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6 Nov

Today in Ms. Keating’s class we made a ‘Get Well Soon’ card for Adam who broke his ankle over the midterm. We can’t wait for Adam to come back to school. It is just not the same without him. We hope you like your card Adam and see you soon. 🙂  

10 Oct

We had so much fun practising our handwriting using blood quills in Ms. Keating’s class! A blood quill is a dark magical object. It is a type of quill that does not require ink, as it writes with the blood of the person using it. Harry Potter used this in detention in the 5th book: The Order of the Phoenix. This week in Ms. Keating’s class we got the opportunity to practice our handwriting using our own home-made blood quills (a quill and a red pen). It was so exciting writing with red pens. We took our time to make sure we could write as neat as possible, we even had a practice... 

25 Sep

In Ms. Keating’s Class we are learning about procedural writing. We have been focusing on recipes for the last few weeks. Last week we made frozen strawberry yoghurt and the week before we made jelly. This week we learned how to make butter and today we got the opportunity to make it in class. All you need to make butter is cream, a pinch of salt and a jar. The method is simple: Pour the cream into the jar. Add a pinch of salt and close the jar tightly. Shake the jar for a few minutes until the cream separates. Open the jar. Remove the butter milk from the jar and place the butter on a... 

25 Sep

Welcome to Ms. Keating’s Class. There are 10 boys in the class ranging from 2nd to 6th Class. 5 things we love about our class: Helping one another Our teacher Cooking Class games WOW cards   3 things we are looking forward to this year: Our School Trip Our Class Trip Teachers vs. Students   Our Favourite TV shows: The Simpsons Pawn Stars Total Wipe-out   Our favourite movies: Matilda Goal Fantastic Mr. Fox Mission Impossible Jurassic Park   Our favourite musicians: The Furies Eminem The Dubliners Bob Marley.   Our favourite time of the year: Halloween   Our... 

20 Jun

We chose to write a piece from Roald Dahl’s  “The Twits” because we have been reading it in class and love it! We did not even do a practice piece, Ms. Mitchell entered our very first attempts for the competition. It was so long ago that we entered, and we kept asking and asking if we had won anything yet, it was hard work waiting! Finally this week, the good news arrived! We could not believe it when Ms. Mitchell said that we had four winners in our class this year! We are extremely proud of all of our classmates for entering and winning! Each winner got a certificate and Ms.... 

28 Oct