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18 Dec

Fáilte ar ais chuig Frása na Seachtaine!

Táimid ag baint taitneamh as foghlaim faoin Nollaig!

Nollaig Shona duit!

Anois, is é frása na seachtaine seo:

Tá go leor rudaí ar mhaith leat a rá, b’fhéidir…

Ba mhaith liom leabhar nua.

Ba mhaith liom cluiche ríomhaire.

Ba mhaith liom cluiche cláir.

Ba mhaith liom liathróid peil.

Cad eile ar féidir leat smaoineamh air?

11 Dec

Fáilte ar ais chuig Frása na Seachtaine!

An mhí seo, tá an – áthas orainn a bheith ag súil go mór leis an Nollaig!

Beimid ag foghlaim go leor frásaí agus focail nua ach tosaímid leis an gceann is mó a bheidh á úsáid againn…

5 Dec

In November all classes in the school took part in Anti-Bullying Month. We engaged in cooperative games, completed lessons on bullying and discussed what bullying means. We loved playing Chinese Whispers and discussing how rumours start! We concluded bullying has 3 elements;

  1. Hurting Someone’s Body or Feelings
  2. Lots of Times
  3. On Purpose

We finished the month by creating and discussing Anti-Bullying Posters.

5 Dec

For Science week, we tested our senses. Did you know, about 70% of our taste is linked to our sense of smell? We investigated this using skittles and can confirm that it is true! We hope you like our video 🤩

4 Dec

6th class have been taking part in the Dare to Believe Programme, run by Team Ireland which aims to teach us about Olympic values, hard work and reaching our full potential!

We loved taking part in the programme and learning about the following topics:

  • Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body
  • Finding Joy in Effort
  • Respect and Equality
  • Striving for Excellence

We took part in ‘Weekly Challenges’, including spreading kindness and getting active! We created art work based on the topics covered and to top it all off, we had a visit from a Team Ireland athlete!

We were so lucky to have Gráinne Walsh visit our class for an afternoon and that 5th class joined us! Gráinne is a boxer who is aiming to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 🥊 She told us about her career to date, her family and friends, her motivation and the challenges she has faced to get to this point. We were so impressed by her story and even a managed to hold her medal 🏅 and plate from previous victories. We held a press conference and got to ask Gráinne some questions, such as ‘What motivates you?’ and ‘How do you feel before a fight?’ She signed her autograph for us and said she was very impressed with our hard work as part of the Dare to Believe Programme. We hope Gráinne goes on to qualify in February and that she’ll be able to visit us again 😊

Huge thanks as always to Paddy for encouraging to get involved in sports and to work hard!

4 Dec

November is anti-bullying month in school. We learned a lot about different types of bullying and how to deal with it this month.
Bullying is behaviour that is …

  • Repeated
  • hurtful
  • deliberate

We made some anti-bullying posters to stand up to bullying!

4 Dec

Táimid fós ag foghlaim faoin aimsir an tseachtain seo agus táimid chun díriú ar fhrásaí a bhaineann leis an ghrian!

Is é frása na seachtaine inniu…

Tá an ghrian ag taitneamh!

30 Nov

In November, our class took part in our whole school Anti – Bullying month. We discussed why bullying happens, how to react if it does happen and who we can ask for help.

We reminded ourselves that bullying is any behaviour that is:

  • repeated
  • hurtful
  • deliberate

We learned more about the different types of bullying, including physical, emotional, verbal and cyber.

We also recognised our role in preventing bullying across our school community as 6th class students. Check out the pledges we made below and some positive messages we want to spread in school.

Spreading positivity!
27 Nov

Coinnigh oraibh ag cleachtadh do chuid Gaeilge a oiread agus is féidir sa bhaile agus ar scoil!

Is é an frása nua atá againn don lá inniu…

Ná déan dearmad ar do chuid uachtar gréine!

20 Nov

Maith sibh go léir ag déanamh sár – iarracht le do chuid frásaí Gaeilge an tseachtain seo!

Is é frása na seachtaine ná…

Ná déan dearmad uisce a ól nuair a bhíonn sé te amuigh!