s Parish, who helped us to prepare – especially Sr Patricia and Fr Eddie. Here are some of our photos from the day and from this week in school!

28 Apr

Thanks to everyone who made our open morning for Grandparents’ Day so special. It was lovely to have you visit our school. We had grandparents, neighbours, friends of the Parish and our Mams and Dads in to see our rooms, work and performance. We performed a couple of classics from previous shows and had a lovely time. Thanks to our Parents’ Association for their hard work and time spent serving tea, coffee and other lovely treats!

We can’t wait for Grandparents’ Day 2016!

28 Apr

Check out some of our recent Vine videos in 6th Class!

Here is Andy teaching everyone about pixels and co-ordinates in coding for Tech Week 2015!

Ameesh, Leon and Luke working hard in their group for Tech Week 2015!

Emmet walking on a tight rope at the Junior Spider Awards!

Ben flying it during our GAA skills test!

Looking at WW2 artefacts!

Leon reading his History essay!

We’ve been busy! :)

28 Apr

6th love using Animoto to mark special occasions and remember beautiful photographs captured in class. Why not have a look back on some of the recent videos that they have made?

Here is the Junior Spiders photoshoot!

Here is our Confirmation video!

6th Class made this video, featuring children from various classes representing our school in Sport!

Here is a video of our marble ink paintings!

Here is our Pi in the Sky animoto!

We hope you enjoy our work!

23 Apr


On such a beautiful day, can you think of anything nicer to do than spend part of the morning gardening? Prepare to be very envious of our Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 2nd class students who started their Incredible Edibles project 2015 by planting a great selection of vegetables, fruit and potatoes. 2nd class had studied what to do in advance and prepared their vocabulary and each pairing from 2nd class worked with a small group from the infant classes to share their skills. We used words like ‘compost’, ‘seeds’, ‘roots’ and ‘plant’ and we learned the best way to plant our particular vegetable. We were very impressed by all the great gardeners in the youngest classes in the school and also very proud of how well the 2nd class passed on what they’d learned and included all of their group in the planting process. We’re very excited to see how our plants turn out and we’re going to put great effort into our next job – watering them! Well done to Maddy from 2nd class, our photographer, who captured the morning so well!

21 Apr

We had a great day at Facebook HQ attending the Eircom Junior Spider awards!

Read all about our day in the tweets below!

16 Apr

Some of our classes have been taking part in Maths 4 Fun recently with some of the members of our Parents Association. We’ve been enjoying games and activities to improve our Maths skills every Thursday. A big thanks to all of the Parents Association for all of their hard work – we’ve had great fun!

2015-03-26 09.41.53 2015-03-26 09.42.14 2015-03-26 09.42.22 2015-03-26 09.42.30 2015-03-26 09.42.44

13 Apr


Recently, 1st to 5th classes took part in the Write A Book project with Blackrock Education Centre. 2nd class were very excited to get their books back and we’re very proud of Leon, who was awarded the Merit prize and will collect his certificate in a fortnight’s time at the presentation. Our books were about lots of different topics – from boxing, to animals, to mermaids, to aliens – and lots more!

It’s a great achievement to finish these books and we’re very proud of all our hard work!



13 Apr

Third class had a visit from Joe, a Civil Engineer from Dublin City Council for Engineer Week 2015.

Joe came to our class one Friday morning and told us all about the different types of engineering – Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and Civil.

We looked at water treatment plants, robots, airplanes, bridges and much more! One of the things we really loved were the pictures of the wind farms.

Joe told us lots of fun facts about Engineering. Did you know that when Engineers are designing bridges, they leave a little tunnel with bait for badgers to pass through so that they don’t have to cross a busy road? How kind!

When Joe had told us all about Engineering, we figured out how many Engineers it would take to make a cup of tea!

We loved our visit from Joe!