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29 Sep

In 4th Class for Maths this month we have been learning about Time. We made a life size clock to help our understanding of time on an analogue clock! In Art we drew self – portraits with a twist this year as we designed our own masks! This week we had our long-awaited Bike Day! We took part in activities out in the yard and talked about bike safety. Thanks to Paddy for organising!  

23 Sep

To celebrate European week of sport, all classes took part in a sporting challenge. Below are some of the photos from the Junior Infants challenge.  

11 May

This week 3rd class took on the tricky STEM challenge of building their own bridge! They had to research bridges and then design one based on their research. They could use any materials they wanted but the bridge must have been strong enough to hold a food can. Once they had their ideas down on paper, they began the hard (but fun) part – building the bridge. And when this was completed they tested out its strength by using a food can on top. Some had to amend some areas and make slight changes but the results are fantastic, check out the pictures below, I was so impressed. Super... 

3 May

This week in Science, we decided to find out whether or not our brains are affected when we eat chocolate. Firstly, we watched a video about the brain and illusions and how sometimes we can trick our brain with illusions. We then tried to create our own illusions by tricking our brain into thinking we had a hole in our hand. This was done by rolling a lined sheet of paper and holding it up to our eye and looking through it, while moving our hand towards and away from our eye –  it did look like we had a hole in our hands!! 🙂 Next, we looked at a slide where there was different words...