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27 Nov

For the past couple of weeks we have been learning about ‘Food’ in Senior Infants. We have discussed our favourite kinds of food (pizza, chicken, bread and potatoes!) and where certain foods come from. For example we know that Sushi is a Japanese dish, France is famous for bread and Italy is famous for pasta. We also discussed how important it is to eat healthy food. Healthy food gives us energy and helps us to concentrate in school. We love to eat healthy foods like apples, bananas, fish and wraps. We learned about the ‘food pyramid’ and worked in groups to create our own food pyramid display for our classroom.

On Thursday morning we had a surprise Porridge Morning! It was great fun! We had talked about how important it is to have a healthy breakfast each day before school so we were very excited to try some porridge and fruit. Everyone in the class tried a little bit and some boys and girls even wanted another bowl! We were really pleased that everyone enjoyed their breakfast. We would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Kinsella, Ms. Farren and the very kind parents who came in to the school hall to make our breakfast for us. Check out some photos here:


Porridge 8

Porridge 4

Porridge 3


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