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10 Dec

We have been writing some very special letters and postcards in school recently. We were delighted to write to members of our community who are residents in local nursing homes. This year has been difficult for everyone, especially considering visits between families and friends are restricted, and we thought it might be a nice idea to share some letters to spread some happiness! We were delighted when Wicklow County Council Library Service got in touch about Project Postcard and would love to show you some of what we did! Our Post Box in the school corridor. Lots of letters and postcards... 

7 Dec

Junior Infants Winner- Rosabel Farrell Senior Infants Winner- Layla Cahill 1st Class Winner- Zara Butler 2nd Class Winner- Lucy Byrne 3rd Class Winner- Kyle Breen 4th Class Winner- Jasmin Coogan Moorhouse 5th Class Winner- Elif Standage 6th Class Winner- Callum Ryan Ms. Kane’s Class- Poppy Cunnane Creativity Award- Jody Fitzpatrick  

7 Dec


16 Nov

We had a great week celebrating Science Week in Ms. Kane’s class, one of our favourite celebrations of the year! We love taking part in STEM activities on a regular basis and were excited to try lots of new ideas this week. We listened to Professor Luke O’ Neill talking about coronavirus, watched David Attenborough’s new documentary ‘A Life on Our Planet’ and used Lego WeDo! to design our visions for the future. We learned lots about coronavirus by listening to Professor Luke O’ Neill answering questions on RTÉ Junior. Professor O’ Neill is a scientist... 

31 Oct

We have had a very busy month in Ms. Kane’s class. We’ve enjoyed celebrating Maths Week, taking part in STEM activities, baking and celebrating Hallowe’en! Maths Week was a super opportunity for us to play some of our favourite problem solving games like draughts, Jenga and Frustration! We also took part in Place Value races in the hall and loved watching Maths TV. Fractions!Teamwork!Problem solving! A close game! We loved taking part in a simple STEM challenge to see which team could build the longest paper chain. It sounds easy but we’d recommend lots of teamwork... 

23 Oct

6th class have been working really hard on their submission to the ReelLIFE Science Video competition. We made a short video all about nettles (and about a few other themes such as women in STEM and the power of science to ease our fears!) We had great fun researching, creating and filming our film – the hardest part was keeping it as short as possible! We hope you enjoy it!  

12 Oct

We have been learning about space in Ms. Kane’s class in celebration of Space Week. We learned about the International Space Station, completed some space art and watched some very interesting videos from the well known Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield. We were thrilled when we tweeted about what we learned about him and he saw it! Art workRepresentations of spaceUsing our imaginationsGetting creative!Fun times! We decided to carry out a design and make activity based on ‘robotic arms’. We discussed the use of ‘robot arms’ in space and learned that astronauts... 

29 Sep

We have had a great start to the new year in Ms. Kane’s class. We are happy to be back and were so excited to see our friends again! It’s been a busy month, filled with lots of new learning and some of our favourite, familiar activities! One of the most exciting things we’ve done is baking! Ms. Kelly has the best recipes and it wasn’t long before we were making lots of new treats! So far, we’ve made flapjacks, cookies and fairy cakes. Baking allows us to practise Maths skills like estimating and measuring in a practical way. We’ve also completed some procedural... 

23 Sep

To celebrate European week of sport, all classes took part in a sporting challenge. Below are some of the photos from the Junior Infants challenge.  

12 May

This year, Mr. Foley’s group showed us just how good they were at baking and cooking! Every Wednesday, the group turned into “The BC Crew”, which stands for the Baking and Cooking Crew! We loved when Wednesday would come around because we would get to cook or bake, and the food was always really tasty. It was great to work together to prepare different meals each week, all under the watchful eye of Liz! Each week, the first thing we did was wash our hands. Once we had all the ingredients out on the table, we took turns washing and cutting the different ingredients. As we read the recipe,...