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24 Apr

Last time, we learned all about lines in this post. Today, we’re building on that work to include shape. Again, the activities in this post don’t require much more than pencil, paper and some colours if you have them. You can do some of the activities if you like or all of them if you’d prefer. Please send in some of your creations to your teacher through Class Dojo – we’d love to see them!

Shape is one of the seven elements of art. It’s always 2D so it’s flat. Shapes can either be geometric or organic shapes. You can see the difference below. To warm up, set 5 minutes on the timer and draw as many shapes as you can find around you – remember, they’re 2D so you can just draw the outline.

Couldn’t find a source to credit except through Pinterest and Google images

There are lots of different shapes all around us. Test your knowledge of shapes by following this link to a Kahoot quiz here – or enter the pin 09830206 on the app. If you haven’t tried Kahoot before, we think you’ll really enjoy it!

Geometric shapes are usually man-made ones (they’re the ones we use in Maths class) but that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn them into organic shapes. Try this exercise to stretch your creative muscles! Draw a page of circles – use a glass or a lid to get perfect ones. Now, turn each circle into something else – here are some examples. As you can see, you can also try it with a page of triangles or squares or octagons if you’re really creative!


One artist who was very famous for his work with shape was Wassily Kandinsky. He created this very famous piece with circles.


This is definitely one you could try out at home – have fun with your circles – choose different colours and don’t use a lid or a glass to draw these ones – they’re supposed to be a bit more organic!

If you have a scissors and some glue, Shape is an ideal topic to work on your cutting skills. You could try out this project


Or maybe even this one, if you’re feeling more adventurous, where you cut out parts of a square and stick them on the outside so it looks as if it’s exploding!


Finally, here are a few directed drawing exercises (where instructions are given) to help you practise your drawing!

Looking forward to seeing all of your creations!

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