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7 Mar

Welcome to this months addition of All Star Attenders.


So far our winners have been;
September: Ms. Fry’s 2nd Class (Trip to a show in the Mermaid Arts Theatre)
October: Ms. Shimmin’s 3rd Class (Home Cinema Experience)
November: Ms Keating’s 4th Class (Home Cinema Experience)

December: Ms. Shimmin’s 3rd Class (Trip to the Mermaid Arts Theatre)

January: Ms. Keating’s 4th Class (Trip to the Mermaid Arts Theatre)
This winning class for best attendance in February is Ms. Keating’s 4th Class. This is the third time this year that 4th Class have been the best class for attendance and have won a crepe making class for their class.
Check back each month to see who has won the class prize for best attendance and check if your name has made the All Star Attenders List.
Well done to 4th Class and to the following “All Star Attenders” from each class for February;

Junior Infants
Grace Carton
Abbie Coen Troy
Jasmin Coogan Moorehouse
Izabel Devics
Oliver Duraj
Noah Johnston
Kayah Keating
Oskar Matysiak
Max Murray
Louis Murray-Coyle

Senior Infants
Daniel Byrne
Kristana Anna Daniel
Chloe Farrell
Tobias Farrell
Lauren McCann
Cian McDermott
Liam McGrath
Lauren O’Brien
Sophie O’Connor
Cian Petty


1st Class
Carla Cheevers
Liam Mullen
Kyra O’Shaughnessy
Haylie Treacy
Ned Wall


2nd Class
Karl Ashe
Craig Hipwell
Alec Kealy
Dylan Lawless
Liam Mason
Ruairi McFarland Bolger
Naoise Sweeney McMaster


3rd Class
Tristan Byrne
Emanuel Carabaich
Madeleine Farrell
Jerry Wall


4th Class
Caoilynn Ashe
Dominik Bessler
Kayden Clucas
Casey Crinnion
Caithlin Farrell
Jamie Hipwell
Shannon Hipwell
Rowan McFarland Bolger
Kelsey O’Callaghan
Amber O’Sullivan O’Carroll
Codie Sweeney Kearney
Dean Thomas


5th Class
Aoife Dolan
Kian Farrell
Lex Farrell
Dylan Hempenstall
Leanne Kealy
Christopher Mullen
Finn O’Neill
Lauren Cheevers
Patrick Braganciuc
Stephen Brien


6th Class
Alex Coffey
Luke Connolly
Hannah Cowap
Jordan Farrell
Jack Jin
Mason Kelly
Tommy Lang
Dylan Mason
Alan Moran
Alannah O’Brien
Calvin O’Callaghan
Ava Kate Treacy

5 Mar

Recently, we celebrated the 100th day of the school year in St. Peter’s and we had lots of events to mark the day! We are all 100 days smarter, but what would we look like if we were 100 YEARS smarter? We used an app to age some of our classes to find out!

seniorinfants1 seniorinfants2

Click ‘read more’ to see the rest of the photos! (more…)

28 Feb

table of the week

The red table won table of the week. They won table of the week because they have been working hard, keeping their table tidy, being kind to others and working as a team.

25 Feb

juniors 2

These two girls won star of the week this week! They won because they have been kind to others in school and always try their best.


21 Feb

Second Class learned a lovely Roald Dahl poem and enjoyed getting to perform it for senior infants!

11 Feb

Heidi star jar

Congratulations to this great girl on her full star jar! She got all her stars for being so well behaved in class, working hard and being kind to others! Well done!

9 Feb

Phew! What a busy few weeks in 6th Class!

We’ve been rapping in Maths….

We’ve been getting our code on!

We have started our life skills classes… first up? How to tie a tie!

We have developed our ohBot project from the RDS Primary Science Fair!

We’ve been working hard with Clay and Frida in our Bray Drugs Awareness course.

We had a really informative session with the Road Safety Authority.

We celebrated Safer Internet Day 2016.

We shared some resources too…

As per usual, our interactive whiteboard is working overtime!

Our 1916 projects are going really, really well.

