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8 Jan

Lauren in Junior Infants did great work tracing over her letters with her pencil today. She even wrote her name herself! Keep it up Lauren!

Wow Lauren!

Wow Lauren!

8 Jan
Well done MIchael!

Well done Michael!

Michael in Junior Infants made a car park with lego today. It even had space for a helicopter! Well done Michael, so imaginative!

lego car park

A very well planned car park!


7 Jan

We are very excited to be doing drama this month in third class. We are scriptwriters and enjoying creating our own dialogues – the dramatics of it all. Today was our very first day making up our own short plays. We performed them for each other in our groups AND, just like in Hollywood, we performed a few takes!

“Show me your very best freeze frame… And, Action” – Miss Farren

Have a look at our very best freeze frame!

Drama Third Class

7 Jan
Daniel, A.J. and Carl know all their sounds!


Well done to some of the Junior Infant boys who know know all their 42 Jolly Phonics sounds! Their blending of 3 letter words is coming along quite nicely also!

6 Jan

6th Class were really proud to present their class sketch before the Christmas performance of Jack and the Beanstalk.

We spent many weeks plotting and planning a funny sketch, and we wrote the whole play ourselves! We wanted to include some funny in-jokes from our time in 6th Class so far (here’s why we put in a reference to the Budget!) and we also wanted to include some funny characters and well-known figures!

Have a listen to the play, we hope you enjoyed it! We loved every second of planning, writing and performing it.

With such characters, how could it be any more entertaining?!

5 Jan

On December 17th, the students of St. Peter’s continued a now annual tradition of performing a Roald Dahl Revolting Rhyme musical. Having performed The Three Pigs, Cinderella, Snow White and Goldilocks in the past few years, it was now time for Jack and the Beanstalk.

3rd to 6th Class treated us to an amazing evening’s entertainment. We performed the show twice to packed audiences and we got a great reaction! Well done to everyone for their superb effort. We hope you enjoy looking back on the evening through our blogpost below!

Snaps from the side of the stage!

Highlights from the show!

Jack’s mother was fed up with him!

All the fun at the local market.. poor Daisy was for sale!

Everything was…going…going…going…going…GONE!
Jack met a fellow called the Beanseller!

Jack sold old Daisy for a BEAN!
Here comes Red Riding Hood, a cheeky miss!

Jack went home to fill his Mam in on his trade!
She was NOT happy!

Jack was kicked out to the garden!
While he slept, the beanstalk grew!

Great worth lay at the top of the beanstalk!
However, there was great danger there too!

Jack ran back down the beanstalk to fill in his Mam!
Those giants had GREAT BIG HONKERS!

5 Jan

6th Class embraced the festive spirit in December and planned a Secret Santa in class. The gifts were thoughtful, personalised, homemade and delivered with the best of fun, laughter and friendship. What more could you want? We also had a lovely lunch of ‘Christmas sandwiches’ – delicious! What a lovely way to finish off a term with so many great highlights. Just do a search for ‘6th Class’ above to catch up with everything we’ve been getting up to!

Well done guys! Have a luck at some of our snaps from the Christmas half day!

5 Jan

2014-12-20 11.17.58-1

This December, 2nd class were busier than Santa’s elves making and sewing Christmas decorations for their families. They made Christmas logs, sewed Christmas decorations and stockings. Some of us even used our Christmas logs in the middle of the table during Christmas dinner. Check out our Animoto of all our decorations on the last day before the holidays.

9 Dec

We got a special Tweet from Buzz!

Your wish is our command, Buzz! We made a podcast about our book recommendations for Páidí and we even sang a song or two!


Check out our Animoto below to see us reading to Páidí too!


9 Dec

On November 27th, 6th Class visited Leinster House as the final part of our #budget15 project.

As you all know, earlier in the school year 6th Class presented local Junior Minister Simon Harris with a budget we had prepared. We divided up into ministerial roles and the department of finance ‘officials’ in class set to work to prepare a document suitable to present to Minister Harris. After weeks of work, when our project was done, Minister Harris came into our class and we presented him with out work. He really liked it!

To reward us for our work, Minister Harris invited us into Leinster House to see Dáil and Seanad Éireann at work! It was an amazing day. Check out our tweets!

We visited Trinity College in the morning, and we also went on a walking tour of Dublin!

Here we are outside Leinster House!

We couldn’t take many pictures, as we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the building. Here is a great picture of Melanie, Sharon and Audrey who came with us! Thanks to them for giving up their day to help Ms. Brennan to mind us.

It was amazing to see the Dáil and Seanad at work. We also loved seeing the inside of Leinster House and we heard all about it’s fascinating history.

It was a really great day. Thanks again to Minister Simon Harris for the invitation! The day was definitely a highlight of the year so far, and 6th Class deserve great credit for how well they behaved and represented St. Peter’s on the day out.

Here’s to our next big project!