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11 Sep

Every year, Culture Night takes place in late September. This year, it’s on the 20th of September – a Friday. It’s an amazing night where you can access venues and events around the country for free. Although all events are free, some may need to be booked in advance – which is why we’re drawing attention to them nice and early!



8 Sep

6 Sep

Fifth class baked up a storm today, filling the school with the delicious smell of chocolate cake! Our theme for the month of September is Europe, so we began our studies into European food with a Swedish chocolate cake, based on the traditional kladdkaka. The recipe below can be served with whipped cream and blueberries, but we just ate it straight from the oven!



4 Sep

Thanks to our friends in the Bray People for including a lovely piece about our school in today’s paper. The piece is on page two, and they have put in a picture of the staff and students on the first day of school last week, as well as a lovely picture of our new girls skipping to school on page four of the ‘First Day At School’ supplement.

Make sure to pick up a copy today!



4 Sep

Fifth class have taken their first steps into the exciting world of Scratch! Although one or two members of the class had already tried it out, most are working with it for the first time – and enjoying every minute!

scratch icon

Scratch is a free programme that introduces students to software development – it can be accessed here. Some of the students have already downloaded the programme to use at home, but  it can also be accessed online without having to download it, if you set up a Scratch account. Fifth class are going to set up a class Scratch account to make sharing and accessing each other’s projects easier! One of our past pupils, who just started first year and came back to visit today, wanted to join in and recreate his famous dragon programme from last year!

The best way to learn to use Scratch is free play with the programme, but we have been learning specific skills – such as how to make the sprites/characters move. Today, we made an aquarium using backdrops and two moving sprites!

Keep an eye out here for updates – we hope to upload some of our projects to this post later in the week…

3 Sep

As promised, here is Patryk in 6th Class reading another Seamus Heaney poem in tribute to the famous poet. This one is called Blackberry Picking and we hope you enjoy hearing it.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]



2 Sep

We were all very sad to hear about the passing of Seamus Heaney, one of Ireland’s most favourite and loved poets.

We wanted to remember his great work, and so 5th and 6th Class have recorded some of his poems.

Click on the piece below to hear Leon and Sam from 5th Class as they read ‘Digging’, one of Heaney’s most well-loved poems. We will hear from 6th Class tomorrow and look forward to hearing what they have read.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


31 Aug

languages_of_the_worldWe’re very lucky in St. Peter’s because we have pupils from many different countries all over the world, who speak many different languages.

As a result, it’s only fitting that our blog can be read in the many different languages spoken by children in our school.

We have added a ‘Translate Our Blog’ option to the right-hand-side of our blog, and we encourage you to see what our blog looks like in another language!

We hope this means our blog can be appreciated and shared with families of our school who are scattered all over the globe!



29 Aug
Our new 2nd Class

Our new 2nd Class

I just want to say a huge thank you to the students, staff and parents for what will go down as a great day in the history of our school.

Our new 2nd Class girls celebrating on the first day!

Our new 2nd Class girls celebrating on the first day!

2nd Class were welcomed to the school in style, with everyone out cheering them on as they walked through the doors of St. Peter’s for the first time. The decorative theme for the 2nd Class corridor is Despicable Me and so we had a few surprises for the boys and girls – including a fabulous minion shaped cake baked and iced by Ms. Sexton! It was wonderful to see so many parents, from all classes, pop in for cake and a coffee and it made the day all the more welcoming for the new parents to our school. We look forward to getting to know you all and if you ever need anything, the door is always open for a chat.

Celebrating, St. Peter's style!

Celebrating, St. Peter’s style!

The atmosphere was electric today and it was the perfect start to what promises to be a great year.

All the best for 2013/2014!

Emer Whyte.

Ms. Sexton's cake and coffee ready for the parents!

Ms. Sexton’s cake and coffee ready for the parents!

Our magnificent Minion cake!

Our magnificent Minion cake!

Everyone wanted a bite!

Everyone wanted a bite!

Enjoying the fun on our first day!

Enjoying the fun on our first day!

Ms. Whyte made a welcome pack for every child in the school!

Ms. Whyte made a welcome pack for every child in the school!

27 Aug

Hi everyone! Ms. Whyte here. Can’t wait to see all of the lovely smiling faces tomorrow, as we start a new school year with our very first girls.

To mark this momentous occasion, we would like to invite all parents in for a coffee at 2.15pm on Wednesday 28th August in the library. Here’s to a great year ahead!

See you all tomorrow!