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12 Jan

Can we design a rollercoaster which reaches an elevation above it’s starting point (without using a motor)?  This is the question 6th class worked tirelessly to answer over the past number of weeks.  Today, a group from the class were in the RDS to present their work to the judges and a sold out audience of curious parents, teachers and children.  Here are some pictures of our project and the work we did so brilliantly today.

We attracted the interest of RTE news 🙂 and we even made it on to the telly. Follow this link below and we will make our appearance at 0:51 on News Today!  Well done to Kelsey for speaking about our project!!


Dylan giving his all when the pressure was on!


The boys receiving some excellent feedback from the judges.


So here is our project in a bit more detail!  We followed the scientific method when doing this project.

We began by researching information about rollercoasters.  As a class we came up with some questions of our own about rollercoasters and how they worked.  Then we worked in pairs to research two questions each before feeding our information back to the whole class.

Having done some research, we formed hypotheses of what we thought would happen.

We then designed a fair test to decide which material would work best for our track.  Here are our results!

We then set about making rollercoasters in three teams.  Each team worked with a different material.  We used the three most promising materials which did best in our fair test.  These included pipe insulator, 5mm diameter plastic hose and 10mm diameter plastic hose.  Before building we measured and marked our materials at 20cm intervals.  This would help us with graphing our results later on.  When we had built our tracks, using trial and error, we recorded the heights at 20cm intervals and plotted line graphs to show this information.  Here are our graphs!


Here is our comparison between our rollercoasters using different materials.


We chose the best material from our trials and used our knowledge from our previous designs to work as a class to make the best rollercoaster possible. We used the 5mm diameter pipe insulator.  We needed to add energy to our ball bearing.  We experimented with different methods, including using a bicycle pump, blowing, a balloon and a pinball launcher.  We decided the best way was using the air from our lungs by blowing was the best as our lungs could hold more air than the capacity of the balloon and the pump.  We took precautions with health and safety in using individual straws for each person who blows into the rollercoaster.  Also we made sure the straws had a small enough diameter that the ball bearing could not be swallowed back as it would not get through the straw.  The highest point in our finished rollercoaster is 67 cms with the lowest point being 7cm, leaving a difference of 60cm.

Here are the conclusions we drew from our work…

10 Dec

Well, it has been a very busy few weeks in Mrs. Reilly’s 4th Class room! Here is some of our news.

As always, our class spirit is so important. We work on our behaviour and team work skills always! We had some visitors to help us!

We’re really enjoying our calming, perseverance and mindfulness lessons.

We continue to try new and exciting ICT tools.

We got into the festive spirit and decorated our corridor!

We’re busy preparing for our Christmas performances! We will be doing a class performance and the usual exciting Roald Dahl Revolting Rhymes play with 3rd, 5th and 6th Class!

We’re really enjoying improving our engineering and design skills with our lego work.

We have an exciting Advent Calendar in our class!

We’ve been working on our fitness too! We had a great day in Avondale for Cross Country.

We have finished our latest Reading workshop read, Matilda. We absolutely loved it. We also completed it as part of our FAB (Film and Book) Club activities.

We’ve been making our Christmas book list!

We had a fabulous trip to the Mermaid Arts Centre!

Meanwhile, Santa is keeping an eye on us!

We celebrated Green Day with a visit to the Recycling Centre!

We hope you enjoy our performances! A busy few weeks ahead, and we can’t wait!

12 Nov

The whole school took part in our Green Schools Action Day on Friday the 10th of November.  We dressed in Green and all classes took part in lessons and activities around the theme of litter and waste.  We also focused on our school garden and we looked at improving this area.

Junior Infants created a town called Juniorville using recyclable materials they gathered from home.

Senior Infants gathered recyclable materials, sorted and classified them before creating their own junk art inventions.

1st class planted some seeds for our school garden.  These included peas, brocolli and rocket which were the only seeds we could find which are in season during the winter.

2nd class planted some seeds for herbs which will be moved to our school garden in the spring.  These included chives, parsley and coriander.

3rd class visited the allotments in Fassaroe to get some ideas for us to use in our school garden.  They took notes on the variety of allotments included and they also chatted to some local gardeners who were tending to their produce.

4th class visited Bray recycling centre where they were given a guided tour.

5th class visited the seafront to pick litter.

6th class worked on improving our composting by making a wormery.  After a week we will add this to the compost bin to help with the breakdown of our waste.

This action day was such a huge success.  Thanks so much to everyone for getting involved.  Staying true to our Green Code “Working together as a team we can make Peter’s Green!”

3 Nov

Hi everyone! We’ve been very busy since our last blog post!

Here is what we have been getting up to in October.

We had a fabulous time celebrating Halloween!

We’ve been doing some very interactive and fun music lessons!

We celebrated Maths Week with some active learning in the yard!

We’ve been learning about the Celts in History.

We’ve been looking at some of the books that are out at the moment – they would make for excellent Christmas presents!

We’ve been learning abut Fire Safety.

We had a great day doing the ‘Dragons’ Den’ with Salesforce.

We have been coding lots!

We had a brilliant day out in Bray Emmets too.

We are doing work on sustainability and care for the environment.

We have a new Student of the Week every week!

We’ve been as crafty as ever!

We have been reading a lot too.

