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4 Jun


21 Feb

In first class, we became engineers, we made our very own catapults! Here’s how we did it: Firstly, we had to investigate how catapults worked. We watched different videos which showed us loads of different catapults, how they were made and how they worked!Each group then decided which catapult they wanted to make. Each group then decided on the materials they wanted to use. They could choose from straws, lollipop sticks, bottle caps, plastic spoons, pipe cleaners, elastic bands, sellotape and plastic. For their design, they needed to choose the materials that would keep their catapult... 

9 Oct

STEM for Fun with the junior classes started a couple of weeks ago. Here Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class were brought to the hall each week to work with teachers and parents to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths games and challenges. This is a way for the children to engage in STEM skills in a fun and less formal way. We have been running STEM for Fun in the school for the last 4 year now and is always a favourite with pupils. Throughout the year each class will get a 5 week block of STEM for Fun with thanks to our HSCL, School Completion, teachers and... 

2 May

Humpty Dumpty STEM Experiment   Here in Junior and Senior Infants, we had great fun reciting the Humpty Dumpty rhyme. This got us thinking about how we could help protect Humpty Dumpty from cracking in the future. We decorated our individual Humpty Dumpty’s by using whiteboard markers to draw faces on our hard boiled eggs.     We then placed each Humpty Dumpty into a ziplock bag filled with different materials to cushion Humpty’s fall to see which material would best protect him. Before beginning the experiment, we discussed the different materials we would use to try... 

5 Feb

The hairdressers/barbers/beauticians in Aistear in senior infants — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) February 5, 2019 We dont mind getting our hands wet! Hairdressers in aistear. — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) February 5, 2019  

23 Jan

Senior infants had great fun inventing games on yard today for PE. We got to choose which games we wanted to participate in. Keeping fit can be so much fun! — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) January 23, 2019  

21 Jan

Inspired by our visit from ‘Sam’ the puppet today, Senior Infants decided that we would like to learn more about how to use puppets.  Our friend in 5th class has kindly offered to pay us a few more visits to help us out.  We are looking forward to introducing our own puppets to ‘Sam’ over the coming weeks and we hope to create a puppet show for other classes to show off our skills. This afternoon senior infants were visited by ‘Sam’ the puppet. We had a great laugh speaking with him and listening to his interesting stories. Many thanks to our friend in 5th... 

11 Jan

Today one of our classmates in senior infants brought in a pepper plant they grew at home. They taught us all about peppers. We opened the pepper, tasted it and we all got some seeds to take home to grow our own pepper plants. What a fun day we had! — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) January 11, 2019  

19 Dec

Today in senior infants we did secret Santa! We put all of our names in a bowl. We then picked a name of out of the bowl before making some toys/games for the person we picked. We had great fun in junk art! Finally we wrapped our presents and teacher gave them out to us. — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) December 19, 2018  

27 Nov

Senior Infants working on the post office! Here with our letters ready to post. — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) November 27, 2018