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12 Jan

Welcome to our catch up post about the 1st and 2nd class Christmas play – ‘Stable Manners’. Stable Manners tells the story of three animals, Bessie (played by Adem), Cecil (played by Maddy) and Chuck (played by Cian), who are arguing over who will get to have Neddy’s stall in the stable (alas, poor Neddy!). They wait impatiently for the decision from the innkeeper (Liam) and his assistant, Heimi (Emanuele), but they get a shock when two unexpected visitors show up – Mary and Joseph, played by Naoise and Thomas. Throw in two robbers, Grabber and Snatcher, played by Ava and Nathan, a host of rapping angels (played by Tristan, Jamie, Patrick and Dylan H) and the stable fills up very quickly!

The shepherds (Summer, Amalia and Jodie) soon turn up with their sheep (Leon and Luke) and the Star (Lana) leads the three Wise Men (Arpit, Benjamin and Tadhg) and their camels (Jerry and James) to the stable. A wise owl (Dylan L) and a cast of narrators (Josh, Des, Adam, Ruairi, James, Seán, Craig, Ava, Jack, James M, Anthony and Alec) acted and sang their way through the story for a huge crowd of family and friends, who were very impressed with all the hard work that the children put in.

Check out some of our Vines and photos from the evening.



2 Responses to “‘Stable Manners’”

  1. Ciara Ni Chionnaith
    11:14 am on January 14th, 2015

    Elif thinks her brother Adem did a great job as Bessie. She liked the way he was singing. Michael says his cousin Jerry is in the play and he was brilliant. Michael says Jerry practised at home. Chloe says she liked her brother Thomas in the play. She thought he was great at singing.

  2. Ms Brennan
    7:52 pm on January 15th, 2015

    Stable Manners was absolutely brilliant, 1st and 2nd Class did SUCH a great job! My favourite part was the rap! So cool. 6th Class are so impressed with you all for learning all of the lines and different parts. Well done to Ms S and Ms B for all of their hard work! Ms B

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