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18 Nov

This week in school, we celebrated science week. The theme we were looking at was ‘HUMAN?’. We have been learning about the respiratory system and exploring how our lungs work and help us to breathe.

We made a model lung using balloons, plastic bottles and plastic bags. The bottle acted as our rib cage, the balloon was our lung and the bag worked as our diaphragm.

Take a look at our lungs!

Our model lungs

We also looked at how humans have worked to make advances in medicine and helping humans. We created our own version of a bionic hand. We looked at how bones, tendons and muscles make up the human hand and how they work to allow us to move out hands. Take a look at our bionic hand!

Finally, we did some research of our own. We researched famous scientists and wrote about them to end our science week. Well done 5th class on your excellent work!

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