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4 Oct

 Welcome back to another year and to our monthly All Star Attenders’ Post. For those of you who are new, each month we make an effort to recognise all those students who have had 100 % attendance for the month. Each student with perfect attendance is given a certificate along with all students who fully completed homework. Those who have full attendance and full homework for the month are also rewarded with a prize such as homework off.

We also run a class competition and the class with the best attendance for the month wins a prize. Some of the prizes last year included trips to The Mermaid Arts Theatre to see a show, Cinema Experience in the Classroom, Ice-cream and Smoothie making lessons and more.

The winning class this month with best overall attendance is Junior Infants. Well done to Ms. Farren’s class. Check back next month to see Junior Infants enjoying their prize.

Let’s not forget all the boys and girls from other classes who did brilliantly. Check out the list below for all students who had full attendance for the month of September. 


Kyle Breen
Jonathon Carabaich
Robyn Cheevers
Fia Clucas Keogh
Oisin Clucas
Samuel Daniel
Anthony  Delaney
Jake Fitzpatrick
Kaiden Hipwell Millichip
Garylee Locke
Leon McAuliffe
Reece Mulhall
Ella Jayne O’Sullivan O’Carroll
Amber Plunkett Power
Tyler Sweeney Kearney
Agata Wnuk
Grace Carton
Aaron Chumakson
Joey Chumakson
Taylor Coakley
Jasmin Coogan Moorhouse
Poppy Cunnane
Izabel Devics
Ben Douglas
Oliver Duraj
Lauren Hipwell
Noah Johnston
Oskar Matysiak
Max Murray
Louis Murray-Coyle
Zuzanna Siakala
Cillian Wheeler Aquilera


Carl Barry
Luke Cahill
Jake Clucas Murphy
Kristana  Daniel
Chloe Farrell
Tobias Farrell
Chloe Fitzpatrick
Kurina Mason
Lauren McCann
Cian McDermott
Lauren O’Brien
Sophie O’Connor
Cian Petty
Aysha Simpson Murray
Elif Standage
Ellie Byrne
Damiano Carabaich
Carla Cheevers
Kyra O’Shaughnessy
Brooke Sweeney Kearney

Haylie Treacy

Oisin Troy
Ned Wall
Josh Coen Troy
Jamie Cowap
Thomas Fitzpatrick
Brian Grefaldeo
Craig Hipwell
Dylan Lawless
Liam Mason
Ruairi McFarland Bolger
Kian Mulhall
Summer Murphy
Jack Roche
Adem Standage
Ava Byrne
Tristan Byrne
Tadhg Cahill
Emanuel Carabaich

Patrick Hanley Canavan

Lana Douglas
Nathan Douglas
Madeleine Farrell
Barry Murphy
Jerry Wall


30 Sep


Hard to believe that we’re at the end of our first month in Senior Infants – lots of exciting things planned for October already!

This week, our butterflies all emerged and we set them free on Thursday.


It was really interesting to watch the tiny caterpillars eat and grow into not-so-tiny caterpillars. They then turned into chrysalises and then emerged as butterflies.

This was our first week in the Homes theme of Aistear. It was also our first week of the Conversation Station – which led to amazing creations in our PlayDoh station.


Can you see the multi-coloured hammers?


Small World fun!


Busy construction and sociodramatic stations!


Washers, bolts and nails at the PlayDoh station!


A PlayDoh steamroller!

This week we started our work on colour in Art. We learned about Mondrian and about primary colours. We then created artwork based on Mondrian’s work.

2016-09-30-20-59-15 2016-09-30-20-58-33 2016-09-30-12-08-01

This week, we had our parents’ meeting and we signed our parents up for Class Dojo – if you missed the parent code, let Ms Sexton know and she can reissue it for you.

We’re working on our agility and athletics in PE at the moment. Look at the fun we had this week!



We also continued with our stations in literacy and numeracy and started learning the doh-re-mi song in Music. We’ve had an excellent September and we’re really looking forward to all that October will bring!


Some of our recent sorting work!

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24 Sep


We’ve had a very busy week in Senior Infants!

This week, we started morning stations – Ms Halligan worked on blending with us, Ms Sexton worked on our reading, another station worked on handwriting and the fourth station had some DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time and worked on their free writing.


We love using our whiteboards for free writing!

Ms Ní Chionnaith helps our class during our Ready Set Go Maths stations. This week, we worked on patterns with different sets. Some groups worked with beads and threading, creating patterns with size, shape and colour. Other groups worked with the dinosaurs, sorting by type of dinosaur, by colour and by size. We had lots of excellent discussions about our pattern work in our small groups.


Can you spot the pattern we made?


Pattern work with beads in Ready Set Go Maths this week.


Lots of excellent pattern during Ready Set Go Maths time!

