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23 Jul


And so, we welcome you to the final edition of our weekly online newsletter this year – the St Peter’s Post. Now that all the catch up posts are complete, we can get you all up-to-date on the events of the last week of the term. We hope you’re all really enjoying your holidays so far!

The headlines are:

  • The #32in24 challenge went off brilliantly. You can read our post at the halfway point of the journey here and the big roundup will be posted very soon! We featured on twice – here and here and in the Irish Independent. Local media, such as the Bray People and East Coast Fm also gave great coverage of the event.
  • The final assembly of the year took place with lots of awards and celebrations – you can read all about it, including our new Peter’s Pride award here.
  • We waved a fond farewell to our current 6th class and wished them well in their future adventures. Read all about graduation here.
  • We received our Digital Schools of Distinction award from Minister Ciaran Cannon. We were also delighted to welcome Neal O’Sullivan back to St Peter’s. Read all about the award here.
  • We went on our school tour on the last Thursday of term. You can check out our photos and Vines here.
  • Paddy’s activity camp was a great success. Did you see all the photos? You can check them out here.
  • Staff versus students is always a fantastic feature of our final week. Read all about it here.
  • We really enjoyed Bike Day 2014 – check it out here.
  • We took part in the St Peter’s World Cup – Ms Flanagan managed the winning team for the second year in a row! Read all about it here.
  • Second class told us all about how they used Skype to connect with another school here.
  • Finally we had a round up of all the ‘Wednesday for Parents’ topics this year. You can check that out here.

This is our 30th edition of the St Peter’s Post this year! We hope you enjoyed all of our online newsletters this year – we enjoyed sharing a taste of our school with you. As always, you can find all of our previous St Peter’s Posts here and now, on the website, we’ve included space for the St Peter’s Posts so that visitors to the website can keep up with all of our weekly news. You can access the latest St Peter’s Post at the bottom of the front page of the website or you can click on this link to see them all!


21 Jul

Hi everyone, Paddy here!

If you were driving past our school last week you would have been forgiven for thinking that some pupils of or school can’t get enough of the place!  Last Wednesday , Thursday and Friday every class was represented at the activity camp in the school run by the Sports Promotion Unit. The SPU run an annual, very successful camp for the children of the school. The participants got to take part in Tag Rugby, Soccer, Hurling, Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis and Rounders. They finished on Friday with a competition involving all the sports they learned and a party. Unfortunately Conor Britton’s team lost….for the 4th year in a row!

 Thank you to Mary, Conor, Ruth and Craig for all their hard work and also to Les for opening up for us in the morning! 

3 Jul

2014-06-27 10.26.25

Last Friday, we had our final assembly of the year. After Mr Foley recapped some of the very exciting things that have happened this year, he praised all the students for their hard work and school spirit. He spoke about the great support that students, staff and parents have given St Peter’s this year and how we can achieve great things when we work together as a team.

There were a number of awards to be handed out. We started with the tennis awards from the recent tournament in Shankill. Then, we handed out Bike Week prizes for the overall and class winners of the speed test and the slow race. Next were the medals for the Peter’s World Cup to the winning team, France, managed by Ms Flanagan and Ms Mitchell. The soccer tournament winners who competed in Wolfe Tone earlier in the year collected their medals next, followed by our successful basketball team. The after-school soccer tournament winners were up next – and huge thanks goes to Paddy, Ruth and Conor for running our after-school sports clubs. Each class runs with Paddy on their set day every week. The next set of awards went to the winners of the individual and team running competitions over the year.

The students in the school with perfect attendance were recognised next – lots of boys and girls were chatting afterwards about how they were aiming to win this next year so hopefully we’ll have a crowded stage at the end of 2015! After that, we presented awards to the winners of Mr Curran’s handwriting awards – Ameesh from 5th class won the Senior Handwriting Award and Lex from 3rd won the Junior Award. We were delighted to welcome Mr Curran back to judge the entries and to catch up on all the news! We also presented the award for the best player of the Student-Teacher soccer match to Ms Sugrue. Well done Ms Sugrue! We also held the draw for the prizes from #32in24

Our final award of the day was a brand new award, the Peter’s Pride Award. School spirit is a really important part of St Peter’s and this award recognises this in our students. We chose Luke McK from 5th class to receive this award as he has a fantastic attitude to school and is kind and helpful to everyone around him. He has left positive, encouraging comments on the blog this year, not just for his own class, but for students in all other classes. He is always cheerful and friendly, quick with a smile and a chat. He loves to help out and do jobs and we joke about him being the real Peter’s Post because he is always at the heart of every part of life in St Peter’s. It wasn’t an easy choice as there were so many strong candidates for the award, but Luke really deserves it and we were all very proud of him on Friday!

