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12 Jun

In March, Dylan and Adem (3rd Class) and Kyra and Carla (2nd Class) made their way on the Dart to the Royal Irish Academy of Music, in Dublin City Centre. They had worked hard every Tuesday for months, after school, on their poem, mime, story, reading and theory, in preparation for their Grade 1 and Grade 2, Speech and Drama exams. After the exam, Dylan, Adem, Kyra and Carla enjoyed some treats in a lovely little cafe beside the Academy, before hopping on the Dart back to Bray. Their results arrived last week and all 4 of the boys and girls did incredibly well! They should be SO proud of themselves... 

5 May

3rd class took a look at solar energy as a renewable energy source.  What a week we picked! We designed plans for solar powered cars. We discussed ways of measuring solar power and we conducted a water heating experiment.  We made use of two butter cartons, some cling film, thermometers, a graduated cylinder and some water. Preparation For a fair test we ensured the holes at the top of the contaoners were equal. This made sure that equal sunlight was getting into each container. We placed cling film around the holes to prevent wind chill from affecting out measures. We measured our water carefully... 

5 May

We measured using metre strips for accuracy around the windy track. In total the length of the rollercoaster was 3 metres and 28 cm.  It took the ball between 30 and 40 seconds to reach the bottom once released. We had great fun with this!  

5 May

3rd class recycled rolercoaster Made using only recycled materials. This rollercoaster has been a working progress over the past month. The children faced many challenges in this construction.  Measuring lengths and widths of tracks and also experimenting with different heights to ensure the ball would have enough momentum to make its way down to the bottom. We found that using skewers for support was important.  We also had lots of problem solving in areas where the ball was stopping or falling off the track. Estimation of the track length  

3 May

Hi everyone! 5th Class here, and we’re going to tell you all about how we celebrated Engineers Week 2017. Firstly, we explored the work of engineers. We had a special project to complete on the interactive board in school! We also looked at this wordle challenge completed by some of our brothers and sisters a couple of years ago. We’ve started #engweek17! We built a word wall, looked at the work of engineers and we prepared for our afternoon challenge! #5thClass — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) March 6, 2017 For Engineers Week this year we: Completed... 

7 Mar

On Tuesday students from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class took part in a 3 kilometer run at Avondale house.  Here is some of the action. 3rd class united!!! 6th class strike a pose!!! No nerves on the start line So many taking part   Adem leading the charge for 3rd class Thomas taking it all in his stride 🙂 Craig and Josh are staying ahead of the competition 🙂 Dylan enjoyed his first athletics outing. For sure, this will not be his last 🙂 Jack and Codie catch the rest napping and sneak around the outside Well done to all who took part.  We are all so proud of you 🙂  

7 Mar

Our task for Monday was to design and create a marble maze using a variety of materials.  Here are some of our creations. ‘Feed me’……..created by Liam The aim is to get the Malteaser into it’s mouth. Not as easy as it sounds. Summer has cleverly added in a riddle for the player to solve before progressing through her puzzle. The route is clearly mapped out for the user to save any confusion. Karl has used the idea of a football pitch. He has some very tricky holes in the pitch for the player to navigate with the marble.  Here he is encountering a problem with his... 

7 Mar

The Green Schools Committee have been hard at work in picking litter each week.  We have noticed a distinctive decrease in the amount of litter which has been collected.  We have been allowing enthusiastic non-members to join our litter picks in preparation for the National Spring Clean which will be happening in Early April. Litter beware!!! Our worst blackspot 🙁 Taking our litter picking to the next level 🙂 We are very excited to be welcoming a visitor to the school later this month.  We will be learning all about composting and how we can use this as a way of decreasing the amount... 

1 Feb

We are continuing to work hard on keeping our school litter free.  Today 3rd class volunteered to take on the challenge during their lunch break.  They did a fantastic job.  Who said cleaning couldn’t be fun?? Carefully making sure the litter is put into the correct bins  

16 Jan

The green schools committee got down to business by picking litter around the school last week. This will continue to be done every week as we are committed to keeping our school clean and green and getting our first green flag which is based on the theme of litter and waste!