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30 Sep

We have been learning all about teeth in third 🦷 We did an experiment using eggs, because egg shells and teeth are both made of calcium compounds that react similarly to acid (and none of the children fancied having vinegar in their mouth for 3 days in a row).

We popped in our eggs and off we went!

We filled the glasses with coke, water, vinegar and coffee to see the impact they had on the egg shells. We put two eggs into the coffee, one covered in toothpaste, to see if it would make a difference.

The results were:

•Water- no change

•Coffee (without toothpaste) brown with dots.

•Coffee with toothpaste- slightly less brown/no dots.

•Vinegar- the shell dissolved but the egg membrane remained in tact (before it was handled roughly and sadly burst before photographic evidence)

The children had a ball!

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