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21 Oct

Fifth class learned how to use GoAnimate today. Here’s the first in a series of Halloween jokes that we made to practise using GoAnimate. This is by Andy and Ben!   Halloween Joke – Andy and Ben by stpetersbrayblog on GoAnimate  

21 Oct

This week for Maths Week, we decided to search for Maths in our environment. We based it on the ‘Have You Got Maths Eyes’ project – you can read more about it here. Most photos were taken outside of school on phones, tablets and cameras, while a few were taken in the yard. Andy even found a picture in the newspaper and cut it out. Take a look at our photos. Can you answer all of the questions? What kind of shape does the roof seem from this angle? What shape would it be if you were looking at it straight on? – Ben  

17 Oct

We’re so excited to show off what we have been doing with our MakeyMakey board. Have  a look to see what 2nd and 5th have invented – a human piano, a banana piano and a PacMan controller that works with the computer even though it is just made by pencil and paper. We love Science! Do you like our video? If you can’t see the video click here!  

16 Oct

Cross country is a running event that lots of different schools enter. Second class will be able to enter  next year,  but this year, eight people from each class entered it in teams. It was a tough competition for all the runners in Arklow. We had a good day. All the classes were having fun. Andy was the runner of the day. All the classes had class photos taken. We had a good time on the bus. Everyone was singing on the bus. A big thanks to Paddy and everyone who came along, including Ms Sexton and Ms Byrne. Everyone said we were on our best behaviour and we did our school proud.   By... 

9 Oct

Yesterday in St Peter’s, we had a visit from the dental nurse, Mary Byrne. She spoke to 3rd and 5th classes in the library about the importance of good dental hygiene..