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9 Oct

Yesterday in St Peter’s, we had a visit from the dental nurse, Mary Byrne. She spoke to 3rd and 5th classes in the library about the importance of good dental hygiene..  

8 Oct

“In 3rd Class we have a new reading area in our classroom which includes a tent and soft mats to sit on. We love the tent and look forward to our reading time each day when we have an opportunity to read our library books” – Chris and John.  

8 Oct

3rd class boys recently really enjoyed studying the poem – The Marrog by R.C. Scriven.  The poem is about an alien called The Marrog, who has come to visit planet Earth. Who is the Marrog? “The Marrog is from the planet Mars and is seven foot tall! He has purple hair and a deep blue nose. His teeth are half yellow, half red and he has three eyes at the back of his head. The Marrog has five arms and can breathe green flames from his ears! He sits at the back of the class and nobody, nobody knows.” – Cathál What might happen if there was an alien at the back of our 3rd class? “Our...