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5 Feb


‘I’m freezing!’

‘It’s miserable out there today.’

‘Is it ever going to stop raining?’

In Ireland, we’re all a bit weather-obsessed, but this Winter has taken things to a new level! This week, we’ve decided to embrace the obsession and to make it the focus for ‘Wednesday for Parents’. We give you a number of suggestions that are perfect to learn a bit more about how the weather works! To help out, we’ve included a list of what you’d need to carry out the experiment.

  • Make your own frost with this experiment. You’ll need a clean, empty tin, ice, salt and water.
  • This post tells you how to make your own thermometer. You’ll need an empty glass bottle, water, rubbing alcohol, food colouring, a clear straw, Plasticine and a marker.
  • Why do we put salt on the paths when it’s icy? Find out with this experiment. You’ll need food colouring, different types of salt and ice.
  • Make a tornado and rain clouds with this post. For the tornado, you’ll need 2 one-litre bottles, a metal washer that fits closely to the top of the bottle, duct tape and glitter. For the rain clouds, you’ll need shaving cream, a bottle, food colouring and a small container to drop water from.]
  • This is a simpler version of the tornado experiment, using a jar, washing up liquid (dish soap) and water!
  • This post tells you how to make a balloon barometer. You’ll need a scissors, a 12 inch balloon, a large mayonnaise jar, a wide rubber band, sellotape, a needle or a straight pin, a plastic straw, glue, cardboard and a pencil/pen.

There are lots of other experiments and activities out there that are worth checking out! Let us know how you get on with the experiments above and which ones you’d recommend, in the comments.

It’s cold out, isn’t it? 🙂

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