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6 Mar

We’ve been very busy in 5th Class for the last while – here’s what we’ve been up to!

We have some new friends in our classroom! We got a fish tank and got help from our friends at Bray Sea Life to set it up!

We had great fun naming our new fish!

(Can you guess what day it was when we named him?)

This week we’re taking part in Engineering Week – and had a special project!

For our challenge we joined forces with 4th Class for our project – to build a Lego car and see how far it could travel using a hairdryer.

Afterwards we all discussed what we had learned about our designs!

We were very busy taking part in the Write-A-Book project again this year.

It was very satisfying to see the finished products!

We were delighted with the awards we won!

In our English class we read the book ‘Trash’ – so we visited the local recycling centre to find out more.

On the 1st of February we kept up our tradition of making St Brigid’s Day crosses for the rest of the school.

And on the day before Ash Wednesday, Pancake Tuesday, we had a special breakfast!

In Geography we made our own volcanoes and clouds to figure out more about the world around us!

We also learned about the recent history of Ireland and the reasons why so many people have come to, and left, the country.

We kept in touch with Baby E during our Roots of Empathy classes!

We were still busy limbering up doing school gymnastics and keeping active, inside and outside of the classroom!

Even our friends in Japan were watching us do our handstands!

In all the other subjects we kept up our morning routines with mental and morning maths!

And in the middle of it all we still found some quiet time to read and take in some more of the world around us!

In other words – we were really busy!

We’ll talk to you all again soon!

5th Class

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