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22 Oct

4th class had so much fun taking part in the Mini Scientist this year. There were so many interesting questions that the children came up such as;

  • What is the PH Level of different soaps and how does this effect the soap?
  • How, when and why do scabs occur?
  • What is implosion and how does it occur?
  • What skincare reacts with water the best and feels the best on your face?
  • Does fertilizer help grass grow more quickly?
  • What makes a plant grow more quickly- honey, vinegar, sugar or water?
  • Does the chromatography of a marker change with different liquids?

Our winning project this year was ‘Is a human smarter in the morning, after little break or at the end of the day?’ which was completed by Ava, Nicole and Davyd. We wish them the best of luck in representing our school in the Mini Scientist final.

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