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18 Nov

This week in school, we celebrated science week. The theme we were looking at was ‘HUMAN?’. We have been learning about the respiratory system and exploring how our lungs work and help us to breathe.

We made a model lung using balloons, plastic bottles and plastic bags. The bottle acted as our rib cage, the balloon was our lung and the bag worked as our diaphragm.

Take a look at our lungs!

Our model lungs

We also looked at how humans have worked to make advances in medicine and helping humans. We created our own version of a bionic hand. We looked at how bones, tendons and muscles make up the human hand and how they work to allow us to move out hands. Take a look at our bionic hand!

Finally, we did some research of our own. We researched famous scientists and wrote about them to end our science week. Well done 5th class on your excellent work!

18 Nov

This week we celebrated Science Week by looking at the theme ‘HUMAN?’. We looked at electricity and the developments humans have made with electricity over time.

We made our own circuits and then decided to make our own light houses. These lighthouses had to;

  • Stand on their own,
  • light for 10 seconds,
  • be 3D.

Take a look at our lighthouses!

17 Nov

Fourth class are taking part in Anti Bullying month this November. We have started the month by thinking about what bullying means to us. Take a look at what we wrote down;

We have talked about many types of bullying such as;

  • Physical bullying,
  • Emotional bullying,
  • Verbal Bullying,
  • Cyber bullying.

We also made some anti bullying posters to hang up to make people aware of anti bullying month in our school!

14 Nov

During Maths Week, 5th class cretaed their own word problems for the class to solve. We looked at different operations and what kind of words we needed to use in our word problems to tell our friends how to solve them!

We also worked to create some 2D shape tessellation art work. We used an irregular shape to really test our skills and we created some excellent art work!

13 Nov

Fáilte ar ais go dtí Frása na Seachtaine!

Nuair a bhíonn báisteach an – trom is féidir linn a rá…

Tá sé ag stealladh báistí.

Má tá sé ag stealladh báistí caitheann a lán daoine cótaí báistí chun fanacht tirim.

6 Nov

6th class decided to take part in a Design and Make STEM activity to celebrate Halloween!

Take a look at the instructions below! We were given a task to design and make a 3D Hallowe’en monster or ghost and we had to make it move!

We had to follow these instructions!

We had to ensure all the instructions were followed carefully and accurately!

We used classroom materials to make our creations and we were impressed by each groups individuality and creativity!

Using our knowledge from ‘Energy and Forces’ in our Science lessons, each team identified and explored how best to move our monsters/ ghosts! Some pushed, some pulled, some used wind energy (of sorts!) and some created simple machines, like ‘ziplines’!

We were impressed with the movement we created, in such different ways!

Using wind power to move a ghost by using our breath!
Handles to create movement!
Working to the timer!

We’d recommend this Design and Make challenge to other classes, as it was easy to take part in and we got to see some Science in action in only 16 minutes!

6 Nov

An mhí seo beimid ag foghlaim faoin an aimsir.

Is é frása na seachtaine inniu…

Tá sé ag cur báistí.

Má tá sé ag cur báistí b’fhéidir go mbainfeá úsáid as ‘scáth fearthainne’ chun fanacht tirim!

23 Oct

3rd Class had great fun taking part in Math’s Week and took the chance to take part in some fun activities. We split into teams and took part in a Math’s trail around the school and classroom (special thanks to Ms. Kane for designing the trail).

We took part in an Online Math’s Week Quiz run by Wexford Education Centre and enjoyed trying to solve the problem questions.

We finally finished off the week with some Pizza Fractions. We learned about equivalent fractions then ate quarters and eights of pizzas!!

23 Oct

1st class celebrated Maths Week and Halloween last week and created some Frankenstein art using the 2D shapes we have been learning about!

23 Oct

Fáilte arís go dtí ‘Frása na Seachtaine’ againn!

Maith sibh gach duine ar thús iontach! Go leor Gaeilge iontach le cloisteáil timpeall na scoile.

Anois, is é frása na seachtaine seo:

Seo mar a deirimid Oíche Shamhna Shona le dúine amhain.

Chun beannú do ghrúpa daoine a deirimid: