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11 Jun

Hello bloggers from around the world!

We have been very busy over the past couple of weeks in class. We have been doing our lego videos and they are almost finished. We will be finishing them this week. We will put them up on our next blog post when they are done. We are doing it in three different groups. Have a look out for them next week!

We found out we are going on our School Trip to Fort Lucan in two weeks time.

We just finished our seventh class novel of the year – “Holes” by Louis Sachar. A lot of us thought it was the best one. We did a vote on all the books we have read. We all did a book review on our favourite book from the last year.

We also heard big news that Mr. Foley, Mr. Kinsella and Paddy are going to try and drive around the 32 counties in 24 hours. At each county they have to do different challenges and tasks that will be set by pupils in the school! They are trying to raise money for a new stage for our Christmas Play. We have started bringing in our sponsorship money.

We have smashed last year’s attendance record and are still beating it every day. Hopefully we can keep it up over the next two weeks. Today, Wednesday, we have 144 greens!

We will be doing the draw for the Bray Wanderers vs Bohemians match today. Four boys will be going to it this Friday night with Mr. Foley and Paddy.

We had Mega-Assembly 2014 which gave lots of updates on what has been going on in the school.

We had our photos taken by a photographer in the school last week.

Soon Sixth Class will be playing the teachers. Hopefully the teachers don’t cheat again!

On Friday week, we will be doing the Mini World Cup in the school. It will be in the afternoon. We had Bike Day last Friday and it was great fun.

We have finished our assessment folders. It’s good to look back and see all the good scores we got and all the green faces.

The five boys who went to Dublin Castle were in the Wicklow Times this week. Jack B was in it! The school has been in the newspaper for a lot of things this year.

We hope you enjoy this blog post and we will be back next week with another one.

By everyone in 4th Class (all 19 of us!)

One Response to “4th Class Update!”

  1. Ms. Sexton
    8:03 pm on June 12th, 2014

    Great round up boys! There are still 12 days left – I hope you manage to reach 150 greens. That would be a really good record to set for the next class!

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