Our nursery rhyme this week was ‘Three Blind Mice’ – we found the middle section very fast when we were learning to sing it – it’s a bit of a tongue twister.


Playdoh birthday cake complete with candles!

This week, we finished our Food theme in Aistear. We used our string telephones from last week’s Science work for Small World play and we used them to ring in our orders to the pizza delivery. Lauren made very spicy pizzas in Small World this week and we had to find good drinks to help us when we eat something too spicy. We decided that all orders from Lauren should come with a free litre of milk!


Liz makes amazing sugarpaste roses and she taught us how to make them with playdoh for our cakes – we had so much fun!


Lots of great work in Aistear this week – check out our PlayDoh pizza!

Next week, we start our new theme – Homes. Our Aistear socio-dramatic station will be the building site. We walked around the school to help us to make a list of the things we need to include in our building site station. We studied the different signs that help to keep the builders safe and we made our own versions. We’re really looking forward to our new theme!

Finally, there was great excitement when two of our butterflies emerged from their cocoons. One of them even made an appearance during class – we were very lucky to see it happen! We hope we have two more butterflies by Monday morning.


Shortly after our butterfly made an appearance!

One of our butterflies with the wings outstretched!

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21 Sep


Today is an International Day of Peace. We celebrated in Junior Infants by creating beautiful hearts to spread the love on this very special day.

We used our very best crayon grip and colouring skills in designing our hearts. The whole class were very excited to use scissors for the first time to cut them out!

We decided that to honour this special day, we would be very mindful of being kind to each other.

Lots of love,

Junior Infants ❤


20 Sep

Good afternoon! Here is an update from 5th Class! We’ve been busy.

We are now older and doing lots of jobs in school.

We’ve had a couple of wonderful Students of the Week!

We’re also doing wonderful art projects!

We are working towards different rewards in school.

And we’re getting our heart rates pumping with Go Noodle!

Our Maths work is very important to us!

We are doing a lot of work on our spoken English work.

We’re reading The Witches by Roald Dahl too, it’s so great!

Music is great fun, we’re doing some lovely work on classical music.

Our Science and STEM activities include a lot of make and do work!

We’ve had birthdays…

We’ve done lovely artwork, bringing together our History and Art subjects!

Have you heard us play recorder yet? We love it!

We have new puppet pals this year, they live in the reading area! Our friend Frank owns them and is letting us borrow them. We love them all!

We had a lovely time celebrating Roald Dahl Day!

We recorded a podcast!

We have a cool attendance league!

Our Drama activities are always great fun!

GAA Training with Willie is always a highlight of the week!

Our IWB is one of our favourite things in our room!

This is how we solve problems!

We have started our FAB (Film and Book) Club in 5th Class too!

We worked on our comprehension strategies too!

Ms. Mooney has joined us and will be working with us for four weeks!

We’re all working hard on our expression when reading!

We’ve been busy! We love being back in school.

17 Sep

In June, our famous Lego film director and producer Tommy Lang graduated from 6th Class. He’s off to secondary school and already doing great things, calling in to update us on his news.

He has kindly shared one final video with us so that we can share it with everyone on the blog. Anyone who has ever been frustrated by the outcome of their NCT will enjoy it! We are so proud of you Tommy, and thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity with us through the years. You are a credit to you and your family and we can’t wait to welcome you back to school in June when you deliver a masterclass on film making to our 5th Class students!

So here, it is! Enjoy ‘The Car Shop’.

The Car Shop from St Peter's, Bray on Vimeo.

16 Sep

This week, in Senior Infants, we’ve continued our unit on ‘food’. Our favourite part of the day continues to be Aistear and every day, there’s an improvement in imagination and creativity! The stages of Aistear are ‘Plan, Play, Review’ and we’ve become very good already at sharing our ideas with each other. To help us, we’ve started using Aistear copies to reflect on our learning.

2016-09-12 13.59.37

Look at our drawings and labels in our Aistear copies!

This week, our stations were Socio-dramatic (the kitchen), Sand, Construction and Small World. This week, the Socio-dramatic area changed from a coffee shop to a restaurant. Some of our new vocabulary included:

  • specials
  • courses
  • order
  • recommend
  • bill
  • change
  • tip
  • Madam
  • Sir
2016-09-14 11.39.28

Look at how beautifully laid this restaurant table is for our special customers!

2016-09-12 11.50.57

Too many orders in the restaurant so the lid of a Celebrations box became our tray!

2016-09-12 14.23.40

The sand station on Monday made popcorn with lots of different flavours and then when they sold out, they became a bakery and decorated cakes!

2016-09-12 11.57.42

The construction station on Tuesday built a restaurant and made an outside dining area. They were worried about it raining on the customers so they made umbrellas!

