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13 May


Over the last two weeks in Make-It Club, first and second class explored lots of different reusable materials to make junk-art robots out of. They worked in groups of five to design and make robots out of recycling from home. They used Easter egg boxes, egg cartons, milk cartons, bottle caps, scraps of string, pipe cleaners, paint strips, tinfoil and pretty much anything else that they could find in their recycling boxes.

They worked so well in teams, with everybody having a part to play and even had better imaginations than their teachers when it came to using different items for different parts. Whether it was putting another box on the back of the robot to make a battery, using round makeup tins for wheels or making a separate remote control to make the robot work, the children were full of original ideas.

Here are the end results, which are now displayed in the corridor, reminding us to reduce our waste, reuse items we can, and recycle what’s left!!


2 Responses to “Junk art robots in Make-It Club”

  1. Ms. Kane
    9:17 pm on May 15th, 2015

    Wow the robots look really cool! Well done everyone in Make It Club!

  2. sam,luke o brien and aaron j
    1:31 pm on May 27th, 2015

    They look so cool, well done Make-it Club!

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