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22 Jun

22 Jun

Jordan’s Lego Stop Motion sequel from St Peter’s, Bray on Vimeo.

Last year, Jordan’s first Stop Motion Movie was a huge success throughout the school. When it finished, he promised his fans that there would be a part two in the coming year. Ladies and gentlemen, here we have it, ‘Lex Returns’, Jordan’s long awaited sequel. It’s back and it’s bigger and better than ever. The usual ‘good guys’ like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles, Superman, Aquaman and Wonderwoman are back to save the day. After a breakout from jail, all the villains think they’re going to escape, but is that the case? Watch above to find out.

12 Jun

Friday was a very active day for our classes! Junior and Senior Infants went for a special walk in the morning and then our older classes walked to Shanganagh playground – even 1st and 2nd classes, who had very tired legs when they got back! You can see photos from previous visits to Shanganagh here.

Here are a couple of Vines and photos from the day – we had great fun!



12 Jun

Toontastic! from St Peter’s, Bray on Vimeo.

Hi my name is Codie and I’m in 3rd class. I hope you enjoy my Toontastic video. I spent a while writing the story and then making it! My characters are Tony, JJJ, Bender the robot and the two bullies, King Arnes and Onetwo. It’s about a science fair where the bullies try to steal JJJ  and Tony’s invention- Bender, but they fail! I hope you like watching it.

9 Jun

Last Friday, we had a new twist on an old tradition on St Peter’s – the Mini-World Cup! You can read all about last year’s Mini-World Cup here. This year, we had three Mini World Cup tournaments – Junior and Senior Infants played in the morning, 1st and 2nd classes played between break and lunchtime and the older classes had their tournament after lunch. Here are a few photos and Vines from the day – and you can read more about the infant classes and their tournament here.

2015-05-29 12.32.03


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4 Jun
star jar 1

Congratulations to this great boy and girl. They have been working hard and behaving well.

Every time we try hard in junior infants we get a star. We then put the star on our star jar. Look how many stars these two have earned!

30 May

Some nifty footwork skills there!


This junior infant boy loves football!!





Good save!


Once a week the Junior and Senior Infants have a lunch time soccer club with teacher and the sixth class boys. The sixth class boys are unbelievable coaches, leaving teacher with lots of time to take photos!

Yesterday Paddy organised a mini world cup day for us. The boys and girls from soccer club had great fun showing off their skills on the field and everybody had lots of fun. Thanks Paddy for mini world cup day and thanks a million to the sixth class boys for their hard work, patience and superb coaching skills!

28 May

6th Class made their visit to the Bray ‘Seomra’ Youth Centre this afternoon!

They tweeted about their fantastic day!

Adam loved making the smoothies!

We can’t wait to attend the centre lots over the next few years. Thanks to Martina, Clay, Peter and all the gang for having us! Everyone should check out the amazing work that they do.

27 May

6th Class had an exciting day yesterday!

Each year our 6th Class mural idea comes from a major project 6th had been involved in. Last year it was all about the Junior Spiders and our Grand Prix win.

The 2015 theme is our Junior Spiders website ‘Pi in the Sky’, made to celebrate our RDS Primary Science Fair project!

We’re looking forward to the unveiling of our mural at Graduation on Wednesday, 24th June!

25 May

What a way to see out our last ever Bike Day in St. Peter’s! :)