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1 Jun

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.00.39

Check it out! 6th Class are in today’s Irish Independent talking about their coding work. Click here to read the article.

30 May

First class visited Bray library today.  We got to read some very interesting and fun books.  There were so many cool books to choose from.

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27 May

A huge well done to Alana Murphy Porter and Dylan Mason in 6th Class who recently won their categories in the Bray Alcohol Awareness Campaign poster competition!

Today, joined with their families, they were awarded two beautiful trophies and a really generous One-For-All voucher in a beautiful lunchtime ceremony at the Barracuda. Check out some pictures and tweets below!

23 May

Recently, the whole school learned a song and sang it together at assembly. We chose ‘I Lived’ by One Republic because the lyrics are so inspirational. It’s all about experiencing the good and the bad of life and is written by a father to his newborn son. We loved singing the song together and a special well done to our soloists – Casey, Patrick, Sophie, Toby, AJ, Kristina, Carl, Tristan, Finn, Lex, Adem, Ellie and Hayley.


I lived from St Peter's, Bray on Vimeo.

20 May

There has been a lot of movement since our last update.

On the 10th of May the team returned to Base Camp. They rested here for a few days. During this time they had to keep themselves occupied. They watched movies and ate lots of food to keep their energy up. Check out this photo of the food tent at Base Camp. The white sheet at the back is used as a cinema screen!


On the 16th May our flag moved up to Intermediate Base Camp and on the 17th of May it continued to Advanced Base Camp. The team rested here for two days. Even though it is tough work, we know that the team are having a lot of fun on their climb. Rob sent us this photo. In the photo he is jumping over a crevasse on a giant glacier!


Today, the group continued to Camp 1 at 7,000m. Today’s climbing involved steep work up an ice wall for about 4 hours. There is no doubt that the team must be wrecked this evening. Check out a picture of Rob’s tent under the moonlight. I bet he cannot wait to get to sleep after his busy day today!


4th class are getting so excited as summit day is very close. If the weather stays good we are hoping that Rob and our flag will advance to Camp 2 and Camp 3 over the weekend and that they will attempt to reach the summit on Monday. Hopefully we will have an update and photos from the summit next week. It is so exciting! 🙂

9 May

A lot has happened since our last update. Our 4th class flag is slowly making it’s way up Everest.

Our flag reached Advanced Base Camp on the 27th April. It then returned to Base Camp on 1st May.

You might be wondering why the team had to come back down to Base Camp. This is because of the high altitude. Rob needs to acclimatise to this high altitude to prevent altitude sickness.

After a few days rest in Base Camp, the team (and our flag) travelled all the way up to Camp 1 which is at 7000m. They arrived at Camp 1 on the 8th May.

Today, 9th May, the team returned to Advanced Base Camp. All going well they will return to Base Camp tomorrow for a few more days of rest. It is very important to return to a lower altitude on a regular basis to prevent altitude sickness.

Check out our Line Chart as we follow our flag.


Don’t forget to keep an eye on our updates as summit day is just around the corner!

29 Apr

The number one rule in 6th Class is to have class spirit. Here are some lovely examples of us enjoying school, helping each other and being ‘6th Class legends’!

The class who art together…stay together!

This was the final result…

A post Confirmation stroll on the beach…

Hanging out with Ms. Olsen!

Having fun with friends…

We’re helping each other to prepare for secondary school too! Michelle is coming in twice a week to work with us.

Another 6th Class motto, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’!

Here’s to the last few weeks of school, and making memories to last a lifetime!

29 Apr

What a brilliant week! Just like last year, 6th Class did some really cool activities for Tech Week 2016. Have a look at a summary from our ‘tweet machine’!

We worked on Animoto again!

We welcomed Sustainable Energy Ireland to our classroom to teach us a thing or two!

We had a Twitter chat with some student teachers!

We drew and invented our own augmented reality pictures!

We loved the Tech Week 2016 books!

We invented apps!

We got better and better at coding as the week went on!

ps. Today was also DEAR day. Did you take part?

26 Apr

A huge well done and a thank you to all of our students and teachers who contributed to making our 2016 Confirmation such a beautiful and memorable day for all. Everyone did so well and all of the hard work paid off. As always, our choir were wonderful and did us all proud. 6th Class had practiced so hard and prepared wonderful artwork in the run-up to the day. We are so grateful to Sr. Patricia, Fr. Larry, Fr. Eddie and the entire parish team for their continued support of our students. We remember Fr. James too, and send him our very best.

