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14 Feb

Senior Infants spent all of last month learning about Space. We had a lot of fun doing different experiments and incorporating Space into our Aistear.

The different Aistear stations included our roleplay area which was the International Space Station, building a rocket in construction and playdough and making space passports in our writing station.

Our International Space Station roleplay area
Check out inside the ISS!
Our Lego and construction rockets and space stations

For Science, we experimented trying to launch a rocket into the air using bicarbonate soda and vinegar in a empty bottle with a cork lid. It was very exciting watching it launch into the air.

Our other Science lesson was trying to launch a paper rocket by blowing it with a straw. We tried different ways to see which was the most effective method to get our rocket to launch the furthest, this led to a race against each other in the hall!

Finally, Senior Infants spent a week making projects based on Space that were amazing! They ranged from planets, to rockets, to aliens and to solar systems. They were all very impressive and a lot of work was put in to making them!

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