2016-09-13 11.51.36

The construction station on Wednesday spent a lot of time working together to build a skyscraper hotel! This group had lots of fun rebuilding when certain stories fell down and changed their design along the way to make it stronger.

The real star of this week’s Aistear though was the Small World station. Our amazing Liz built a Small World pizza station with pizza paddle, lots of toppings including grated cheese and a beautiful pizza oven with labels. The class got so much fun and learning out of playing with the Small World station this week. Thank you so much Liz!

2016-09-12 11.52.49

2016-09-12 11.56.31

The class have requested to keep the Small World station next week as a takeaway as, during the week, the Small World Pizza Shop started supplying the restaurant with pizzas and they’re ready to expand their business! Noah found a toy phone for us to take the orders but we had to consider how we were going to phone in the orders. As part of our STEM work, we made string telephones. Our big question was ‘What material makes the best string telephone?’ We did a lot of preparation work this week on observations and fair testing and next week we’re going to test them out properly.

2016-09-16 13.56.31

In other news this week…

  • We’ve been working really hard on our Gaeilge. We try to speak it as much as possible in the classroom and in the corridor. Well done to Heidi and Brooke, who have been leading the way, saying ‘Go raibh maith agat’ and ‘Maith thú’ to the people who hold the doors open for us. Also, a big thank you to Aoife from 6th, who helps us with our cómhrá every morning. We sang ‘Lá breithlá shona dhuit’ to her on her birthday (and Grace’s) this week!
  • We’ve been working hard to revise our Jolly Phonics – particularly our Tricky Words and our blending.
  • On Friday, we did Music. Ms Byrne came in to help us and we really enjoyed it. We learned to sing the scale and we played with the bells and the chime bars. Ben has requested the drums for the next time and Kayah is really looking forward to playing the triangle!
  • Michelle came in with forms for the Busy Bees after-school club – it will take place on Wednesdays.
  • And finally, four of our very hungry caterpillars are now in their cocoons and we’re waiting for them to become butterflies. Ms Sexton moved them over into their bigger space and we got to see the chrysalides up close. They tremble when they think that there’s a predator around – it was very exciting to watch. We can’t wait to see them as butterflies!

2016-09-12 15.15.38

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9 Sep


A HUGE congratulations to Ella and Amber – the girls were our very first trophy winners having received the most points in the class this week.

Ella and Amber were STARS this week – they put their hand up when they needed to ask a question, they were kind to others in the class and worked well as a part of their table teams. They also sang along to our new Irish and class songs and walked so well in their line. Finally, the girls took such good care with all their work. They coloured inside the lines and did their very best to join the dots and continue their patterns on their handouts.

Well done girls! You did a fantastic job!

7 Sep

2016-09-01 12.28.35

This September, Senior Infants have been learning all about food through Aistear. Every day, we take a different station to work on. We plan our play and then we review it afterwards.

We’re working very hard to improve our listening skills by looking at the person who is talking and summarising what they say.

Last week, our stations were Construction, Socio-dramatic area (The Coffee Shop), Sand and Art.

2016-09-07 16.06.57

This week, our stations are Socio-dramatic area (The Coffee Shop), Play Doh, ICT and Small World (The Ice-cream shop). We also have a writing station that anyone can using during our Aistear time.

2016-09-01 11.45.28

This week, we’ve started using Aistear copies to help us to reflect on our Aistear activities.

Some of our play copy samples

Some of our play copy samples

Our Small World ice-cream station - what would you order on your ice-cream?

Our Small World ice-cream station – what would you order on your ice-cream?

Our scouring pad for our kitchen sink also makes a great bubbly milkshake!

We love changing our stations every day

2016-09-06 16.10.25

This is our display. Every day we use it to plan our activities.

2016-09-07 16.05.41

Aistear encourages us to be really creative!

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31 Aug

Hi everyone! Welcome back to school! We’re so happy to be back, and we’re getting to know our new room and exciting new school building. What a super time to be a student in St. Peter’s!

Here is the first of many updates from 5th Class over what will be a very busy year.

We’ve been busy tweeting already!

We’re in Ms. Brennan’s class again, just like many of us were in 2nd Class. Now our class is bigger and better than ever before! Here is the picture of us back from the Bray People back in 2013 when we were the first ever class to take in girls. We’re history makers!

We’re back at work in class, learning lots and getting our thinking hats on.

We’ve started a brand new unit of work on the counties and provinces of Ireland.

And we’ve been sharing summer stories. We brought in things that told a story about our summer break!

We’ve made our classroom rules and we have them to look at on our class Prezi account.

We’ve been creative too, drawing amazing chalk art in the yard and interacting with them!

We’ve had perfect attendance since we came back too. We’re starting as we mean to go on! Here is our class picture!

That’s it for now, three days in and it’s like we were never away! Here’s to a brilliant year!