Jack B was in the paper!

We’ve been chatting about the election, and why it should matter to us.

Rang 6 ceiliúradh an tús an earraigh le crosa Bríde!

We had out entrance exams too…

Ben made an animoto video!

Busy, busy, busy!

9 Feb

January-Clipart-Free-11The New Year got off to a flying start in St. Peter’s Primary School! Festina Lente came to visit with beautiful miniature horses. The junior classes were allowed to pet them and they asked lots of questions on how to look after them. The new Board of Management met in early January and discussed all of the important issues relating to the school. Sixth class took part in the Primary Science Fair which runs in conjunction with the BT Young Scientist. They created and programmed a talking robot called OBOT. They had a great time in the RDS and really impressed all of the visitors to their stand. Mr. Foley’s class visited the newly re-furbished Lexicon library in Dun Laoghaire. They studied bus routes and timetabling in Maths prior to the trip. Students from fourth and sixth were up early on Saturday, the 30th of January. They met at the school at 6:30am and headed off to Galway to compete in First Lego League. Their team called ‘Smash the Trash’ came 12th out of 26 primary and secondary school teams. In addition to that, they brought home an ‘Against all Odds’ award. It was a tremendous achievement and we followed them on twitter and on a live stream all day. We celebrated ‘100 days of learning’ on the 29th of January where all of the students took part in music, dance, art and sporting activities. Students with excellent attendance were given an extra reward. I attended the Principals’ conference at the end of January and came back full of ideas. The new build is starting to take shape and we are all looking forward to getting new classrooms and offices. The main corridor normally looks quite bare in January when all of the lights and Christmas decorations have been taken down. Fifth class have been very busy over the past few weeks during their lunchtime art club, where they took the theme of ‘Under the Sea’. We now have beautiful sea creatures dangling from the ceiling all along the corridor. All in all it was a great month. Thank you so much to all of the students, parents and staff for their hard work and commitment. I look forward to seeing what February has in store for us all!

Emer Whyte


9 Feb

Today is Safer Internet Day!

Here in St Peter’s, we’re very conscious of Internet Safety. While it’s important to have general rules to prevent cyberbullying and to protect ourselves online, it’s even more important to develop skills and attitudes to help us to respond to any situation.

On the blog, we’ve covered Internet Safety for ‘Wednesday for Parents’ twice. This is an idea of what we recommend! This post was the first ‘Wednesday for Parents’ of 2014 and suggested Digital Resolutions to improve Internet Safety for families.
Today, to mark Safer Internet Day, some of the younger classes watched videos to teach us about Internet Safety. Older classes watched the coverage of Safer Internet Day on news2day here.

6th Class also explored Webwise, particularly these lessons from the ‘My Selfie’ resources to help us learn about internet safety.

We tweeted out tips for Safer Internet Day!

We also now all know the Safer Internet Day Rap, ‘Cause I Like it!’ Watch it here!

Anti-Cyber Bullying Rap – I Like It [Official Music Video] from PDST Technology in Education on Vimeo.

4 Feb

Hi Everyone,

When we came back in January after our Christmas holidays we began learning all about the weather because of all of the flooding that occurred over the Christmas.  We learnt all about the different types of weather that occur in different countries.  We compared the climates of Norway and Egypt.  We then made our very own windsocks to tell us which direction the wind was blowing.  We made our own relief prints on our windsocks and they look beautiful hanging in our classroom


We have also been learning all about the Vikings and we have had lots of fun researching different topics about them such as; settlements, ships and where they came from.







We were also really busy getting ready for the Wicklow Schools GAA Championships which were held in Loughlinstown.  Many thanks to Paddy for all of the training sessions beforehand and to Ms. Olson for coming with us on the day.  We had a great time and played matches against lots of other schools.





We also had a fun art lesson with some people from 6th class.  We used marbling inks to create cool out of the window art.  We also finished off our clay pots too!



In maths we have been learning how to multiply, divide and all about decimals. We have also made huge improvements in our daily scores which is GREAT!

That’s all for now,

3rd class 😀