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1 May


This week, we’re integrating our usual work (along with other exciting events) with Tech Week Ireland and with Digital Art Week. One way that 5th class have taken part in both events was to experiment with SketchUp. SketchUp has a bit of a history in St Peter’s. In 2009, 6th class at the time were declared the Senior Engineering Class of Ireland. In the lead up to the finals, they presented a project at the BT Young Scientist Primary Science Fair (and won the top prize on the day with two other schools!). The class were looking out for ways to develop their project and Leon (Kelsey and Calvin’s brother) tried out SketchUp at the Exhibition. He suggested that the class try it out and the boys ended up designing lifeboats and lifeboat stations using the programme, seriously impressing the judges!

Fast forward 5 years and the most updated version of SketchUp has been downloaded onto the library computers again. This week, 5th class enjoyed free play with SketchUp, learning how to use all of the features and playing around with shape and space. The boys worked collaboratively, sharing new features as they learned how to use them and making suggestions about how to improve their houses. In the next week or two, they’re going to use their new-found skills to complete the design part of a Design and Make project using electricity. We really recommend that you try out SketchUp – many of the boys have downloaded the programme at home and are creating cities – and most importantly, it’s free!

Check out our first buildings below:

pizap.com13989582848481 pizap.com13989583703341

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