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21 Feb

In first class, we became engineers, we made our very own catapults! Here’s how we did it:

Firstly, we had to investigate how catapults worked. We watched different videos which showed us loads of different catapults, how they were made and how they worked!
Each group then decided which catapult they wanted to make.

Each group then decided on the materials they wanted to use. They could choose from straws, lollipop sticks, bottle caps, plastic spoons, pipe cleaners, elastic bands, sellotape and plastic. For their design, they needed to choose the materials that would keep their catapult strong and easy to fire!

Then, first class set off on their task, trying different methods to make the catapults! Once one group mastered the task they set off to offer advice to other groups!

Finally, it was test time! We fired snowballs from our catapults to see who could get the longest distance, we discussed why this catapult worked so well and it turned out that it had the tightest elastic bands on it! 

We spoke about being engineers, designing our catapults using various materials and demonstrated how our catapults worked at the school assembly.

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