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24 Apr

Last time, we learned all about lines in this post. Today, we’re building on that work to include shape. Again, the activities in this post don’t require much more than pencil, paper and some colours if you have them. You can do some of the activities if you like or all of them if you’d prefer. Please send in some of your creations to your teacher through Class Dojo – we’d love to see them! Shape is one of the seven elements of art. It’s always 2D so it’s flat. Shapes can either be geometric or organic shapes. You can see the difference below.... 

27 Mar

For your Friday art lesson this week, we’re learning all about lines! We’ve a number of activities that you can try out at home, that don’t need too many materials. You can choose to do all of them or just a few depending on what inspires you. Please send us pictures of some of your work through your teacher on Dojo and we’ll feature some of them next week in our Virtual Gallery! Line is one of the elements of Visual Arts – a line is basically a dot that has gone for a walk so for your warm up, we’d like you to take your pencil for a walk! You can colour it...