We have been doing some wonderful Recount writing.

We’re doing great work in Drama.

Phew! What will November bring?

27 Oct

On Wednesday, the senior boys set off for what was to be a fantastic day of football in the Emmets blitz.  They encountered some tough competition in their three matches.

Team photo after a successful day in Emmets.


First up they took on Kilcoole and were unlucky to fall short by 2 points.  Following this, the boys dug deep to show superb character in coming back and winning their final two games.  The defence were super solid with great communication and team work on show.  Some fantastic scores by Des, Dylan F, Dean T and Nathan greatly helped the boys on their way.  Well done Peters!!!


27 Oct


We would like to say a huge thanks to everybody in all classes who volunteer to pick litter on the yard during break and lunch time.  Thanks to these efforts, there is seldom a scrap of litter floating about.  It is getting more and more difficult to find litter to pick:)

This September we began keeping a school garden.  With help from Stephen we prepared our raised beds.  He helped us sow some strawberries.

Our potatoes and strawberries in the raised beds.

We throw our weeds into the compost bin. We were told to keep some green mixed in with our fruit.

We look forward to adding more fruit, vegetables and maybe even herbs to the garden over the coming months.


Well done to our poster and slogan competition winners Tadhg, Jerrry and Aaron.

Well done also to Elif, Chloe Fitzpatrick and AJ.  Well done to everybody for getting involved, it was so hard to choose the winners!

Finally, we are in the process of planning our Green Schools Action day which will take place on the 10th of November.  We have lots of fun activities planned for all classes.



21 Oct

Welcome back to the first All Star Attenders blog post of the new school year. For those new to the school, as you probably know, we work really hard on improving attendance here in the school every year, aiming to have children in school as much as possible. Every month classes compete against each other for best attendance, with the winning class receiving an awesome prize. We also acknowledge the great efforts of individual pupils who have perfect attendance each month in our All Star Attenders post. Teachers also reward students individually for attendance throughout the year and we run individual prizes on different months throughout the year – such as our cinema month, pencil case week and Easter egg award. Stay tuned for news of our next exciting competition…

So here are the winners for this month. The overall class winners for September with best attendance were……Ms. Wemyss 1st Class. Ms. Wemyss class chose to have a “Pizza Party” which took place on Friday. The class enjoyed Four Star Pizza and treats as well as a mini disco. If you’re in Ms. Wemyss class you can check this out on her Class Dojo. Well done to 1st Class. Great to see them win it this year after coming so close so many times last year!

Check back every month for class winners, attendance competitions and a list of our All Star Attenders. Well done to all of our attendance heroes this month whose names can be found below:

Junior Infants

Luke Cowap

Richard Gall

Amira Grefaldeo

Filip Jankowski

Mia Keating

Noah Kelly

Martin Kenna

Layla Kilkenny

Ellie McCormack

Lexi McDonald

Cian Shanley

Tadhg Troy

Senior Infants

Robyn Cheevers

Fia Clucas Keogh

Anthony  Delaney

Kaiden Hipwell Millichip

Jessica Jin

Kameron Keating

Callum Kilkenny

Leon McAuliffe

Natalia Miedzinska

Ella Moloney

Amber Plunkett Power

Tyler Sweeney Kearney

Agata Wnuk


1st Class

Maja Bessler

Aaron Chumakson

Joey Chumakson

Heidi Clucas Keogh

Taylor Coakley

Abbie Coen Troy

Izabel Devics

Ben Douglas

Oliver Duraj

Lauren Hipwell

Kayah Keating

Oskar Matysiak

Max Murray

Louis Murray-Coyle

Zuzanna Siakala

2nd Class

Carl Barry

Daniel Byrne

Jake Clucas Murphy

Tobias Farrell

Chloe Fitzpatrick

Jodie Fitzpatrick

Kurina Mason

Lauren McCann

Liam McGrath

Lauren O’Brien

Sophie O’Connor

Anthony James O’Neill

Lee O’Shaughnessy

Cian Petty

Aysha Simpson Murray

Elif Standage

3rd Class

Carla Cheevers

Kayleigh Fell

David Keddy

Liam Mullen

Daniel Murphy

Kyra O’Shaughnessy

Haylie Treacy

Oisin Troy


4th Class

Benjamin Bessler

Josh Coen Troy

Jamie Cowap

Amalia Elin Gall

Brian Grefaldeo

Craig Hipwell

Alec Kealy

Dylan Lawless

Liam Mason

Ruairi McFarland Bolger

Ava Reynolds

Adem Standage


5th Class

Tristan Byrne

Lana Douglas

Nathan Douglas

Madeleine Farrell

Shauna Garton

Leon Reynolds

Jamie Ryan

Jerry Wall


6th Class












Oisín Kenny

Marie Delaney

Poppy Cunnane

Luke Cahill


18 Oct

5th class are currently getting ukulele lessons of the ukulele master that is Frankie! We are loving our Wednesday morning lessons with him!! We will be doing a concert for the school at  the end of the month to show the boys and girls what we have learnt.




10 Oct

Too precious for life on Earth Jodie. Heaven is now your playground. We hope you liked the balloons and smiles that we sent to you. Thinking of you today and always xxx

6 Oct

We were learning all about Patterns this week, so we decided to brighten up our yard with some colourful chalk drawings