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29 May
Enjoying last year's High Jump!

Enjoying last year’s High Jump!

Hi everyone! Paddy here. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s Sports Day. We really hope the weather will be great! Here is our plan for the day!

Sports day 2014

10:00 High Jump

Just like the Olympics. This is a great way to start sports day.

10:40Tag Bull dog

Each class will go up against their teacher and other members of staff!

11:00 Break time

11:20 Class and Parent challenge. There are 6 stations (including BBQ) where classes go around together and get a score at each station. The highest combined points total wins. This year we invite parents to join in with their child’s class to help them improve their score. All stations are target based with no running involved. The class with the highest combined score wins a prize.

The stations are:


Basketball shot

Penalty shot

Golf put

Tennis shot

Hockey Shot


13:00 Obstacle course

The highlight of the St. Peter’s sports day where staff take a team of pupils through a tough demanding course. (Paddy’s team always wins!)

13:45 The new sports challenge

Classes will rotate around the school and get to play tag rugby, football and volleyball in head to head contests.

Enjoying the BBQ last year!

Enjoying the BBQ last year!

3 Responses to “Sports Day 2014!”

  1. Casey
    8:01 pm on May 29th, 2014

    COOL! I can’t wait for tomorrow. YAY 🙂

  2. tj nolan
    10:59 am on June 3rd, 2014

    it was a good day on friday 🙂

  3. Abhishek Sunny
    7:13 pm on September 16th, 2014

    I loved Sport’s Day, especially the BBQ

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