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1 May

First Class have been having great fun programming Bee-Bots over the past few days.

Bee-Bots are floor robots that we can code to move around.

We have been using them to practice our tables and number work in maths. These number lines have also been useful when practicing counting in Irish.


We have also been building mazes for Bee-Bot. We love challenging each other when building mazes. We think they are a-MAZE-ing 🙂


We have been practicing using a Bee-Bot mat. We use challenge cards which show us pictures of where we want Bee-Bot to start and where we want Bee-Bot to end.


We have been using our carpet in our room to pretend we are Bee-Bots. We practice coding by calling out instructions for each other to follow.


We have also been practicing our coding skills using the Bee-Bot app on the tablets.

We love Bee-Bots and can’t wait to work with them more throughout the year.

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