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24 Feb

Junior Infants were really excited to do the Skittles Rainbow Experiment this week. (We’re not sure if it was because they love science or couldn’t wait to eat the left over skittles!)

This experiment shows that water molecules are more active in warm water than in cold water and as they come in contact with the sugar in the skittles they cause it to dissolve faster.

For the experiment we needed

• 1 pkt Skittles

• ¼ cup cold water

• 1/4 cup warm water

• 2 white plates Activity

To start we made predictions on what might happen and then we arranged the Skittles in a single row around the edge of the plate of each plate. We poured over enough cold water to cover all the Skittles and the plate itself on the first plate. Then we poured over enough warm water to cover all the Skittles and the plate itself on the second plate.

We watched and waited as a rainbow appears on the second plate, the colors will moved towards the middle and create a whirl of color. This didnt happen in the first plate! We discussed why this was the case.

Each group then got to try there own experiment to check out the results.

Of course we got to eat the left overs at the end!

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