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6 Feb

We kicked off our new school year with a good start on attendance. Despite the usual coughs, colds and sniffles we made a big effort to get in to school and had an extra special bonus prize this month. Any child in everyday for the last 2 weeks of January got to go to the “School Cinema”. We had the hall set up with a giant projector screen and watched Gnome Alone in the morning, complete with popcorn. We also had several classes beat their attendance from January last year and will be kicking off the prizes for those classes with pizza parties this week. Keep up the good work on attendance and well done to all our superhero attenders for January.


All Star Attenders January




Junior Infants

Taylor    Buckley

Layla      Clarke

Harley   Dodd

Ava        Dowling

Jade       Fitzpatrick

Jamie    Lawless

Mia        McAuliffe Quinn

Fionn     Troy

Senior Infants

Jake       Barry

Kaylum Cahill

Sam       Johnston

Riley      Kearney

Mia        Keating

Noah     Kelly

Layla      Kilkenny

Nevaeh                Maguire

Cian       Shanley

Tadhg    Troy


1st Class

Jake       Fitzpatrick

Kaiden  Hipwell

Callum  Kilkenny

Leon      McAuliffe

Natalia  Miedzinska

Agata    Wnuk

2nd Class

Maja      Bessler

Aaron    Chumakson

Joey       Chumakson

Abbie    Coen Troy

Jasmin  Coogan Moorhouse

Ben        Douglas

Ruby      Fogarty

Zuzanna Siakala

Brooke Tobin


3rd Class

Carl        Barry

Jake       Clucas

Tobias   Farrell

Lauren  McCann

AJ           O’Neill

Cian       Petty

Aysha    Simpson Murray

Elif          Standage


4th Class

Ellie        Byrne

Tiana     Doyle

Leah      Kane

Liam       Mullen

Haylie    Treacy

Oisin      Troy

5th Class

Benjamin Bessler

Jaiden   Buckley

Josh       Coen Troy

Jamie    Cowap

Brian      Grefaldeo

Dylan     Lawless

James   Martin

Liam       Mason

Jack        Roche


6th Class

Tristan  Byrne

Nathan Douglas

Madeleine Farrell

Sean      Popovici

Jerry      Wall


Luke      Cahill

Grace    Carton

Oisin      Kenny




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