We hope you like our slideshow that we created! Thanks to Paddy for taking the pictures!

25 Apr

Welcome to our submission for the Discover Primary Science and Maths award for 2016. This is our 11th year taking part in the Awards! Once again this year we are applying for the Plaque of STEM Excellence. This award is given to schools that carry out extensive work in science, technology, engineering and maths, all of which are very important in St. Peter’s.

This is the 2nd year that we have had Junior and Senior Infants taking part in the award! It is great to see the young scientists have so much fun learning about Science and Maths.

Yet again, a huge amount of work has gone into this. Every class in the whole school has taken part in this application, well done to all the pupils and teachers! For the fourth year in a row, we are using our blog to submit our award and to link back to our activities that have taken part during the year. Our SFI Award number this year is WW008.

Step 1: Science

For this step, we carried out six hands-on Science investigations under the four different strands in classes throughout the school. We also tried to include Maths in these investigations where possible, linking in with Step 4.

  • Energy and Forces: 3rd Class learned all about magnets and how they work. They even used to make cars that could move! Read all about there experiment here.
  • Living Things: As part of Science Week 2015, 3rd Class also looked at the best conditions for plants to grow, which you can read about here.
  • Environmental Awareness and Care: 4th class investigated water pollution and how oil and water react when mix together. You can read about their experiment here.
  • Materials: 5th Class investigated which material would do the best job at soaking up a spillage, which even included brainstorming what exactly “best” could mean! Read all about it here.
  • Energy and Forces: Junior Infants investigated magnets here when they went fishing!
  • Materials: 2nd Class looked at what materials would be useful for making parachutes. You can read all about that here.

Mr. Foley’s class had a trip to the zoo, and learned about animals and their habitats. For a lot of the class, it was their first trip to the zoo and the tigers alone made it one they will never forget! You can read about their trip here.

6th Class also took part in the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, which you can read all about here and here.

Step 2: Technology

In the second step, we had to ensure that technology was used by our pupils. As a previous winner of the Junior Spider Awards, technology has become a part of every-day life in St. Peter’s. We were also awarded the Digital School of Distinction award, which showcased the effort and time we put in incorporating technology into our daily school lives.

For example, 6th Class’ entry for the BT Young Scientist Award was based on programming a robot, which really impressed the judges on the day. You can read all about their comments here and you can read more about their project here.

Mr. Kinsella and Ms. Byrne ran an after school club which culminated in our school taking part in the FIRST Lego League in Galway. It was a superb experience for the boys and girls which you can read about here.

The school also took part in Internet Safety Week, which you can read about here.

One pupil in particular has really seen the possibilities that technology offers, and has regularly contributed his very own animated lego videos to our school blog. Check out Tommy’s latest video here.

Throughout all the other classes in the school, pupils of every age have also used cameras, laptops, animoto, and this blog, as well as apps such as vine and twitter, to showcase the work that they have been doing during the course of the year. As you can see from our submission this year, we have continued to implement technology in our day-to-day teaching and learning, with Maths and Science at the forefront of this.

Step 3: Engineering

For the third step of our application for the DPSM Plaque of STEM Excellence, we have had a big focus on the Design and Make element of Science. Our staff have been working in conjunction with St. Patrick’s College regarding professional development in STEM. A big part of this has focused on the Design and Make process.

We include two examples of our Design and Make lessons as part of our application. Senior Infants designed and made coats for the Gruffalo, which you can read about here.

1st Class also had great fun taking part in designing and making boats, which you can read all about here.

Step 4: Maths

Throughout our Science investigations, we incorporated Maths where possible, For example, Junior Infants learned about data and used charts to record their results here, and 3rd Class used mathematical skills to measure the length and distance they were able to move the cars with magnets, which you can read about here.

Step 5: STEM Showcase

6th Class took part yet again in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS in January this year. This year they worked on programming a robot for their entry. As always, they put a lot of effort into their submission, and presented it brilliantly on the day. You can read about their work here, and what the judges thought here.

We hoped you enjoyed reading our submission!