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12 Jan

Can we design a rollercoaster which reaches an elevation above it’s starting point (without using a motor)?  This is the question 6th class worked tirelessly to answer over the past number of weeks.  Today, a group from the class were in the RDS to present their work to the judges and a sold out audience of curious parents, teachers and children.  Here are some pictures of our project and the work we did so brilliantly today.

We attracted the interest of RTE news 🙂 and we even made it on to the telly. Follow this link below and we will make our appearance at 0:51 on News Today!  Well done to Kelsey for speaking about our project!!


  Dylan giving his all when the pressure was on!


The boys receiving some excellent feedback from the judges.

One Response to “BT Young Scientist Exhibition 2018”

  1. Kelsey
    12:25 am on January 16th, 2018

    Thanks to all the teachers so happy that I got picked for this because it couldn’t have gone better thanks ms ward and ms Fitzpatrick xo

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