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4 Dec

6th class have been taking part in the Dare to Believe Programme, run by Team Ireland which aims to teach us about Olympic values, hard work and reaching our full potential!

We loved taking part in the programme and learning about the following topics:

  • Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Maintaining a Healthy Mind and Body
  • Finding Joy in Effort
  • Respect and Equality
  • Striving for Excellence

We took part in ‘Weekly Challenges’, including spreading kindness and getting active! We created art work based on the topics covered and to top it all off, we had a visit from a Team Ireland athlete!

We were so lucky to have Gráinne Walsh visit our class for an afternoon and that 5th class joined us! Gráinne is a boxer who is aiming to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 🥊 She told us about her career to date, her family and friends, her motivation and the challenges she has faced to get to this point. We were so impressed by her story and even a managed to hold her medal 🏅 and plate from previous victories. We held a press conference and got to ask Gráinne some questions, such as ‘What motivates you?’ and ‘How do you feel before a fight?’ She signed her autograph for us and said she was very impressed with our hard work as part of the Dare to Believe Programme. We hope Gráinne goes on to qualify in February and that she’ll be able to visit us again 😊

Huge thanks as always to Paddy for encouraging to get involved in sports and to work hard!

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