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20 Dec

We made Santa sleighs out of Lego last week in 5th class. We tested our sleighs for speed, safety and distance! We also tested to see if they would stay together after a crash test!

We had so much fun!

20 Dec

We had a busy week last week making sleighs out of Lego 🛷 we tested their speed, how many pushes they needed to travel 6 metres and we did a crash test! The children really enjoyed it 😊

15 Dec

With all the excitement of Christmas we thought we would do a festive experiment. Our questions –Which liquid will cause our candy cane to disappear the fastest?

To conduct our experiment, we needed: 4 plastic cups, 4 candy canes, vinegar, warm water, milk and cold water.

We labelled our 4 clear cups and then filled the cups with warm water, cold water, milk and vinegar.

Then, we made predictions. The vast majority thought the warm water would melt the candy cane the quickest!

We put one candy cane in each cup and watched to see what would happen.

Within 2 minutes all three candy canes were starting to turn the liquids pink or red. It was definitely magic!

We observed the four cups and compared the reactions. After break, we had our results and we could determine if our predictions were correct or correct.

The cup with the warm water was the fastest liquid to make the candy cane dissolve.

The vinegar cup was the first liquid to remove all the red from the candy cane.

The cold water and milk removed the colour and disappeared but more slowly than other two liquids.

Next, we recorded our observations and results. We learned lots of new vocabulary words such as dissolve, prediction, result.

By the next morning, all the candy canes had dissolved into the liquids.

Even more interestingly and in the interest of science we discovered later that the quickest way to make a candy cane disappear was to eat it!!!

13 Dec

Fáilte ar ais chuig Frása na Seachtaine!

Táimid ag baint taitneamh as foghlaim faoin Nollaig!

Nollaig Shona duit!

Anois, is é frása na seachtaine seo:

Tá go leor rudaí ar mhaith leat a rá, b’fhéidir…

Ba mhaith liom leabhar nua.

Ba mhaith liom cluiche ríomhaire.

Ba mhaith liom cluiche cláir.

Ba mhaith liom liathróid peil.

Cad eile ar féidir leat smaoineamh air?

6 Dec

Fáilte ar ais chuig Frása na Seachtaine!

An mhí seo, tá an – áthas orainn a bheith ag súil go mór leis an Nollaig!

Beimid ag foghlaim go leor frásaí agus focail nua ach tosaímid leis an gceann is mó a bheidh á úsáid againn…

30 Nov

We had a great month in senior infants this month – we were learning all about The Sports Shop in Aistear. We played in our ‘Lifestyle’ Sports shop during our role play area, designed and made our own GAA jerseys from different fabrics in our art station. We designed the layout of our own sports shop using large Jenga blocks and designed our own obstacle course and then made it from LEGO.

We celebrated Science week during November. We carried out an experiment in class – we added gummy bears to water to see what would happen – they grew larger! We also got to spend time in the hall doing different experiments in stations, they were very cool. The stations included Bee-bots, LEGO, making bubbles, making paper aeroplanes and making the tallest tower possible from plastic cups.

Science stations in the hall
Science stations in the hall
Our gummy bear experiment
Our gummy bears grew

Finally, this month we celebrated Anti Bullying month in school. Senior Infants spent a lot of time learning about what bullying is (repeated, unwanted behaviour that is on purpose). We talked about ways to be a buddy, not a bully. Then Senior Infants gave their thoughts on what they felt bullying was to them.

29 Nov

Táimid fós ag foghlaim faoin aimsir an tseachtain seo agus táimid chun díriú ar fhrásaí a bhaineann leis an ghrian!

Tá súil againn go bhfeicimid go leor aimsir bhreá t – earraigh go luath!

Is é frása na seachtaine inniu…

Tá an ghrian ag taitneamh!

25 Nov

We were delighted to take part in STEM for Fun recently in the school hall. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Different stations were set up around the hall all containing elements of STEM.

Junior Infants really loved the different challenges. They were tasked with constructing the highest tower they could out of paper cups and giant playing cards.

They also had to make their own paper planes and measure to see how far they travelled counting in steps.

It was very exciting getting to explore programming with Beebots, trying to input the correct instructions so the beebot could escape the maze.

They experimented with making friction bubbles using soapy water on a flat surface and almost made a bubble within a bubble (unfortunately we could figure out how to keep them from bursting)!

Finally, they had to help the poor Gingerbread Man cross the river by designing and making a Lego Bridge.

We had great fun and can’t wait for the next time. Special thanks to Ms. Whyte and Ms. Sexton for running the stations.

24 Nov

This month in first class we have learnt all about what bullying is. We know that bullying can:

  • hurt your body
  • hurt your feelings
  • damage your things

We began the month by looking closely at how we can be better friends and took the chance to interview people in our class we wanted to become better friends with over the month. We have been encouraged by PAP which allowed us to win points for showing kindness.

We continued the month by learning about ytpes of bullying and the effects it can have on people. We know the best way to stop bullying is to tell! Take a look at our tell song: h

Finally we were all rewarded with an Anti-Bullying badge for combatting bullying in our school!

24 Nov

Congratulations to our two winners of the Bray Drugs Task Force art competition who are pictured below. We’re very proud of you