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30 Jan

Maith sibh go léir ag déanamh sár – iarracht le do chuid frásaí Gaeilge an tseachtain seo!

Is é frása na seachtaine inniu…

23 Jan

Before Christmas, 5th class were working to create a gingerbread house! We had to think about lots of different things before we built our houses. How big were the biscuits? How would we stick the together? What would be the best way to design our house?

After planning, we began to work on engineering our designs to create a stable home for the gingerbread man that would stand on it’s own.

23 Jan

Táimid fós ag foghlaim faoin aimsir an tseachtain seo agus táimid chun díriú ar fhrásaí a bhaineann le an ghaoth.

Is é frása na seachtaine inniu…

Tá se gaofar!

An seachtain seo chugainn, ba bhreá linn cuid de do frásaí a fheiceáil ar taispeáint anseo.

Bheadh sé go hiontach dá bhféadfá cuid de na frásaí a scríobh síos agus iad a mhaisiú nó pictiúr a tharraingt chun a gciall a thaispeáint! Mar shampla…

16 Jan

4th class are learning all about Greece and we discovered that Greece was where the first Olympic Games was held. As a Stem challenge we decided to make our favourite Olympic Games and sports into table top challenges.

Each group picked a sport and began designing and creating ways they could make that into a table top game. We were delighted with our results and loved giving 3rd class a chance to play!
Take a look at our homemade Olympic Games:

16 Jan

Cén sórt aimsir atá ann inniu?

Is é frása na seachtaine…

9 Jan

Seo an frása den tseachtain againn…

6 Jan

If you’re looking for the answer, Fourth Class can tell you!

First, it is important to choose a lever and a fulcrum. We used a ruler (lever) and a pencil (fulcrum). In order to balance it we found its centre of gravity. We then tried balancing the lever using coins on either side. We found out that two of the same coins must be at the same distance on each end of the ruler in order for the lever to balance.

Take a look at our results:

20 Dec

With all the excitement of Christmas we thought we would do a festive experiment. Our questions –Which liquid will cause our candy cane to disappear the fastest?

To conduct our experiment, we needed: 4 glasses, 4 candy canes, vinegar, warm water, milk and cold water.

We labelled our 4 clear glasses and then filled them with warm water, cold water, milk and vinegar making sure to put the same amount of liquid in each glass.

Then, we made predictions. The vast majority thought the warm water would melt the candy cane the quickest!

We put one candy cane in each cup and watched to see what would happen.

Within 2 minutes all three candy canes were starting to turn the liquids pink or red. It was definitely magic!

We observed the four glasses and compared the reactions. After break, we had our results and we could determine if our predictions were correct or not.

The cup with the warm water was the fastest liquid to make the candy cane dissolve.

The vinegar cup was the first liquid to remove all the red from the candy cane.

The cold water and milk removed the colour and disappeared but more slowly than other two liquids.

Next, we recorded our observations and results. We learned lots of new vocabulary words such as dissolve, prediction, result.

Even more interestingly and in the interest of science we discovered later that the quickest way to make a candy cane disappear was to eat it!!!

19 Dec

Fáilte ar ais chuig Frása na Seachtaine!

Táimid ag baint taitneamh as foghlaim faoin Nollaig!

Nollaig Shona duit!

Anois, is é frása na seachtaine seo:

Tá go leor rudaí ar mhaith leat a rá, b’fhéidir…

Ba mhaith liom leabhar nua.

Ba mhaith liom cluiche ríomhaire.

Ba mhaith liom cluiche cláir.

Ba mhaith liom liathróid peil.

Cad eile ar féidir leat smaoineamh air?

12 Dec

Fáilte ar ais chuig Frása na Seachtaine!

An mhí seo, tá an – áthas orainn a bheith ag súil go mór leis an Nollaig!

Beimid ag foghlaim go leor frásaí agus focail nua ach tosaímid leis an gceann is mó a bheidh á úsáid againn…