Finally, came the long-awaited announcement about the teachers for next year. Mr Foley began by thanking the teachers, who were finished up with us for now, but will hopefully return in the future. As we know, the school is expanding significantly next year and there will be a number of new teachers. For that reason, not all the class teachers could be announced last Friday. Ms Ní Chionnaith will be joining us in September to teach Junior Infants. Ms Byrne will be teaching 1st class and Ms Sexton will be teaching 2nd class. Mr Foley will be teaching 4th class after Ms Whyte returns from maternity leave and Ms Brennan will be teaching 6th class. We’re very excited to meet our new classes and our new staff in August.

With that, our final assembly drew to a close and Mr Foley wished us a very happy summer holiday. It’s been a very happy and successful year in St Peter’s and we’re all really looking forward to seeing what 2014/2015 brings us!

2 Jul


Last Wednesday, after the student-teacher soccer match, we said goodbye for now to our 6th class. Their teachers, Ms Whyte and Mr Staunton, spoke really highly of the boys and staff and parents were on hand to wish them all the best for the future. We were delighted to have Ms Hyland and Ms Whyte back from their maternity leave for the ceremony!

l (4)

Mr Staunton prepared a rap about the phases of the moon with the boys and they performed it brilliantly. Members of the staff were still humming it at breakfast the next morning so we’re really impressed that 6th managed to keep it as a surprise! There were many achievements to celebrate and one of the highlights of our graduation ceremony every year is the little speech that their teacher gives about each boy – it really celebrates them as individuals! This year was no exception and you can read a snippet of what Ms Whyte said about each child in the Storify of the Tweets below.

l (2)

The boys with full attendance for the year were presented with prizes – well done to Lester, Eduard and Sam. We also awarded our Student of the Year prize to Archie Farrell. He is always good-natured and kind with a sense of determination and a really fair nature. He was a really popular winner and we were all thrilled for him! There were a number of presentations at the ceremony – to Ms Whyte and Mr Staunton as the 6th class teachers, to Ms Hyland and Ms Flanagan for all their hard work with the class over the years and to Janet Whyte and Maureen Shortall for all their great work on the Parents Association.

l (1)

One of the most eagerly awaited sections of the graduation is always the unveiling of the mural. This year, as we weren’t sure where the building will affect, we had something extra special for the students. Each student was presented with a print of the design for the mural. As you can see, it was in the style of the Oscars selfie, with our Junior Spider awards featuring! Thanks to Greg for his amazing artwork – it really went down a storm!

l (5)

After the ceremony, the Parents Association prepared tea, coffee, sandwiches and treats for the families. Thanks to all involved for organising such a great evening!

l (3)

Scroll down to see the Animoto of photos from the night and two other Animotos of photos from the adventures of 6th class during the year – we wish them every success and happiness in their futures and they are always welcome in St Peter’s!

30 Jun

There was lots of excitement from early last Thursday morning as we prepared for our school tour! 61 students and 7 staff left St Peter’s at 9.30 am and headed for Fort Lucan. A fantastic time was had by all, as you can see from our Animoto and Vines below! The go-karting and water slides were very popular and there were some great games of chasing on the climbing frames and slides. As always, our classes mixed really well with each other and looked out for each other throughout the day. It was a brilliant way to finish off the term and everyone went home exhausted, but happy (and soaking wet in some cases!)


30 Jun

DigitalSchoolsLast week we had the great honour of welcoming the Minister of State in Department of Education to St. Peter’s. We had already met Minister Ciaran Cannon at the Excited Digital Learning Conference in Dublin Castle, and this meeting in our school was to celebrate the fact that we have been granted ‘Digital School of Distinction’ status!

