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16 Nov

We have just finished another exciting Science Week in St. Peter’s. Junior Infants loved getting to grips with this week’s STEM lessons. Early in the week we explored magnetism. We talked about what magnets are and watched a short video on magnetism. We then investigated things that were magnetic by testing our magnets out around the classroom and school. Finally we came back and tried to predict which items from a group were magnetic and which were not and tested these out.

Later in the week we ventured into early programming skills. In small groups we got to play with Beebots. We tried to programme our robots to move around the mat from one area to another or under tables and back using simple steps and counting steps up to 5. Next time we will be working on left and right!

One Response to “Science Week in Junior Infants”

  1. Mr. Foley
    11:02 pm on November 16th, 2020

    This is great Junior Infants – it was nice to see you all go on your walk around the school with your magnets! It’s brilliant to see you being able to use the Beebots already too – well done.

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