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22 Jun

What a fantastic day out 6th Class had last Monday on their school tour! We visited Causey Farm in Meath, where we played the bodhrán, jumped in bogs, milked cows, blew bubbles, met animals of all sorts, rode in a tractor trailer, had a wellie-throwing contest and completed an obstacle course! Phew! What a brilliant day out. Thanks to Ms. Fry for joining us on the day, she was a helpful star to us all day. It was so lovely that Ms. Fry could be with us as she is has done so much to assist our class at various stages in the year. Check out our Tweets and Vines from the day. We have a huge Animoto... 

22 Jun

6th Class absolutely LOVE the High Jump. It was the highlight of every Sports Day in St. Peter’s. We completed out last ever Sports Day last Friday. It was a truly brilliant day! Many thanks to Paddy for making it so special. Would you like to check out just some of the High Jump highlights? What a high-flying way to see out our last ever Sports Day! We have yet another Animoto video here too!  

22 Jun

6th Class recently had a lovely opportunity to visit our local community and family centre in Little Bray. This is a brilliant place that means a great deal to all of us, welcoming many of our students to attend days out, complete homework and receive all sorts of support there! Check out some of really fun activities we completed – a snapshot of the wonderful facilities and services offered by the centre! Thanks to Michelle in School Completion for arranging the entire trip, and a massive thanks to the kind and warm centre staff who made the day so special!  

22 Jun


12 Jun

Friday was a very active day for our classes! Junior and Senior Infants went for a special walk in the morning and then our older classes walked to Shanganagh playground – even 1st and 2nd classes, who had very tired legs when they got back! You can see photos from previous visits to Shanganagh here. Here are a couple of Vines and photos from the day – we had great fun! Fun in the park! #6thClass — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) June 12, 2015 Memories are made of this. #6thClass took their last trip to Shanganagh Park today. Great friends... 

9 Jun

Last Friday, we had a new twist on an old tradition on St Peter’s – the Mini-World Cup! You can read all about last year’s Mini-World Cup here. This year, we had three Mini World Cup tournaments – Junior and Senior Infants played in the morning, 1st and 2nd classes played between break and lunchtime and the older classes had their tournament after lunch. Here are a few photos and Vines from the day – and you can read more about the infant classes and their tournament here.      

28 May

6th Class made their visit to the Bray ‘Seomra’ Youth Centre this afternoon! They tweeted about their fantastic day! #6thClass are in Seomra, the Bray Youth Centre. Thanks to Clay, Martina and Peter for welcoming us! #Bray — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) May 28, 2015 Peter is welcoming us. #6thClass #BraySeomra — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) May 28, 2015 We're making smoothies! #6thClass #BraySeomra — St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) May 28, 2015 We're... 

27 May

6th Class had an exciting day yesterday! HUGE excitement in #6thClass as we got our photos taken this afternoon for a class mural that will be unveiled at graduation! #schoolspirit— St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) May 26, 2015 Here are previous murals that can be seen on the #6thClass landing. We can't wait to see our one! #creativeschools— St. Peter's Primary (@StPetersBray) May 26, 2015 Each year our 6th Class mural idea comes from a major project 6th had been involved in. Last year it was all about the Junior Spiders and our Grand Prix... 

25 May

So #6thClass had a brilliant time with Bike Day! We were so busy filming and cycling that we forgot to tweet. We’ll share on Monday! — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) May 21, 2015 #6thClass are showing real school leadership as they help Paddy with the Junior…. — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) May 20, 2015 #6thClass had an amazing Bike Day 2015 last Thursday. Thanks to Paddy for another brilliant day. #activeschools — St. Peter’s Primary (@StPetersBray) May 25, 2015 We... 

12 May

On Friday 9/1/15, 6th Class took their RDS Primary Science Fair project to the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition. We had an amazing day, and tweeted throughout! We were delighted to be accepted to exhibit. Care to catch up on the day that was? Have a read here! We made a wesbite to present our data and project. That website can be found here. We also got nominated for an Eircom Junior Spider Award for the website we created to present our project. We got to visit Facebook for the day and attend an amazing awards ceremony! Read about that day here.