Showing off our awards and work from this school year!

Showing off our awards and work from this school year!

This award was the icing on the cake of a brilliant year of digital learning in our school. Minister Cannon met with students from every class and we got a chance to walk him through some of the many things we do that make digital learning a key priority in our school.

Afterwards, Minister Cannon spoke to our school assembly and outlined the significance of our Digital Schools of Distinction Award. As the first school in Bray to achieve this award, and one of just a handful in Wicklow as a whole, it is a great honour. Minister Cannon reminded us of all of our achievements this year, including the two Eircom Junior Spider awards, the Creative Schools Award and having the honour of presenting at the Excited Digital Learning Conference in Dublin Castle in May. He also spoke of the impact of our use of social media and blogging as a positive educational tool.  Many thanks to Minister Cannon for his generous presentation and also to Neil, the Digital School Judge who joined us on the day. We’re delighted with this latest, great honour for our school and look forward to building on our great success next year!

Later in the evening, Minister Cannon tweeted lovely words of support to his many followers on Twitter!

Minister Cannon speaking in the library

Minister Cannon speaking in the library

Receiving the award from Minister Cannon

Receiving the award from Minister Cannon

Meeting the Minister

Meeting the Minister

Our stop motion video scenes!

Our stop motion video scenes!

30 Jun

As is tradition, the St. Peter’s 6th Class played the Staff in the annual end of year game. While we won’t get into the gritty details (we’re all friends here!), the Staff did manage to sneak in a win. As always, it was a brilliant afternoon! Here are the teams!

The Staff!

The Staff!

6th Class

6th Class

The teachers were very discreet, low key winners! Till next year…!

25 Jun


This year, we’ve covered a variety of topics as part of our weekly ‘Wednesday for Parents’ articles. As this is the last ‘Wednesday for Parents’ before the Summer, we decided to provide a round-up of all the topics we’ve covered this year, minus the seasonal ones about midterm activities etc that mightn’t be as useful! Thanks for all your comments and suggestions this year – if there’s anything you’d like us to cover in the new school year, let us know!

23 Jun


Last Friday week, 2nd Class had the huge honour of Skyping 2nd Class from St. Mary’s Convent Primary School in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

This class had interviewed the famous astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield just that week, and so the class had many questions to ask them about what Chris Hadfield had said about his time in Space on the ISS!

We were also lucky enough to be joined by a twitter friend that day. Anne McMorrough is a lecturer in MIE (where Ms. B studied to become a teacher) and wanted to meet the class to talk about creativity in the classroom. We had just met Anne at the Excited Digital Learning Conference and so it was a huge thrill to have her in St. Peter’s! Anne had a great time with us and we were very proud to show her our work!

We tweeted all about our Skype!

Commander Chris Hadfield in Space!

Commander Chris Hadfield in Space!

2nd Class asked the class in Nenagh the following questions:

1. What was it like speaking to Commander Hadfield?

2. Can you tell us what he had to say about Ireland?

3. Can you tell us some of the questions you asked him?

4. How did you get in contact with him?

5. Did he sing or speak any Gaeilge during the Skype?

6. Did he give you any advice on how to become an astronaut?

7. Did he play any music for you?

8. What do you know about Space now that you didn’t know two weeks ago?

9. Did he have any funny stories about life in space?

10. What will you remember most about your Skype with Commander Hadfield?

The skype was fantastic fun, the girls in Nenagh were SO knowledgeable about Space and Commander Hadfield’s life!

It was a brilliant morning. Thanks to Ms. Lynch’s class for taking our call and answering our questions. We hope to chat again soon, in the new school year!


23 Jun

We had another brilliant Bike Day the week before last. Paddy organised the different tracks and routes to follow, and as per usual there was a fast race and a slow race. It challenged us to use our bicycles in a different way, and we had a big focus on bike and road safety.

The winners of the trials were:

The ‘slow’ race:

1. Archie Farrell

The Fast Race:

1. Dylan Kane (closely followed by Dylan Mason!)

Have a look at some of 2nd Class on the routes.

This was the slow race!

This is the fast race in action!

We just LOVE Bike Day and can’t wait for Bike Day 2015!