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22 Nov

Last week we celebrated Science Week around the school. All classes took part in this years theme of HUMAN? What does it mean to be human? We discussed this in 3rd class and came up with lots of interesting thoughts and ideas.

We followed this up by looking at our bodies and discussing the heart. We watched videos and learned all about the heart and how to take our pulse. We decided to test what happens to our pulse when we engage in different activities.

To make the test fair we had to find out what our resting heart rate was. We took our pulse after sitting down for 10 mins and timed this for 30 seconds. We then decided that over the course of the week would check our pulse for 30 seconds after various activities. These included;

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Jogging
  3. Sprinting
  4. Meditation

We predicted what our heart rates might be after these activities taking our resting heart rate into account. We discussed what exercises might raise our heart rates most how we would test these fairly. We decided to do the exercises outside and completed our experiment worksheets over the course of the week.

We discovered that the more vigorous the exercise the more our pulse/ heart rate increases and vice versa.

22 Nov | Comments Off on Science Week 3rd Class