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5 May

3rd class took a look at solar energy as a renewable energy source.  What a week we picked!

We designed plans for solar powered cars.

We discussed ways of measuring solar power and we conducted a water heating experiment.  We made use of two butter cartons, some cling film, thermometers, a graduated cylinder and some water.


For a fair test we ensured the holes at the top of the contaoners were equal. This made sure that equal sunlight was getting into each container.

We placed cling film around the holes to prevent wind chill from affecting out measures.

We measured our water carefully to ensure our test was fair.

We then placed the lid on our containers before placing one in the sun and one in the shade.  

We made some predictions on the temperatures the water would be in each container after each hour.

Here are some of our guesses.

We plotted graphs to show these predictions. Lots of different ideas!

Sean using the thermometer. We found that it was important to hold the thermometer bulb in the water for 3-5 minutes until the measure stabilised.

We recorded our data and graphed out the comparison.

Amalia did a great comparison graph showing the contaoner kept in the sunshine in blue and the container in the shade in purple.

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