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5 Dec

For Science week, we tested our senses. Did you know, about 70% of our taste is linked to our sense of smell? We investigated this using skittles and can confirm that it is true! We hope you like our video 🤩  

22 Nov

Last week we celebrated Science Week around the school. All classes took part in this years theme of HUMAN? What does it mean to be human? We discussed this in 3rd class and came up with lots of interesting thoughts and ideas. We followed this up by looking at our bodies and discussing the heart. We watched videos and learned all about the heart and how to take our pulse. We decided to test what happens to our pulse when we engage in different activities. To make the test fair we had to find out what our resting heart rate was. We took our pulse after sitting down for 10 mins and timed... 

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18 Nov

This week in school, we celebrated science week. The theme we were looking at was ‘HUMAN?’. We have been learning about the respiratory system and exploring how our lungs work and help us to breathe. We made a model lung using balloons, plastic bottles and plastic bags. The bottle acted as our rib cage, the balloon was our lung and the bag worked as our diaphragm. Take a look at our lungs! Our model lungs We also looked at how humans have worked to make advances in medicine and helping humans. We created our own version of a bionic hand. We looked at how bones, tendons... 

18 Nov

This week we celebrated Science Week by looking at the theme ‘HUMAN?’. We looked at electricity and the developments humans have made with electricity over time. We made our own circuits and then decided to make our own light houses. These lighthouses had to; Stand on their own,light for 10 seconds, be 3D. Take a look at our lighthouses!  

29 Nov

We had a great time investigating and discussing all things scientific this year! One of our favourite activities was when we linked our PE lesson with Science. We decided we would investigate our heart rates and the impact that certain exercises and activities have on our heart rate. How to take your heart rate To begin with, we discussed and took our ‘resting’ heart rates. This was a little bit tricky at first (some of us were worried we didn’t have any 😅) but after some perseverance we became comfortable calculating them. We did this by counting the... 

21 Nov

Junior Infants were very excited about Science Week. This week, along with STEM for Fun we got to explore magnets and how they work. Early in the week we explored magnetism. We talked about what magnets are and watched a short video on magnetism. We then investigated things that were magnetic by testing our magnets out around the school and yard outside. During Aistear we got to explore magnets and magnetic objects more. We used magnets to test items that might be magnetic and categorise items that were magnetic and non magnetic. Finally at the end of the week we looked at a... 

20 Nov

This week in 5th class, we has great fun doing lots of different experiments to celebrate science week! We have been learning all about the respiratory system and what happens to the body when we breathe. We completed a STEM activity and created our own model of the lungs to show how they work when we breathe! We investigated pitch using glasses and some water. We wanted to find out how to make the highest and lowest sound we could. We placed all our glasses in a line. We used glasses of the same size and shape to make sure it was... 

18 Nov

We had great fun this week during Science week making a bubbly mess in class. The children created their potions in groups and watched as the bicarbonate of soda made the potion bubble higher and higher until one potion overflowed!!  

16 Nov

We have been working hard in 3rd class with our science week activities. We are learning about space this month. We made these rockets using just paper, tape and a straw! Have a look at our blast off 🚀👨‍🚀👩‍🚀  

22 Nov

We had great fun celebrating Science Week this year! Science is one of our favourite subjects and we love taking part in STEM activities! One of our favourite weeks of the year! We loved taking part in STEM for Fun in the hall this year and had the chance to try lots of different activities including creating paper planes and racing them, programming Bee Bots, building a circle using Pringles, building the tallest tower using paper and using Lego to create a ‘vehicle of the future’. In our classroom we discussed ideas that we hope Science will help us answer in the future...