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25 Nov

We were delighted to take part in STEM for Fun recently in the school hall. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Different stations were set up around the hall all containing elements of STEM.

Junior Infants really loved the different challenges. They were tasked with constructing the highest tower they could out of paper cups and giant playing cards.

They also had to make their own paper planes and measure to see how far they travelled counting in steps.

It was very exciting getting to explore programming with Beebots, trying to input the correct instructions so the beebot could escape the maze.

They experimented with making friction bubbles using soapy water on a flat surface and almost made a bubble within a bubble (unfortunately we could figure out how to keep them from bursting)!

Finally, they had to help the poor Gingerbread Man cross the river by designing and making a Lego Bridge.

We had great fun and can’t wait for the next time. Special thanks to Ms. Whyte and Ms. Sexton for running the stations.

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