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20 Dec

Welcome to the St. Peter’s Christmas Play 2021! This year, our classes have been really busy putting together fantastic videos of the students singing, dancing and acting for you. We really hope you enjoy the show!  

21 Dec

Welcome everyone to the St Peter’s Christmas Play 2020! As you may know, there has been great excitement in the school over the last week or so as our classes have prepared their Christmas plays for you! In a year like no other, we’ve put together a show that you won’t forget – so sit back and enjoy! The video below shows all of the videos, but if you would like to be able to skip to your child’s class play, you can use the links under the video to find it. Junior Infants Senior Infants 1st class 2nd class 3rd class 4th class 5th... 

7 Dec

Junior Infants Winner- Rosabel Farrell Senior Infants Winner- Layla Cahill 1st Class Winner- Zara Butler 2nd Class Winner- Lucy Byrne 3rd Class Winner- Kyle Breen 4th Class Winner- Jasmin Coogan Moorhouse 5th Class Winner- Elif Standage 6th Class Winner- Callum Ryan Ms. Kane’s Class- Poppy Cunnane Creativity Award- Jody Fitzpatrick  

7 Dec


4 Dec

Huge congrations to Heidi Clucas for winning the overall Bray Drugs Task Force’s art competition. As a result of this, Heidi’s art work above will be printed onto bookmarks for every child in the Bray area. Congratulations also to Naoise Sweeney McMaster and Kurina Mason for winning a prize in their age category. Well done girls!!  

18 Nov

This month in 4th Class we are learning about the topic of ‘Transport’. In celebration of Science Week, we started off the week using a K’nex STEM challenge to create a hot air balloon model! We continued the week with another STEM activity and asked the question – ‘How do parachutes work?’ Parachutes need to be able to catch air inside them so we spent some time thinking of what materials we could use for our parachutes. Then we spent time designing our parachutes. Each group received the same amount of materials and time to complete the activity. We... 

29 Oct

We started off the month with some Autumn Art. We used autumnal paints for our colourful dot painting. They turned out so well and really brightened up the classroom! We had great fun designing and carving a pumpkin this month for Halloween and learning about the stages in which a pumpkin grows. We had a brilliant last day before the mid-term, dressing up and painting pumpkins! Happy Halloween from all of 4th Class   

29 Sep

In 4th Class for Maths this month we have been learning about Time. We made a life size clock to help our understanding of time on an analogue clock! In Art we drew self – portraits with a twist this year as we designed our own masks! This week we had our long-awaited Bike Day! We took part in activities out in the yard and talked about bike safety. Thanks to Paddy for organising!  

23 Sep

To celebrate European week of sport, all classes took part in a sporting challenge. Below are some of the photos from the Junior Infants challenge.  

2 Jun

Last week 3rd class once again took on the STEM challenge of the week: Pringle Ringle. This was an engineering project in which students had to create a ring using only Pringles – no tape or glue allowed! The challange required a lot of patience as well as careful Pringle placement! First they had to fill in a recording sheet where they had to guess how many Pringles were in the container and how many they thought they’d need to build the ring. Next, they sketched out their plan. When they completed the task they said how many they actually used to build the ring and reflected...