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30 Oct



Hope the midterm is going well!

Just a short post this week to point out a few good websites with Halloween games and activities. Don’t forget this list of activities from last week for things to do out and about over the midterm

  • 1Halloween has lots of ideas for costumes and decorations. They also have plenty of colouring and activity pages, along with a few simple games.
  • PBS Kids is a nice one with lots of activities for younger children
  • Scoilnet is an Irish educational website with lots of activities for students. This one is more suited to senior classes (3rd class up)

Haven’t carved the pumpkin yet?

  • The Telegraph gives you the ultimate guide to carving a pumpkin.
  • The stencils they talk about in their guide? You can find free ones around the web, including these ones from BHG!

Don’t fancy breaking out the carving knife?

  • Make a paper pumpkin with strips of orange paper – instructions from jellyfishjelly
  • Cover jars in crepe paper, like Ms Brennan’s class did:Our very spooky Pumpkin jars!
  • Or you COULD let the kids paint the pumpkin:(Image sourced here)

As always, although I’ve checked out the websites, I can’t guarantee that they’re completely free of pop-ups, ads etc, that could lead your child to a different site. We recommend that you supervise your child’s use of these sites carefully!

Finally, here’s a photo of one of the prize winners from the Virginia Pumpkin Festival in Cavan. St Lesarian’s Special Needs School in Co. Carlow grew it in just three months – it weighs over 40 stone! Carving that would be a Halloween horror story in itself!

blog (Source)

Happy Halloween!


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