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23 May

Recently, the whole school learned a song and sang it together at assembly. We chose ‘I Lived’ by One Republic because the lyrics are so inspirational. It’s all about experiencing the good and the bad of life and is written by a father to his newborn son. We loved singing the song together and a special well done to our soloists – Casey, Patrick, Sophie, Toby, AJ, Kristina, Carl, Tristan, Finn, Lex, Adem, Ellie and Hayley.   I lived from St Peter's, Bray on Vimeo.  

25 Apr

Junior infants learned that pushing and pulling were a force. We then learned that there  was another invisible force called “magnetic force.” We learned that magnets attract some materials. We learned that these materials are made of metal. We also learned that magnets have two poles, the north pole is red and the south pole is blue. We had some investigations to do: We would  find out that poles that were the same repelled each other and poles that were different attracted each other. We would also find out which materials were attracted to magnets! Poles that are the same or “like”... 

14 Apr

The green table tied with the red table for table of the week! They kept their table clean and tidy and were kind to others. They are a great team! Great work!   Excellent word work! The red table tied with the green table for table of the week! This boy has been doing great work on his words.                 These boys and girls got a prize and certificates for their lovely  handwriting.  

23 Mar

Last Tuesday, March 15th, in every school across the country, students are celebrating Proclamation Day as part of the celebrations of the centenary of 1916. In St Peter’s, we had a very special ceremony, where every class was involved, finishing with the raising of the Irish flag that was presented late last year by the members of the Defence Forces. We also displayed artwork in the hall related to our projects on the Easter Rising. Our ceremony started with an introduction from our principal, Ms. Whyte. Next, Amber from 4th class, Finn and Chris from 5th class and Alex, Alana and Ryan... 

22 Mar

Like every school in the country, we were really proud to celebrate Proclamation Day 2016. Here are some of our tweets from the day! Our #ProclamationDay assembly has started! #Rang1916 — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) March 15, 2016 Every class has written a proclamation. Dylan(4th) is giving a speech about the importance of the Irish language! #ProclamationDay — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) March 15, 2016 Casey is next up with a brilliant speech on class size and support for all in education! #ProclamationDay #Rang1916 —... 

28 Feb

The red table won table of the week. They won table of the week because they have been working hard, keeping their table tidy, being kind to others and working as a team.  

25 Feb

These two girls won star of the week this week! They won because they have been kind to others in school and always try their best.    

11 Feb

Congratulations to this great girl on her full star jar! She got all her stars for being so well behaved in class, working hard and being kind to others! Well done!  

25 Jan

Junior Infants met some miniature horses. We learned how to brush a horse. We learned some safety rules around horses. The ladies were so very nice! Great brushing! Thanks for coming in to teach us about miniature horses!  

23 Nov

Junior infants have settled really well into school and are working hard! We love our sounds. So far we have done the sounds- s,a,t,i,p,n,c,k,e and we are now working on h! We sing fun songs with our sounds and do fun actions with them too! Look at this boy’s great work! This great boy has been working really hard on his sounds- look how well he has done! We have been having lots of fun and learning lots in Aistear too! Hard at work and having fun!   We love showing off what we have done! Look what we made! We are great at jigsaws! One of the things that we’ve been working really...