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20 Dec

Welcome to the St. Peter’s Christmas Play 2021! This year, our classes have been really busy putting together fantastic videos of the students singing, dancing and acting for you. We really hope you enjoy the show!  

30 Apr

This week was fantastic! We explored lots of different ways to take care of our bodies and our mind. We did some fabulous activities too and had lots of fun! This is our Calm Corner in 2nd Class. Check-In Zone Every day we checked in to our feelings ‘Zone’. This was a great way to think about our feelings and emotions. Music & Mindfulness We did lots of lovely Mindful Art. We learned that doing simple colouring and drawing is a great way to relax our minds. We really enjoyed playing the drums with Drum Nature. Sports Day 🏀 We had such fun with... 

19 Apr

Rubber Band Racer We spent some time studying renewable energy and different types of renewable materials. Making this rubber band racer was a STEM activity we did to explore the different ways to create energy and movement. We had to carefully insert the chassis pieces into the cardboard box to make the rubber band racing car balanced. Working together in the groups we fitted both wooden pieces before putting on the wheels. It was quite tricky adding in the rubber bands during this step but with a little help we managed to get it in. The Race! At the end of the lesson... 

21 Dec

Welcome everyone to the St Peter’s Christmas Play 2020! As you may know, there has been great excitement in the school over the last week or so as our classes have prepared their Christmas plays for you! In a year like no other, we’ve put together a show that you won’t forget – so sit back and enjoy! The video below shows all of the videos, but if you would like to be able to skip to your child’s class play, you can use the links under the video to find it. Junior Infants Senior Infants 1st class 2nd class 3rd class 4th class 5th... 

7 Dec

Junior Infants Winner- Rosabel Farrell Senior Infants Winner- Layla Cahill 1st Class Winner- Zara Butler 2nd Class Winner- Lucy Byrne 3rd Class Winner- Kyle Breen 4th Class Winner- Jasmin Coogan Moorhouse 5th Class Winner- Elif Standage 6th Class Winner- Callum Ryan Ms. Kane’s Class- Poppy Cunnane Creativity Award- Jody Fitzpatrick  

7 Dec


14 Nov

We kicked off Science week in 2nd class by diving into the theme of ‘Space and Planets’! We learned all about the different planets, the ISS and rockets. STEAM: We decided to get creative and make our very own planets! We researched planets, painted them, gave them names and constructed the posters! We wrote and presented to the class what it would be like to live on these planets! STEM Challenge: Launching an Asteroid Our first challenge was to create a catapult which would allow us to launch our “asteroids”. We had a competition to see whose asteroid travelled the... 

22 Oct

STEM Flying ‘Ghosts’ We learned all about electricity this week – especially static electricity. We created our own static electricity by rubbing balloons on our hair and jumpers making them stick to the walls and windows. We made some of our ‘ghosts’ fly using the static from our balloons! Pumpkin Painting We had great fun painting pumpkins as a group – deciding on characters together, painting and drawing their faces! We will raffle off Olaf, the Ninja Turtle and Scarecrow tomorrow and kids can take them home for their Mid-Term! Pumpkin... 

23 Sep

To celebrate European week of sport, all classes took part in a sporting challenge. Below are some of the photos from the Junior Infants challenge.  

16 Sep

2nd class were so excited to return to school! they have created some fantastic art work by drawing self-portraits, designing their own masks and writing about their goals for this year! 2nd really enjoyed practising their cursive handwriting using whiteboards, writing with pencil and markers! We created symmetrical names which turned out to be our very own name monsters. We also are trying to enjoy the September sunshine by getting outside for our SESE! Working in pairs we had to search for things in our yard that stimulated our senses.