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6 Nov

6th class decided to take part in a Design and Make STEM activity to celebrate Halloween!

Take a look at the instructions below! We were given a task to design and make a 3D Hallowe’en monster or ghost and we had to make it move!

We had to follow these instructions!

We had to ensure all the instructions were followed carefully and accurately!

We used classroom materials to make our creations and we were impressed by each groups individuality and creativity!

Using our knowledge from ‘Energy and Forces’ in our Science lessons, each team identified and explored how best to move our monsters/ ghosts! Some pushed, some pulled, some used wind energy (of sorts!) and some created simple machines, like ‘ziplines’!

We were impressed with the movement we created, in such different ways!

Using wind power to move a ghost by using our breath!
Handles to create movement!
Working to the timer!

We’d recommend this Design and Make challenge to other classes, as it was easy to take part in and we got to see some Science in action in only 16 minutes!

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