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8 Mar

Each month we look at how good our attendance is in the school and we are always trying to help improve it. February was our best month of the year so far, with 92.1% of the school being in for the month.

After meeting with our Student Council, we brought back “Spin the Wheel”. The Student Council went through what each prize was before assembly and decided to keep them the same as before. We agreed that each class gets to spin the wheel if their attendance improves from the previous month.

Mr. Vance had an assembly with the school on Tuesday. There was a lot of excitement amongst the boys and girls (and the staff!) for “Spin the Wheel”. You can watch the video of some of the classes spinning it at the bottom of this post. Well done to all the boys and girls. We also did a draw for children with perfect attendance for the year so far, with two big hampers given out to the winners. We were also very happy to be able to say that 118 children had either got perfect attendance in February, or improved on their attendance for January. These children have been put in a draw for book tokens from Dubray Books.

We hope to keep the good attendance up this month in March. There are 20 school days in March, and we look forward to hearing our attendance update at the end of the month!

Mr. Vance presents a first class pupil with his prize for perfect attendance so far this year,
Mr. Vance presents a third class pupil with his prize for perfect attendance so far this year.

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