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5 May

4th Class have been exploring, experimenting and questioning themselves all about sound.  We began by brainstorming the word ‘sound’. Ideas were flowing from pitch, to how it travels, to music and instruments all the way to vibrations.

The ukulele was also mentioned as we are learning the instrument, at the moment. Hence, came the idea to make music, so we put our minds to it and made our version of a guitar. Plastic containers, elastic bands, glass and water. We tested the plastic containers with the elastic bands…..straightaway the kids were making music. The sound being created by the vibration of the band.

We tested the sound of the plastic container versus the sound of the glass jar. The difference!!! Then we added water to both to see if there were any differences.

“Sounds that really annoy us” cropped up and what we can do to stop it. Hmmmm let’s investigate, we thought!!!!

There were lots of sounds that annoy us.

Our group work established many ways in which to stop the annoying sounds.

Questions arose “Can sound travel through solids? What about liquids?”.

We asked how can we reduce the noise…. Different materials, let’s see.

Challenge: Devise different ways to reduce the volume of a sound using different materials. We predicted which sounds would absorb the sound best…. Our thoughts were…..


Tadhg’s sheet clearly shows the groups ideas.

The class made sure they performed a fair test, found a quieter spot and tested all their ideas in the same spot.

They also described the materials they used.

“What if we cover the thing we think that makes the noise???”

Amazing, what a suggestion!

The children deliberated over many suggestions and finally came to a conclusion to test, putting the phone in a box, covering the phone with a jumper and wrapping it in bubble wrap!  A clear winner was the box, absorbed the sound.  Great investigation skills portrayed in 4th class alongside, fabulous learning and lots of fun!

What works best?!?! Here are our results!

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